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Revealing mistake: When Jor-El is placing the baby Kal-El into the spacecraft, you can see his Rolex under his sleeve.

Revealing mistake: When Lois is at the heliport, watch the wind flag on the left: when the helicopter arrives, the roaring wind from the vanes makes the flag move up and get stiff. In the close-ups, you keep on hearing the sound but the vanes are off screen. Watch and you'll see the wind flag is down, thus revealing that the engine is off and that the sound we are hearing is fake.

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Revealing mistake: In the shot of Krypton exploding, you can see creases in the black backdrop in the lower, left hand quadrant of the screen (especially visible on Blu-Ray).

Revealing mistake: In the final shot of the destruction of Krypton several of the people falling into the abyss disappear a split second before the shot of Krypton exploding.

Revealing mistake: Superman startles a cat burglar who falls from the side of a building. When Superman catches him he is facing upwards yet his cape does not fall back, it stays parallel to his body.

Revealing mistake: After saving Jimmy from falling to the dam, during the flying sequence a couple of wires are seen between them.

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Revealing mistake: In the extended version, when Luthor fires snow at Superman, the icicles bounce, rather than shatter, revealing they are some type of foam or plastic balls.

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Revealing mistake: When Otis first arrives in Luthor's lair beneath the train station, he knocks a table lamp over. When the lamp shade comes off the lamp, the bright, exposed light bulb then dims to a less-distracting level for filming purposes. Otis then replaces the shade upon the lamp, and the bulb then instantly goes back to its original level of brightness, so that it will look appropriately illuminated through the shade. The bulb's brightness was manipulated off-screen to conform with the needs of the bulb's effect on the scene.

Revealing mistake: When the helicopter gets jammed on the white railing at the ceiling, Lois is replaced by an obvious dummy that dangles back and forth with no control.

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Revealing mistake: When the helicopter is hanging off the roof, a safety securing cable is attached to the fuselage to keep it in place.

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Revealing mistake: On the Golden Gate bridge, the beetle car that skidded a split second before appears totally empty when the van crashes against it.

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Revealing mistake: After jumping in front of the train, Clark runs leaving a white trace behind. Watch the grass on the lower right and you'll see the scene is speeded up.

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Revealing mistake: All the footage of the missiles being launched is of a poor quality and grainy, which is inconsistent with the good quality of the rest of the shots, revealing that it's stock footage.

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Revealing mistake: Superman has just saved Jimmy at the dam and is holding him in the air. Jimmy's fringe is standing up thanks to some hair fixer to achieve the effect of wind blowing (though it's a green screen effect). When Superman sets him on the floor his hair remains up giving away the trick, until the angle changes and it looks all combed and nice.

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Perry White: I want the name of this flying whatchamacallit to go with the Daily Planet like bacon and eggs, franks and beans, death and taxes, politics and corruption.

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Question: Superman says to Lois in the interview that he never lies. Is the fact that he never lies something he has decided to do or is something that all the people from Krypton have the inability to do? If it is something that the people from Krypton have the inability to do, then how come at the beginning of the movie when Jor-el is telling the Krypton council that the planet is going to explode, no-one believes him?

Answer: Superman has chosen to use his powers on Earth for the good of mankind. It would seem that lying to them would be an unneccessary thing to do, so it appears to be a personal choice. Interesting trivia: the closest he comes to lying is when he tells Lex Luthor to get Zod and company into the molecule chamber in the second film. Listen closely, he only says that it is a molecule chamber that takes away their powers, he never actually says that being inside will make them lose them, only that he wants Luthor to get them to go into it.


That may be the closest "Superman" comes to lying, but Clark Kent does appear to lie. After the mugging scene in the first movie, Clark tells Lois the contents of her purse, and when asked how he knew (obviously from his X-ray vision), he says "wild guess" which was a lie.


Not only that but, he spent his whole life pretending to be ordinary so, in fact, he spent his whole life living a lie.

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