Prison Break

Ogygia - S5-E1

Continuity mistake: On the tombstone in the previous episode, Michael's date of death is 11.4.2005. But in this episode, when Linc goes to the graveyard to visit Michael's grave, his date of death is 11.4.2010. It is also a different grave from the original, as the original was in South America beside the beach, and here we are led to believe it is in New York. (00:50:50)

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And Then There Were 7 - S1-E11

Continuity mistake: When Quinn falls in the well, he falls through and subsequently destroys the well cover. At the end of the episode when the Secret Service boys show up, an undamaged cover is lying next to the well, which Kellerman uses to cover it up. (00:29:30 - 00:38:30)

Going Under - S4-E15

Continuity mistake: Michael is discussing a bargain with Sara but when he first draws it out it's in squares, then when the clipboard is lying flat on his stomach the letters are circled.

Killing Your Number - S4-E22

Continuity mistake: Sucre and C-Note came to Michael's help with dealing with the general. Sucre has noticeably longer hair than normal. In the next clip his hair is gone. (00:20:00 - 00:21:00)

Fire/Water - S3-E2

Continuity mistake: When Scofield has water poured in to his glass the water level isn't even a quarter full, however, when it cuts back the glass is half full. (00:02:00)


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Bang and Burn - S3-E8

Continuity mistake: In the shot where Scofield and Whistler are clinging to the wire from the helicopter, one of the bad guys gets shot and falls out of the helicopter. He falls past the wire, but they're not hanging off it. (00:38:35)

Michael Bo Kjeldsen

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Manhunt - S2-E1

Continuity mistake: When Steadman is watching the agent put the bags that contain the remains of Veronica Donovan into the trunk of the silver car, the license plate changes between shots. The first time we see the car, the plate reads "1029Q", the second time (close-up shot as the agent closes the trunk) it reads "9417X". (00:37:20)


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Unearthed - S2-E9

Continuity mistake: After Lincoln and LJ have been recognized by the waitress, they speed off down a road. During their conversation in the car, whenever we see LJ from (his) right side, his hair is blowing in a strong draft, and is blown away from the temple. In all other shots, his hair is completely calm, and is hanging down and forward, covering his right temple completely. (00:13:50)


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Chicago - S2-E16

Continuity mistake: As the train is approaching the police road block, we get a shot behind the police cars right before the train hits them. At that point all the policemen are gone. In the next shot, the policemen are back by the police cars. (00:28:30)


Subdivision - S2-E6

Continuity mistake: Season 2, episode 6. While the guys are digging in the garage, Michael tells Sucre about the website they can use, as C-Note walks in. He closes the door behind him, but misses the catch, and you can see the door start to swing open again behind him as he walks further into the room. Cut to Lincoln for a second, then to a wide shot, and the door is now firmly closed.


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Cute Poison - S1-E4

Continuity mistake: When Veronica is having coffee with Nick, she picks up her cup to take a sip and is holding it around the rim. When the shot changes she is holding it by the handle.

J-Cat - S1-E17

Continuity mistake: Before being sent to psyche ward, Michael had brutally hurt his right hand by repeatedly punching it at the cement wall of the cell. But moments later,seen in psyche ward after being cleaned up, there's no sign of any hurt on that hand, even no gauze covering at all. We can see his normal good hand.


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First Down - S2-E4

Continuity mistake: When Abruzzi is shot, he falls backwards and lands with his head pointing towards the wall of the motel. Cut to the FBI agent, then back to Abruzzi, and he is now lying the complete opposite way, with his feet pointing towards the wall. (00:36:30)


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Otis - S2-E2

Continuity mistake: When Michael is sitting in the park he's staring at the front page of the newspaper. As the camera follows a man in the park you can see that Michael has opened to the midpages, but in the next shot Michael is looking at the front page again, before opening it another time. (00:02:00 - 00:02:30)

Rendezvous - S2-E10

Continuity mistake: Season 2, Episode 10 "Rendezvous". When Geary hits Bellic then backpack with money falls. In the next shot, before Geary hits Bellic second time we see that the backpack is standing.

Season 2 generally

Continuity mistake: Season 2, Episode 10. When Michael and Sara are driving towards Mahone down Butterfield Road, both cars are seen in one shot and both cars are on a gravel road. In the next clip, seen from Mahone's end of the road, his car is on asphalt.

Jacob La Cour

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End of the Tunnel - S1-E13

Continuity mistake: When Kellerman orders Hale to give him his weapon, Kellerman pulls out his own weapon with his left hand. In the next shot, his gun is in his right hand, and he then transfers it back to his left. (00:36:45)

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First Down - S2-E4

Continuity mistake: During the car chase in the beginning of the episode, Bellick's car swerves to avoid hitting a truck as they go over a bridge. The next shot is from in front of the cars, and in the background you can see the bridge and a stretch of road behind it, but the truck has vanished. (00:02:40)


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Pilot - S1-E1

Continuity mistake: This happens in the scene where Lisa is scolding LJ for getting arrested. When LJ says "I don't have a father", he is leaning on the table with his arms crossed. When the shot changes, his arms are uncrossed and in a completely different position. (00:22:25)

Season 1 generally

Factual error: When Michael fills the tank with water (below the stock room), he then strips his clothes off, and slides down a pipe and into the water at the bottom of the tank. Since the water level was way above him, the pipe he slid down and the access to get there would have been flooded also. There was no water in the pipe he slid down, so for that area to be dry, it would have to be above the water line.

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Trivia: Paul Adelstein, who plays Paul Kellerman, also guest starred in a season 4 episode of Law and Order SVU in which he played a character named Kellerman.

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Greatness Achieved - S4-E9

Question: How does Don Self know that Miriam should work at Gate when nobody knew about the location of Scylla? Or Whistler wanting to work there?

Answer: Because Miriam was an agent.

But that still doesn't make sense because nobody knew where Scylla was.

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