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Corrected entry: "The Punisher" has a small cameo in Spider-Man 2. At the end when Mary Jane is running through the park with her wedding dress on, Thomas Jane (or at least an extra who closely resembles him) can be seen glancing at her while she runs past.

Correction: The Punisher doesn't make a cameo at all in this movie. The film makers stated that even though the guy resembles Thomas Jane, it isn't him. It's nothing but a coincidence that he bears a close resemblance to him.

Corrected entry: When Peter arrives at his aunt's home at the beginning of the movie, it's night. He talks to Harry in the kitchen a few minutes later, and look at the purple balloon by Peter's head, it reflects a window with lots of light coming through it.

Correction: That's not a window being reflected. It's a light in the room being reflected.

Corrected entry: There's no reason for Spiderman to take his mask off when he approaches Doctor Octopus at the end. If Octopus was "normal" again, and in control of the tentacles, Spiderman had the same chance of convincing him as Peter did. Why risk revealing his secret identity to an enemy?

Correction: First of all Spider-Man had no way of knowing if Doc Ock was "normal" again. Since Peter had made quite an impression on the doctor while having tea, and since Spider-Man was planning to reason with Ock by using something he said to Peter, it does make sense that he takes his mask off, so that he can look the Doc in his eyes. Man to Man.

Sure but also we don't see Otto take control of his claws (when he says "listen to ME now") until after Peter reveals himself and talks to him to get him to snap out of it and take charge.

Correction: These aren't continuous shots. His mechanical arms could have easily ripped the top half of his gown off while he was walking from the operating room to the street.


Corrected entry: When Peter Parker saves the child from the burning building, while he is running with her in his arms, you can see that in some shots she is a doll.

Correction: No, she's not. There is nothing that would indicate that she was replaced by a dummy.

Corrected entry: When falling towards the train tracks in the clock tower fight, Spider-Man shoots two web balls up at Doc Ock. However, Doc Ock gets hit by two web balls and a third goes flying past him.


Correction: Spider-Man obviously shoots a third after the camera has cut away from him to show us Doc Ock reacting to the attack.


Corrected entry: In the opening scene of the film when we see Peter almost hit his pizza boss, if you slow this part down you can see in one shot, Peter's boss has his hands wide open, and in the following shot he is checking his wristwatch. (00:03:20)


Correction: Slow-motion not allowed for such subtle mistakes, according to MM's rules.


Corrected entry: In the operating room scene the doctor is about to make his first incision in Doc Ock's body and examines the x-ray carefully, but not the patient. Doc Ock is not on a respirator (so he is not properly anesthetized) and also not even hooked up to an IV - although there is an IV bag and pole in the room.


Correction: No one is making an incision; it was determined that they would try cutting off the metal arms first before attempting surgery. Since they were not cutting into his flesh during this phase of the operation (and they had no idea that the arms would 'come to life') they did not need him anesthetized.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Doc Ock holds Aunt May over the edge of a building and Spiderman gets ready to slingshot himself towards them, Doc Ock has a spike come out of one of his tentacles and hides it behind his back. The spike shouldn't be in there in the first place, since Doc Ock built the tentacles to control fusion reactions, not to kill people. Also, Spiderman's senses don't go off despite the fact that he is in danger.

Correction: The spike could have any number of uses during the experiment; he only resorts to using it as a weapon after his transformation (remember Robocop's spike that was intended for data retrieval, later used as a weapon). Spiderman's senses alert him to danger; they may have been overwhelmed by the sight of Doc Ock dangling Aunt May off a building - a very obvious danger. In any case, with Aunt May's life being threatened Peter decided that any risk was worth saving her.


Corrected entry: Spiderman has the task of stopping the speeding train that has no brakes. Well, he uses his spider senses to see down the rest of the track to see the drop off the end. Throughout the rest of the track, you can see there are no stops or stations, and it eventually comes to a dead end. So where is this train heading anyway?


Correction: There are no stops or stations after the shot showing the remainder of the track, but there were stations before that. The last of which the train, under normal operation, would not have passed.


Corrected entry: Just before of the scene when Peter loses his $20 with Ditkovich, there is a shot of the building where Peter lives. Pay attention to the car going from right to left. When the car is about to disappear, you will see how the rest of the shot is a static image.

Correction: It's unclear what you're trying to suggest... that they digitally inserted a passing car into a still-frame shot? Highly unlikely they went to that expense for something that can simply be filmed with a camera outside the building. This really needs to be much more specific. The shot is of a bunch of parked cars, of course there's no movement. A man enters the right side of the screen just as the car disappears, proving it's *not* a static shot.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: Doc Ock's lab is first shown to be a regular building on a street, but it is later shown to be located on a dock.

Correction: Two different labs.


Corrected entry: In the new "2.1 extended edition" there is a scene where Spider-Man and Doc Ock are fighting on the side of the train and people on the loading platform have to scatter to avoid being hit. But if you pay attention, the train is on the opposite track that it is on in both previous and following shots.

Correction: In the features on the 2.1 DVD, the producers say that the theatrical release will always be the "real" Spider-Man 2, and that 2.1 is just something they put together for the fans. The extra shots in the train scenes was taken from footage discarded early in original production, so they had to basically put all the effects together from scratch using spare background and coverage shots. A few slight mistakes would be expected.

