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The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen picture

Deliberate mistake: After Mina leaves the car in Venice, Sawyer just manages to avoid several obstacles on the way, including a bend in the canal. But in the first scene, where Sawyer swerves the car around, its front should have slipped into the water anyway, considering the speed of the car and the tightness of the street, which makes a sharp L-turn at such close quarters next to impossible. But then the scene jump-cuts, and the car is well past the hazard.

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Moonraker picture

Deliberate mistake: During the space battle, one of Drax's men gets his back pack blasted. (1:46:37) His entire pack explodes so that his jet pack and life support are destroyed. But as a result of that blast, all the parts from his suit FALL DOWN! Even though there's no gravity.


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Resident Evil picture Resident Evil mistake picture

Deliberate mistake: When the woman is attempting to escape from the elevator, it dislodges and falls down, so then the actress is facing the ground...but when her arm hits the floor, the floor itself bends. If you watch the DVD with the commentary on, the director points out that it was a break away floor in case the actress' head accidentally snapped forward, to avoid any injury. (00:08:00)

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Stealth picture

Deliberate mistake: On the map showing the location of all the 'Camel Hump' refuelling blimps, none of them are anywhere near the countries EDI visits in the film - the nearest one is more than a thousand miles away over the Pacific.

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The Lost World picture

Deliberate mistake: In real life, the Brazilian natives do not wear clothes at all except for speedo type shorts, even the women. This is a deliberate error to keep the film "clean."

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Jurassic Park picture

Deliberate mistake: When the raptor breaks into the control room and is hopping around the computer workstations, we see sharp, distinct genetic coding projected from a computer screen and across the raptor's face (starting 1:55:50). Aside from the fact that computer displays have never projected focused images onto nearby surfaces, the projected text shown in this scene oddly reads from left-to-right, when it should actually be a flipped mirror-image (right-to-left). Spielberg probably realised this factual incongruity while filming but chose to use the left-to-right text for the sake of audience recognition, given that the multiple lines of "GATC" genetic code were already confusing enough. (01:55:50)

Charles Austin Miller

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You Only Live Twice picture

Deliberate mistake: When 11 is dropped into the water and eaten by the piranhas, although the ravenous fish probably ate most of her and what was on her, there should at least be pieces of clothing that would rise to the surface in the flurry of activity. Not to mention that even though the water is a murky green all the blood from her body should have created a temporary, but very noticeable darkening of the water.

Tobin OReilly

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Village of the Giants picture

Deliberate mistake: The theatre is said to have been closed down "years ago". But all the theater props are still there, and the place shows no sign of disuse, it is not even dusty anywhere. The electricity and water are also still hooked up and functioning.


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Earth vs. the Flying Saucers picture

Deliberate mistake: The aliens fire on a bell tower with a clock on it. In the next shot a different building blows up. (01:17:15)


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Armageddon picture

Deliberate mistake: Before the two shuttles dock to the MIR station, Lev initiates a rotation to simulate gravity. The shuttles then dock with their side hatch pointing to the anchorage. As the gravity is pointing away from the centre of revolution and the station is revolving around its main corridor, the gravity would push the astronauts back in to the shuttle and not towards the floor of the gangways leading to the shuttle or towards the floor of the shuttle. Also, the artificial gravity would be reduced to almost nothing at the main corridor. But here the artificial gravity somehow points down in every part of the station, and appears to work equally well throughout the station. (01:09:40)

Christoph Galuschka Premium member

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Men in Black 3 picture

Deliberate mistake: The Army Colonel's Class A uniform does not have a name plate on the flap of the right breast pocket as per regulations. If the Colonel's name plate was present, there would be no twist to the movie. (01:21:50)

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Critters picture

Deliberate mistake: The explosion of the ship at the end of the film is actually another angle of the explosion of the house from a few seconds earlier. The craft's explosion is much too small for what is shown in the film.

manthabeat Premium member

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Metropolis picture

Deliberate mistake: A shot that lasts three seconds is backwards. The previous shot is a point of view outside an elevator and it shows Maria descending into the workers' city. The very next shot is a point of view from inside the same elevator and it shows the elevator ascending out of the workers' city. (Observed in both the Kino and Madacy DVD's. The timecode is for the Kino DVD.) (01:32:25)

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G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra picture

Deliberate mistake: After being arrested, Breaker, who is Northern African, a region where French is the second if not first native language and speaks with a French accent throughout the movie, pleads with the French authorities in English. (01:10:30)


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Rocketeer picture

Deliberate mistake: When Cliff crashes into the pond after his first flight, Peevy tells him that he has to look around with his eyes and steer by moving his head. However, just before this as he is flying next to the passenger airplane, he looks over at it, turning his head to the left without changing directions at all.

BocaDavie Premium member

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Cocoon picture

Deliberate mistake: David spots the boat with the old folk on and runs around the harbor, down the jetty and jumps towards the dive boat as it leaves the jetty. He doesn't jump very high and you can see he would miss the rail on the boat. In the next shot, a (larger) stunt double is shown leaping high in the air onto the boat and, of course, catches the rail.

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Hulk picture

Deliberate mistake: When Hulk meets his father at the lab, each one's eyes have a special light on them. This adds for dramatic effect, but it's absurd because there is no direct source of light since each one is in front of the other and their faces are in shade in the rest of the shots.

Sacha Premium member

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The Incredibles picture

Deliberate mistake: In the Spanish version, the headlines of the newspapers are in Spanish, but the rest of the articles are in English. It helps supports the narration, but it causes a very weird effect.

Sacha Premium member

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Drive picture

Deliberate mistake: In the finale when Kadeem Hardison is beat up by the motorcyclists he performs a back somersault. As he falls to the floor, you see a white guy's back, despite the character being black.

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Orgazmo picture

Deliberate mistake: The shot of Orbison's house buring at the end is quite obviously fake. You can see that it's made of cardboard and paper, and even the windows burn and curl like normal bits of paper do when set alight.


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