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9.4/10. "You'll believe a man can fly." One of the best taglines ever written. The year of Superman's 40th birthday the all-American boy scout got his first movie. I found it pretty decent, still think of Christopher Reeve as the one and only Superman. I also believe, for real, just like his comics debut, were it not for Superman the movie, then no other superhero movies would've been made. All these masterpieces in the genre of superhero owe a debt to Superman the movie.


Superman is the grandfather of the DC universe, and this 1978 Action Adventure/Fantasy shows the humble beginnings that led to franchises! An all-star cast takes the Kryptonian from his birth to being a Reporter for the Daily Planet through to dealing with Lex Luthor and his henchmen. It's a glimpse into time! Watch.

Erik M.

Factual error: When Clark speaks to Jor-El for the first time in the Fortress, Jor-El says "I will have been dead for many thousands of your years..." Fine in theory - Baby Kal-El travelled to Earth at above light speed so time passed differently for him. However, as such, wouldn't Jor-El have seen Earth as it was thousands of years ago? Which also makes there a problem with all the things Kal-El was taught during his voyage to Earth, as Jor-El references Einstein by name, for instance, and he would not have existed at the point when Jor-El sent him to Earth.

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Superman: I'm here to fight for truth, justice and the American way.

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Question: Why, in the 3 hour TV version of the movie, does Luthor waste time on that elaborate trap if he already knows, from reading Lois' interview, that bullets, fire, and cold won't stop Superman?


Answer: He wanted to see for himself if the stories were true. Some reporters tend to exaggerate the facts and if he had any other weaknesses. He couldn't be sure the kryptonite would work.

While I don't exactly disagree that Lex wanted to see for himself how invincible Superman is, I don't think that's the main reason why he did it. The bullets and fire were simply a charade to make it look like this was his security system. Keep in mind, he wanted Superman to enter his lair because the real trap was the Kryptonite that he had in the lead box.


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