Corrected entry: In the scene when Doc Ock picks up Spiderman's aunt in front of the bank, just before one of his arms grab her, one can see Spidey's aunt has already been lifted up.

Correction: If you look closely you can see that a smaller tentacle comes out to pick her up.

Corrected entry: During the fusion process, all metal objects are drawn to the energy source, yet Octavius' wife's earrings aren't affected at all.

Correction: Not all metals are subject to magnetism. Gold and silver are not.


Correction: Purely coincidental, not trivia.

Corrected entry: Throughout the film you can see that Spiderman is hanging with his web from nothing, just from the sky. One really obvious is when you see him in the night, before he starts loosing his powers. He's not hanging from the buildings, but from the sky.

Correction: The web goes off camera so we don't see what it's attached to. He's in New York so it could easily be attached to a very high point on one of the buildings. From a practical standpoint this would make it easier for him to swing straight down a street, rather than at angles if he attached the web lower on the buildings.

Corrected entry: When you look at Spider-Man's skin when his suit has been damaged, you can see that it is fake skin. You can see this when the passengers of the train held Spider-Man just after he fainted.

Correction: I've watched the scene several times and there's no way to determine his skin is fake.

Corrected entry: When Spiderman loses his powers, he falls from the building having just tried to climb up, and grabs a newspaper. In this shot he still has his gloves on, but when he grabs the paper and focuses his gloves are off. (00:56:50)


Correction: This is not a mistake, this is a transition from the alley to Peter's apartment when he does not have his costume on. You see it from his point of view, as he holds it then throws it, then it cuts to a wideshot of his apartment.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Mary Jane is performing in her play, and notices that Peter shows up, she says "Yes. I mean, no" when the other actresses asks about forgiving. The "I mean, no" part is actually in The Importance Of Being Earnest" (the play), even though it looks like Mary Jane was so annoyed with Peter that she messed up her line at first.

Correction: The fact that the line was correct is not really trivia worthy. As you have pointed out the line was in the play which means Mary Jane's reaction and speaking of the line were spot on so nothing really out of the ordinary.


Plot hole: Harry tells Doc Ock that in order to find Spider-Man he must find Peter first. Doc Ock finds Peter with Mary Jane in the cafe and throws a car through the window straight at them, then later throws Peter against a brick wall. Any normal person would've been killed instantly (or very badly injured), and Doc Ock doesn't yet know that Peter is Spider-Man. Given that Peter is his only lead on Spider-Man, it makes no sense that Doc Ock would try to kill him.

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Suggested correction: Doc Ock is being controlled by the arms. They aren't behaving rationally.

Creating a series of silly explanations for obvious plot holes never resolves them. These arms were not behaving irrationally. In many scenes they were shown to be very intelligent. A good example is the scene where they attack doctors who try to remove them from Doc Ock's body. Saying that they weren't behaving rationally is absurd.

He may not have been trying to kill Peter, he could've been trying to make more of a scene of his entry, so Peter would take him more seriously and tell him where Spider-Man was. He could've been thinking of it as a risk of killing Peter though, but his arms made him go crazy.

This is only a theory. Theories never resolve mistakes.

It's not a theory. When Otto is first giving his demonstration to everybody at his apartment, a woman asks if the advanced AI for the tentacles would make him susceptible to being controlled. Otto says that yes it would so he shows everybody the inhibitor chip that he designed so he would not fall under its control. After the inhibitor chip gets destroyed, it's seen that the tentacles have not only taken control of his mind by forcing him to commit crimes, but have slowly driven him insane.

This scene is much too confusing for many people. This entry is correct. This is a mistake.

If these tentacles wanted him to finish the experiment then they wouldn't make him kill the person who has valuable information for him.

The arms are influencing his thoughts but not controlling every part of him. Doc Ock still seems to have control when defending himself but they seem to work in tandem with Ock. The only time they work on their own is when he under anesthetic. As we don't see him before he throws the car, we can only speculate the arms were trying to hurt Peter by themselves.


It's a cool scene regardless man.


Killing Peter would probably send a message to Spider-Man as well, so Ock probably wasn't concerned about being gentle.

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Dr. Otto Octavius: I finally got lucky in love when I met Rosie here. She was discussing T.S. Eliot, and I was discussing... I still don't know what she was talking about!

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Trivia: When J. Jonah Jameson is thinking of a name for Octavius, Hoffman shouts out "Dr. Strange" and JJJ says "Already taken." Dr. Strange is another Marvel hero who lives in New York. Director Sam Raimi would later go on to direct Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness after original director Scott Derrickson stepped down.

T Poston

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Question: How did Harry know where Doc Ock was later located, when Peter asks him for instructions on how to find him and save MJ?

Answer: Unless there is is a deleted scene to shed light on the issue, then it's not really addressed in the movie. It's possible that Doc Ock and Harry had a second meeting that took place off-screen in which Ock revealed to Harry where his hideout was, but as there's nothing really to go on, it's anyone's guess and it's reasonable to consider it a plot hole.


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