Best movie deliberate mistakes of 1978

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Game of Death picture

Deliberate mistake: Rather than using real Bruce Lee footage only for the final fight scenes, so the undisguised Billy Lo's different appearance might make sense after his surgery, the filmmakers instead spliced real Bruce Lee face footage throughout the early film giving the character a constantly changing face from scene to scene.

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Dawn of the Dead picture

Deliberate mistake: When the zombie (Tom Savini) is hit by a truck and spits a bunch of blood on the windshield, when he gets hit, the truck isn't moving at all. He runs into the car and spits blood to simulate being hit. It's hard to catch, but it's more obvious in slow motion. (Mentioned on DVD commentary.)

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Halloween picture

Deliberate mistake: The opening camera scene, that's supposed to be shot from Michael's POV as a child, is too high as noted that he's almost face to face with his parents at the end of the scene and then is only mid-chest up to the father when he removes the mask. The POV is also too high as he walks across the dining room and as he approaches his sister upstairs.

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Superman picture

Deliberate mistake: Before Superman traps the black missile, its beam is really big and covers half of the lettering on the side. When Superman is behind, the fire is much smaller and the lettering is visible, allowing us to see Superman.

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Death on the Nile picture

Deliberate mistake: Poirot riles up Pennington narrating the story of Grand vizier Ptahhotep who was crushed under the weight of the silver he embezzled. It's a lovely moral story, but Ptahhotep was actually a virtuous administrator and is credited (with various caveats) with writing "The Maxims of Ptahhotep", one of the first books in human history, and there's no record of such a story. It's likely that Poirot made that part of the story up counting on Pennington's ignorance on the subject. (00:44:20)

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