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Corrected entry: Superman takes Lois' car out of the ground by the bumper. With his strength it should have come away in his hands.

Correction: Superman can control his strength. With the line of thinking you propose, then every door he opens, the handle would come off.

Corrected entry: If Superman has super-hearing, how come he didn't hear the helicopter crash on top of the Daily Planet? (You can tell he didn't hear by the double take he does when he looks up.)

Correction: This should be fairly obvious. Superman can control his super-hearing. Imagine what his life would be like if this ability were "on" all of the time.

Corrected entry: Baby superman's Christmas ornament spacecraft can travel right through a sun but the pointy things all around it shrivel and burn when it hits earth's atmosphere?

Correction: The spacecraft is an alien spacecraft. Jor-El could've detailed it to be impervious to the heat of the Krypton sun.

Corrected entry: When Lois is interviewing Superman for the first time, she already knows that he has X-ray vision and is impervious to pain. How can she know this since she is supposedly the 1st person to interview him? She should only know that he can fly and has amazing strength. (01:28:45)

Correction: At least half of this deserves a correction: I don't know about the other half. On Superman's first night, someone hits him with a crowbar. A police interrogation of that criminal would have made the papers and led to the conclusion that Superman might be impervious to pain. Lois would have read every word written about him before the interview (there may also have been a radio report, since this was the very next day). We didn't see anything on screen Superman's first night where he used X-ray vision, but it's not unreasonable to suggest that he showed a lot of powers that night and Lois was verifying rumors during the interview.

K.C. Sierra

Corrected entry: This is only a mistake if you watch the extended version: Superman walks through Lex's 'gauntlet of doom' where machine guns, flame throwers and sub zero blasts are used to try and deter him. The mistake is that Lex Luthor is controlling all this and he and Otis seem to expect it to work, and are surprised when Superman isn't harmed. Yet earlier Lex and Otis both established that "fire and bullets can't hurt this guy". Richard Donner and Tom Mankiewicz argue about this scene on the commentary.

Correction: The Gauntlet was never intended to stop Superman. Luthor was putting on a show so Superman would think Luthor was trying to stop him from getting to the lair. Superman then assumed he had gotten past all of Lex's defenses. Once Superman wasn't expecting anything, Luthor tricked him into opening the lead box with the Kryptonite.

Correction: Lex is remote operating the car and probably rigged it with an explosive charge that he set off to make it crash.


Presumptions of what might have been done do not negate a mistake for how a special effect is made, especially since we do not know this is part of the plot to purposefully flip the car.


Corrected entry: Lex Luthor claims the yield of each bomb is 500 megatons, and that the second one is headed for Hackensack, NJ. Given Hackensack's proximity to Metropolis, a 500 megaton bomb would wipe out the entire city, Lex Luthor included. (01:57:10 - 02:01:25)

Correction: This is part of the plan in case Superman gets free of the Kryptonite necklace. He states that Superman cannot stop both of the missiles, and by sending one close to Metropolis, this pretty much guarantees that Superman will have to stop the one closest to him first to have any chance at stopping the other one. As seen in the movie, it proves not to be enough time indeed, as the missile detonates in California.


Corrected entry: When Superman reverses time and saves Lois, he never actually prevents the missiles from hitting the San Andreas fault, therefore he did not stop the earthquakes, therefore shouldn't the ground still open up behind her car?

Correction: Superman reversed time to a point where he was able to stop BOTH missiles. Presumably he went back to the point where he was originally stopping the first one, and went to stop the second one. So for a brief period there were two of him.

Superman mistake picture

Revealing mistake: When Jor-El is placing the baby Kal-El into the spacecraft, you can see his Rolex under his sleeve.

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Perry White: I want the name of this flying whatchamacallit to go with the Daily Planet like bacon and eggs, franks and beans, death and taxes, politics and corruption.

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Trivia: When discussing his grand plans, Lex Luthor makes a throw-away line and names a country to be blown up apparently at random. Not quite so random - it was changed in each country of release.

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Question: When Superman went back in time to save Lois, doesn't that mean that the people that he had originally saved are now doomed to die?


Answer: There are generally two methods of time travel. Skip vs Slide. When you slide through time, you are in essence rewinding or fast forwarding a tape. Time will accelerate to the desired moment. This method, the traveler will witness the rewind and will only allow one of them to exist. When skipping, you are plucking yourself from the time stream and placing yourself in the desired moment. This method, travel is instantaneous and can allow for multiples of the traveler to exist at once. Superman rewound time. He used the slide method and went directly to Lois after doing so. This means those he previously saved...died after his reversal.

Or he could have used the skip method. Like you said, it enables a traveler to pluck themself from the time stream and placing them at the desired moment allowing for two Supermen to be able to prevent both missiles from reaching their destinations.

He couldn't have used the skip method if he rewound time.


Chosen answer: No. Because the version of him *before* he time-traveled is still out doing those things. The REAL question is, what happens to that Superman, seeing as Lois no longer dies and he has no reason to travel back in time.

JC Fernandez

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