Prison Break

Season 1 generally

Factual error: When Michael fills the tank with water (below the stock room), he then strips his clothes off, and slides down a pipe and into the water at the bottom of the tank. Since the water level was way above him, the pipe he slid down and the access to get there would have been flooded also. There was no water in the pipe he slid down, so for that area to be dry, it would have to be above the water line.


VS. - S4-E18

Factual error: The Indian Embassy guard is wearing a Canadian Forces military hat when in fact he is suppose to wear the Indian Army hat. (00:16:00 - 00:20:00)


Manhunt - S2-E1

Factual error: When the member of Terrance Steadman's security team shoots Veronica Donovan, the wound shown in the front of her head is an exit wound, while the exit wound should have been in the back of her head since she was shot from the front. (00:36:30)


Bolshoi Booze - S2-E11

Factual error: Linc arrives at the 'Bolshoi Booze' location at 17:45. It is an 8 hour drive from Trinidad Colorado to that location, which is right on the Texas - New Mexico border. That means that they would have had to have left at 09:45 that morning. But they don't appear to have stayed a night at Linc's father's place - and in none of the other plot lines has it been night. They couldn't have covered that ground in the time span of the plot.

Jacob La Cour

Season 2 generally

Factual error: Michael and Lincoln are seen in the morning at 9 am in Montana (between Great Falls and Helena). Later in the show, the next day at 12.50 am, they are trying to meet with Sarah in Akron Ohio. That is a 33-hour drive from Helena.

Jacob La Cour

Bad Blood - S2-E17

Factual error: Episode: Bad Blood. When the airport security guard stops to give Sucre a ride, his car has Sinaloa plates on it. Since he works in Ixtapa/Zihuatinejo, it should have Guerrero plates on it. Sinaloa is several hundred miles away.

Jason Sieberg

Show generally

Factual error: There is no prison in the United States that does not strictly segregate Death Row prisoners. They are never, ever allowed contact with the general prison population.

The Message - S2-E15

Factual error: When Fernando Sucre steals the Volkswagen in Sinaloa, Mexico, the license plate on the front begins with F. All Sinaloa passenger plates begin with V. (00:14:10)

Jason Sieberg

Show generally

Factual error: When in New Mexico, all the vehicles have license plates on the front. New Mexico only issues one plate, for the rear of the vehicle. Also, at least one of the plates has a Q in the serial. New Mexico only uses Q's on vanity plates.

Jason Sieberg

Pilot - S1-E1

Factual error: At the start we see the outside of the bank and there is an NYC subway station. However the show is set in Chicago. (00:01:50)

Ssiscool Premium member

And Then There Were 7 - S1-E11

Factual error: D.B. Cooper made his escape on November 24th 1971 with 200k in $20 bills. Westmoreland shows Michael a $100 bill saying it's from the ransom. Impossible. (00:36:00)

Ssiscool Premium member

Cell Test - S1-E3

Factual error: Scofield has two toes cut off. However, his recovery is so quick that it's just plain stupid. He would be limping badly for at least a month.

Alex Buckley

Sleight of Hand - S1-E10

Factual error: They have made it a point that Scofield is incarcerated in a prison in Illinois, and even gets married so he can be eligible for conjugal visits during his stay so he can pass information or items to his "wife" or she to him. In Illinois, conjugal visits aren't allowed. Only something like six states allow them, and this isn't one of them. Totally a plot hole, and since this thing was so carefully planned out, I would think he would run across this information ahead of time.

Kimberly Mason

The Message - S2-E15

Factual error: The 450 Mile road circle discussed by both Michael Scofield and Agent Mahone wouldn't be the size shown as they are traveling by car, not plane or foot. (00:20:15)

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Suggested correction: Actually it would be. 6 hours by plane is the same as New York to London. 6 hours on foot wouldn't even get to state lines. So the circle is a very close representation on how far they could go.

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Riots, Drills and the Devil (1) - S1-E6

Factual error: During the last several minutes when the Governor and warden are discussing the current situation and the status of the governor's daughter, a cut away shot is shown stating that it is the Capitol Building Springfield, Illinois. The Capitol building shown is in fact the Capitol of Connecticut, in Hartford CT. (00:31:40)

Sean Cayouette

Flight - S1-E22

Factual error: When they have escaped, and the dogs are barking at them as they hide in the bushes, this couldn't have happened the way the show presented it. The spot that they escaped is on the main road (Collins Street, also, it was to the left of the screen from where Joliet Jake came out in 'The Blue's Brothers) The dogs are barking at them as they hide in the bushes, and that location is on the -other- side of the Prison. There is NO way that they would be able to circle around the prison and get from one side to the other considering in the front, there are fences surrounding the main building, obstructing you from going that way. The back side of the Prison (There it a road next to a junk yard located right next to the Prison, the same road that is used to get to the 'Gate' the cons are looking at when the dogs are barking. That road would have been full of cops, since all the cops are in the parking lot. It would have been more believable if they would have went across the street to where the women's facility was, and were shown on camera looking across to the parking lot out front. (00:05:50)


Manhunt - S2-E1

Factual error: When Veronica has a conversation with Stedman, he tells her that he can't escape and that the glass is 2 inches thick. However, if the glass in the door was 2 inches thick, the wood door would have to be 5-6 inches thick to even support such thick glass. The door would be extremely heavy. And it obviously went unnoticed by Veronica as she entered the home with no effort.


Otis - S2-E2

Factual error: As Michael and Linc walk into the street level of the parking garage in Oswego, IL there is a sign on the adjacent exterior wall advertising "wfaa 8" which is actually Dallas-Ft Worth. (00:10:45)

Map 1213 - S2-E5

Factual error: The co-ordinates C-Note gets come out nowhere near Tooele, Utah. They don't even come out in Utah! They appear close to Idaho Falls, Idaho. (00:20:50)

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Bad Blood - S2-E17

Factual error: When Mahone is at MSP International he gets the call about C-Note being in the diner in Benson, MN and says to "fax Fanklin's mugshot to every hospital in southeastern Minnesota." Benson is in West-Central Minnesota, almost 3 hours from Minneapolis, definitely not southeastern MN. (00:03:50)

Jason James Glenn
Prison Break mistake picture

And Then There Were 7 - S1-E11

Continuity mistake: When Quinn falls in the well, he falls through and subsequently destroys the well cover. At the end of the episode when the Secret Service boys show up, an undamaged cover is lying next to the well, which Kellerman uses to cover it up. (00:29:30 - 00:38:30)

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Dr. Marvin Gudat: I can promise you nothing.
Theodore "T-Bag" Bagwell: Story of my life.

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Trivia: S4E11: (spoiler) The Scylla alarm on the General's computer is visible on screen for a second or two. Below the flashing word 'alarm', it says it is in section AA-23. That's also the designation of the prison block where Princess Leia is being held in Star Wars. This was certainly done intentionally, but is also easy to miss.

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Question: What's the time frame of the show?

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