Corrected entry: In the interview with Lois Superman says he never lies. He also said he is 27 years old. In an earlier scene, Clark Kent left the confines of the earth with Jor-el at the fortress of solitude, as an 18 year old high school graduate. When he returned to earth, 12 earth years have passed. 18+12=30, not 27.

Correction: He does not say he's 27. He says he's "over 21." Lois even comments on it, realizing he doesn't want anyone to know how old he is.

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: On Krypton, the rings circling and revolving around Zod and company go from revolving smoothly to slightly lopsided and back.

Movie Nut

Correction: They're meant to be some kind of prisoner restraint device. It's never explained how it works, but presumably, the rings emit some kind of force field. Varying the speed and direction of the rings' rotation would then be a way of keeping the prisoners from detecting a pattern and escaping.

Captain Defenestrator Premium member

Corrected entry: The explosive charge can be seen flipping the car Lex Luthor uses to stop the military truck carrying the missile.


Correction: Lex is remote operating the car and probably rigged it with an explosive charge that he set off to make it crash.


Presumptions of what might have been done do not negate a mistake for how a special effect is made, especially since we do not know this is part of the plot to purposefully flip the car.


Corrected entry: When there is a big explosion at a plant during the earthquake, and Superman flies in to save the day, all he does to stop the explosions is pull down the toggle of a huge switch situated on the wall; if this is all that was needed to stop the explosions, then why didn't one of the workers do it, and save Superman the trouble of flying all the way out there to do something which one of the workers could have done easily.

Correction: Because the workers may not have been trained or told what the switch would do. At the coal processing plane I work at, the only people that touch the electrical panels and equipment are electricians. And they don't work 24/7.


Corrected entry: When Lex is detailing his plan to Superman over the map on the floor, Otis puts an overlay of the San Andreas fault over California. A few moments later, Otis drops a second overlay on top of the first, this time of the revised coastline Luther is planning. Superman and Luthor talk for a few moments, and Lex tells him it was hard to find the ideal spot to hit with the missile. He then strikes the floor with his cane, cracking the glass of the map, but it's the first overlay that is cracked, and the second overlay is suddenly gone.


Correction: Otis may have picked up or moved the overlay aside when he was off-screen erasing "Otisburg."

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: After Clark and Lois leave the Daily Planet building after Clark's first day, one quick cut later, they are in Chinatown (I realize Metropolis isn't literally New York City, but since the movie makes no attempt to hide that the Metropolis scenes were filmed in NYC, it seems legit. Even if you discount that, Lois and Clark still managed to be in a very noticeably different part of Metropolis within seconds). (00:55:50)

Correction: You've supplied the needed correction in your submission. That certain landmarks indeed look like New York City, its not portrayed as NYC onscreen, its only ever referred to as Metropolis. Its not referred to as a suburb of NYC either, so unfortunately, whilst it looks like NYC, its Metropolis and if Chinatown is that close as portrayed onscreen, then thats how close it is in Metropolis.


Corrected entry: When Johnathan Kent has a heart attack and falls to the ground, Clark's mother yells out "Johnathan!" There's a reaction shot of Clark inside the barn with the dog, then it cuts to a wide angle shot. Clark runs out of the barn, but the dog is now outside towards the back, running along the outside of the building to catch up with Clark. Not nearly enough time between the two shots for the dog to run all the way out the back of the barn and around the side.

BocaDavie Premium member

Correction: The dog runs out of the barn with Clark and is then offscreen for a full three seconds before the shot changes to the wide angle view with the dog along the *side* (not the back) of the barn. Considering it takes the dog less than three seconds to run the full length of the barn when he runs out with Clark, the fact that it ran less than half that distance in those offscreen seconds is not impossible.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: When the thief is climbing the building, you can see the panels that he is climbing on are not made of glass as the don't cast any reflection. It is just some kind of black plastic.

Correction: Not true. He is always on clear, reflective glass panels. There are whole vertical and horizontal rows of flat black panels, specifically a vertical column of them immediately to the left of the glass panel he is on in one shot, and these are all decorative features of the building he is climbing. They don't appear and disappear.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Superman is flying with Lois Lane, they climb up through the clouds, with the moon in the background. Their shadow appears directly below them on the clouds. Is there another moon we don't know about?

Correction: The light source of the shadow is the reflection of the moonlight from the clouds above them.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: This occurs just after Superman saves the town in the valley from being washed away by the flood from the broken dam. He stops and listens, and hears Lois. Just before the scene changes and he goes to rescue her, his lips move as though he is saying "Lois" but no audio is heard. No subtitle is on the DVD either.

