Deliberate mistake: Before the school bus crashes, a brown car is seen coming. When the angle changes we still see a brown car but it's a totally different model.

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Deliberate mistake: Before Superman traps the black missile, its beam is really big and covers half of the lettering on the side. When Superman is behind, the fire is much smaller and the lettering is visible, allowing us to see Superman.

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Deliberate mistake: At Lois' penthouse, before Superman says goodbye, the image is sharp and clear. Cuts to a close-up, and then check the next wide angle where he says goodnight and flies away: It's blurry and grainy because it's not live, but a screen with a previously shot scene to allow for the camera to turn left and, in a matter of seconds, no cuts at all, show Superman magically and quickly transformed into Clark Kent.

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Revealing mistake: In several scenes Superman has fillings in his teeth.

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Superman: I'm here to fight for truth, justice and the American way.

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Trivia: To get the muscular build required to play Superman Christopher Reeve went on a training regime supervised by David Prowse who played Darth Vader in the first Star Wars trilogy.

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