Prison Break

Prison Break (2005)

4 mistakes in Chicago

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Chicago - S2-E16

Continuity mistake: As the train is approaching the police road block, we get a shot behind the police cars right before the train hits them. At that point all the policemen are gone. In the next shot, the policemen are back by the police cars.


Mortug Premium member

Chicago - S2-E16

Revealing mistake: When Haywire jumps off the tower, it's obviously a stuntman falling down. And when you see his fall from above, he is falling towards a big drain. But when the scene cuts to the part when he has landed, he's lying on concrete.


Mortug Premium member

Chicago - S2-E16

Continuity mistake: When Bellick calls Mahone about the lead on Haywire, Mahone's cell phone jumps from his left ear to his right ear.

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Chicago - S2-E16

Other mistake: After Michael, Lincoln, Sara, and Kellerman jump the train, the scene of the police in pursuit pulling into a clearing is the same from the 'Dead Fall' episode - just a different shot.


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