Lockout (2012)


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Hydell: Listen, if you're gonna shit yourself, now would be the perfect time, wouldn't it?

[Alex shoots an engineer.]
Alex: Hopefully this will short circut me the inevitable "it can't be done" discussion. I need this door open, now.

Snow: Ah great, they cut transmission.
Emilie Warnock: Who did?
Snow: ...The little transmission faries. Who do you think?

Alex: We're gona need a new engineer. This one's sprung a leak.

Henry Shaw: Snow, what's going on?
Snow: Eh, global warming. Some celebrity's getting a boob job. Congress is screwing the pooch again. You know, same old.

Henry Shaw: If this works, I'll wear a tutu and pink pantyhose.

Langral: Ah, there you are.
Snow: Oh yeah. I thought I could smell you coming.

Langral: Who was your backup guy?
Snow: Why do I get the feeling not telling you is the only thing keeping him alive?

Snow: It's easy to be a saint when nothing's on the line.

Inmate: Why don't we just kill that lunatic?
Alex: Because he's my brother.

Snow: You know, I've got this feeling your old man's not going to approve of this. I mean, I can't really see this going anywhere, can you?
Emilie Warnock: Depends on how good you are in bed.
Snow: Well in that case, I give it at least 10 minutes.

Emilie Warnock: I know something about you. Amazing what you could find out as First Daughter in old Army documents. Last name Snow. First name... Marion.
Snow: My old man was a John Wayne fan.
Emilie Warnock: Must have been tough on the playground.
Snow: That's why I'm so lovable.
Emilie Warnock: Looks like you're a free man.
Snow: Thanks to you.
Emilie Warnock: What kind of Robin Hood would I be if I didn't stop to rescue Maid Marion once in a while?

Harry Shaw: Nobody smokes anymore, Snow!

Duke: Who are you?
Langral: Secret Service.
Duke: I didn't hear anything about this.
Harry Shaw: That will be why they call it secret, right?

Snow: Don't get me wrong. It's a dream vacation. I mean, I load up. I go into space. I get inside the maximum-security nuthouse. Save the President's daughter, if she's not dead already. Get past all the psychos who've just woken up. I'm thrilled that you would think of me.

Emilie Warnock: So it says here you were convicted of aggravated physical assault?
Hydell: No. I'm innocent. That wasn't me. That's a case of mistaken identity.
Emilie Warnock: 53 counts?
Hydell: I've a very familiar face.

Snow: Ok, see here on the map?
Emilie Warnock: Yeah.
Snow: That's where the pod is. You get in it, you fly away. The good guys will come and get you, ok?
Emilie Warnock: On my own?
Snow: You're a big girl, right? Here's an apple and a gun. Don't talk to strangers, shoot them.

Langral: What happened in that hotel room?
Snow: Oh, it was coupon night and I was trampolining your wife.
[Snow is punched in the face.]
Langral: You're a real comedian aren't you, Snow?
Snow: Well I guess that's why they call it the punch line.
[Snow is punched again.]
Langral: You don't like me, do you?
Snow: Don't flatter yourself. I don't like anybody.
Langral: With that attitude, I can see why nobody likes you.
Snow: Oh, come on. People love me. Just ask your wife.
[Snow is punched again.].

Plot hole: Hock sneaks a gun into the prisoner interrogation area because he is told that guns are not allowed there. If the prison was so strict about keeping guns out of that area then they would surely have metal detectors to prevent such a thing from happening. (00:15:25)

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Suggested correction: Not a plot hole at all. Most of the people who are allowed in those areas will be government employees, who will be deemed trusted enough to follow the rules.

If they won't even allow a member of the Secret Service - the President's own security team - to have a gun in that area, they wouldn't simply trust them to just follow the rules.

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Trivia: When Hydell makes "Hairdo" open up all the stasis chambers, a prisoner steps out of one and is disoriented from still being half frozen. He steps out and falls over the edge, and lets out a Wilhelm scream. (00:18:55)

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Question: When Alex walks by the guys, Mace yells out 'Porn horn!' Is there any significance to him saying that in regards to the case or anything? Or is it just dementia babble?

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