Correction: So, he mouths her name when he hears her. Nothing wrong with that - people don't always speak out loud.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: When Superman saves the train from derailing during the earthquake, he places his body between the tracks, hold up one rail with his right hand, and uses his left arm and side as the other rail.But even Superman can't change physics. Train wheels have a flange that goes on the inside of the rail to keep it from slipping off the rail.(Go look at your model train set). Since Superman is indestructible, this flange would hit him and derail the train (Perhaps this is why he ducks his head).


Correction: And when he grabs the plane to help it fly, he would punch right through the skin. And, and, and... Every single thing he does in the movie is against the laws of our reality, but some leeway has to be given for movies like this.


Corrected entry: Lex Luthor claims the yield of each bomb is 500 megatons, and that the second one is headed for Hackensack, NJ. Given Hackensack's proximity to Metropolis, a 500 megaton bomb would wipe out the entire city, Lex Luthor included. (01:57:10 - 02:01:25)

Correction: This is part of the plan in case Superman gets free of the Kryptonite necklace. He states that Superman cannot stop both of the missiles, and by sending one close to Metropolis, this pretty much guarantees that Superman will have to stop the one closest to him first to have any chance at stopping the other one. As seen in the movie, it proves not to be enough time indeed, as the missile detonates in California.


Corrected entry: When Superman reverses time and saves Lois, he never actually prevents the missiles from hitting the San Andreas fault, therefore he did not stop the earthquakes, therefore shouldn't the ground still open up behind her car?

Correction: Superman reversed time to a point where he was able to stop BOTH missiles. Presumably he went back to the point where he was originally stopping the first one, and went to stop the second one. So for a brief period there were two of him.

Corrected entry: When Lois Lane falls out of the helicopter we assume the building she is on is the Daily Planet since we have no indication she left, and Clark exits the same building. However, the building differs from the one pictured before the opening credits (they have different roof styles).

Correction: The building in the opening credits was from 1938. It is perfectly plausible that the offices of a major metropolitan newspaper changed in their design, or that they moved to a newer building, in the space of 40 years.

Corrected entry: During Kal-El's voyage to earth the narration states that he has all the knowledge of the "28 Known Galaxies" Given that Jor-El is supposedly from a more advanced race and that we currently know of thousands of galaxies perhaps he is a bit off. Must be the red sun.


Correction: True, we know of several thousand galaxies, but how much knowledge do we have from uninhabited or presumably uninhabited galaxies? What Jor-El was most likely saying, is that the life pod contains information from the species of 28 galaxies, and that from the other galaxies no info was to be had, as they were unpopulated or the species living there had not evolved past the very basic stages. He worded it a bit awkwardly, but that's understandable.


Corrected entry: Superman takes Lois' car out of the ground by the bumper. With his strength it should have come away in his hands.

Correction: Superman can control his strength. With the line of thinking you propose, then every door he opens, the handle would come off.

Corrected entry: If Superman has super-hearing, how come he didn't hear the helicopter crash on top of the Daily Planet? (You can tell he didn't hear by the double take he does when he looks up.)

Correction: This should be fairly obvious. Superman can control his super-hearing. Imagine what his life would be like if this ability were "on" all of the time.

Corrected entry: Baby superman's Christmas ornament spacecraft can travel right through a sun but the pointy things all around it shrivel and burn when it hits earth's atmosphere?

Correction: The spacecraft is an alien spacecraft. Jor-El could've detailed it to be impervious to the heat of the Krypton sun.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Officer Mooney dashes into his precinct to report that Superman has hand delivered him a burglar - the officer tries to say 'In big red boots' - but actually says 'Big red ROOTS.' Incidentally where's the burglar? He wasn't there, or tied up outside with the villainous boat crew.

Correction: First off, it sounds to me like he says BOOTS. Either way, a foreignaccented character being unable to pronounce a word correctly is hardly a mistake within the film, more personal error. Secondly, there has been a MASSIVE time gap since Superman caught the burglar. He could easily have been booked in and be in a cell somewhere.

Corrected entry: When Lois is interviewing Superman for the first time, she already knows that he has X-ray vision and is impervious to pain. How can she know this since she is supposedly the 1st person to interview him? She should only know that he can fly and has amazing strength. (01:28:45)

Correction: At least half of this deserves a correction: I don't know about the other half. On Superman's first night, someone hits him with a crowbar. A police interrogation of that criminal would have made the papers and led to the conclusion that Superman might be impervious to pain. Lois would have read every word written about him before the interview (there may also have been a radio report, since this was the very next day). We didn't see anything on screen Superman's first night where he used X-ray vision, but it's not unreasonable to suggest that he showed a lot of powers that night and Lois was verifying rumors during the interview.

K.C. Sierra

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