Deliberate mistake: The bomb is placed on M.S. One and Snow and Emilie get in the space suits. A cut to the bomb shows 14 seconds. Then back to Snow and Emilie as they talk for a bit. About 14 to 15 seconds go by, and then it cuts back to the bomb, which now shows 10 seconds... It counts down to 8, and then cuts back to Snow and Emilie as they run and jump out of M.S. One. The shot lasts about 7 or 8 seconds, then cuts back to the bomb, which now shows 2 seconds. The timing between shots and syncing with the bomb is way off here. (01:20:20)

Quantom X Premium member

Plot hole: The security measures for the prison depicted in this film are completely ridiculous. Not only are the prisoners confined to one central area and greatly outnumber the guards, but the cryostasis cells the prisoners are kept in are designed in such a way that the prisoners are able to simply step out and easily overwhelm the guards when the doors are opened, with the prison's backup plan being to release sleeping gas in the area to regain control. If the prison was so concerned about having to go the measure of using sleeping gas to control the situation, then surely they could have simply designed the cryostasis cells to have the prisoners restrained as a fail safe in the event that they are all simultaneously released without authorization in order to prevent the prisoners from overrunning the prison as easily as they are depicted doing. Since the prisoners are being kept in cryosleep, there is no reason to not have them restrained, because they have no need to move around. For a prison that is repeatedly described as being maximum security, it sure has some glaring weaknesses. (00:13:30 - 00:18:45)

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Continuity mistake: In the scene after climbing out of the sealed room, the light on Guy Pearce's shoulder changes from the left to the right and back again.

Crater Face

Continuity mistake: Henry comes in the interrogation room and has Rupert remove Snow's handcuffs. Snow then just looks up at Rupert and puts his arms down as Rupert begins to walk away. The next shot from a distance, Rupert is still in the process of backing up, but now Snow is suddenly looking at Henry and Langral. (00:07:50)

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Factual error: Snow and Emilie free fall from M.S. One to Earth's atmosphere. They are high up enough that they briefly catch fire on reentry with their speed. But they slow down enough to cool and then Snow breaks off his armor suit to help unconscious Emilie. They are high enough that they just had reentry. Snow taking his armor off there would have frozen him almost instantly that high up, much less him being able to breathe. (01:21:05)

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Plot hole: Alex walks right past Snow, Emilie and Mace as they hide from him, and they are to his left. He only takes a few steps away when Emilie's necklace begins beeping. That instant, Alex turns around as he hears it and quickly doubles back and looks where the three once were but are now gone. He then turns to his left, which should have been his right earlier and sees the necklace. For it to get there, Emilie or Snow would have had to throw it across Alex's line of sight or set it there. But he turned around instantly and would have seen that. (01:01:40)

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Continuity mistake: Snow, Emilie, and Mace are hiding from the inmates and Alex walks by. Mace yells out "Porn horn" and both Snow and Emilie quickly slap their hands over Mace's mouth. The very next shot, suddenly it's just Snow's hand over his mouth, and Emilie is in a different position. (01:01:30)

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Continuity mistake: When Snow is talking to the Henry Shaw in the interrogation room, he is given a cigarette and lighter. Snow lights the cig, and then lowers both arms onto the table as he puffs. The next shot cuts to Langral's perspective looking through the window. Now Snow's right arm is up holding the cigarette. (00:08:05)

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Continuity mistake: Hydell (the crazy brother) locks The Warden in the airlock. He begins to write "BI BI" in the condensation on the glass. The positioning of the letter 'I' in the first "BI" changes as the camera switches inside the airlock. It is now touching the first letter 'B'. Also the second letter 'B' is now much neater. (00:29:45)


Plot hole: Hock sneaks a gun into the prisoner interrogation area because he is told that guns are not allowed there. If the prison was so strict about keeping guns out of that area then they would surely have metal detectors to prevent such a thing from happening. (00:15:25)

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Lockout mistake picture

Continuity mistake: Snow and Emilie find the inmates used in experiments. Then Alex and a couple of others get the jump on them and they have a fight. Snow grabs his gun and gets shot at, and falls down the elevator shaft. He lands and is knocked out, with his left arm draped over himself across his chest as he lies partly on his side. The next time he is shown moments later, he is now flat on his back with both arms at his sides. (01:11:35)

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Langral: What happened in that hotel room?
Snow: Oh, it was coupon night and I was trampolining your wife.
[Snow is punched in the face.]
Langral: You're a real comedian aren't you, Snow?
Snow: Well I guess that's why they call it the punch line.
[Snow is punched again.]
Langral: You don't like me, do you?
Snow: Don't flatter yourself. I don't like anybody.
Langral: With that attitude, I can see why nobody likes you.
Snow: Oh, come on. People love me. Just ask your wife.
[Snow is punched again.].



When Hydell makes "Hairdo" open up all the stasis chambers, a prisoner steps out of one and is disoriented from still being half frozen. He steps out and falls over the edge, and lets out a Wilhelm scream.