Jason Sieberg

20th Sep 2011

The Book of Eli (2010)

Continuity mistake: When Solara hijacks the SUV after leaving George and Martha's, there are mountains that disappear from shot to shot. Right after Carnegie yells "Go back," you can see mountains in front of them. When Solara gets out and looks at them turning around, those mountains are gone. After she grabs the grenade and stands in the middle of the road, they are back. When she throws the grenade and Carnegie's vehicle swerves out of the way, the mountains are gone again. (01:27:30)

Jason Sieberg

31st Mar 2011

King of the Hill (1997)

Pigmalion - S7-E9

Continuity mistake: The door to the slaughterhouse (which Luanne blocks with the barrel) changes configurations between shots. When Trip is trying to get in, the exterior is blue with a doorknob. After Peggy busts in, it is white with a pushbar across the middle. The interior is white with a pushbar in all shots.

Jason Sieberg

25th Jul 2010

That '70s Show (1998)

Let's Spend the Night Together - S7-E2

Factual error: After Kelso gets the call that his girlfriend's water had broken and runs out of the room, Fez answers the phone. In the background there are several license plates on the wall, one of which is an Indiana "Amber Waves of Grain" design, which was first issued in 1993.

Jason Sieberg

19th Dec 2009

Desperado (1995)

Factual error: During the scene where Navajas is throwing knives at El Mariachi and then the Bucho gang in the limo, he slides down in front of the car. The license plate simply says "Mexico" under the serial. Actual Mexican plates of the time period in the movie use the official state abbreviation followed by MEX to identify the state of issue. For example, JAL MEX for Jalisco, which is where the JWF685 serial seen on the plate would have been issued.

Jason Sieberg

19th Jul 2009

The Kingdom (2007)

Revealing mistake: Shortly after the agents inspect the rooftop, there is a shot of the convoy driving away from the skyline of the city. If you look on the road, you can see a left-turn lane marking, with an arrow pointing to the left and the word "ONLY." Unlikely to find that word painted on the road in Riyadh. This was one of many scenes filmed in the Phoenix area.

Jason Sieberg

Continuity mistake: During the September 4, 1977 show at the Masque, Darby cuts a line on his chest with broken glass. The shape and position of the cut changes between shots during and after the show.

Jason Sieberg

Factual error: The license plate on the blue Ford Taurus is 674-H2T. Format for New Mexico standard issue yellow plates is 123-ABC (three numbers, the Zia sun, followed by three letters).

Jason Sieberg

7th Feb 2009

We Are Marshall (2006)

Continuity mistake: On the chalkboard listing all the recruits, Jake Gibbs is the first name on the list of quarterbacks, with (PA) after his name. (PA) is in line with the name in the first scene. When they cross his name out in a later scene, it is angled up and raised, like a superscript. The third time we see the board, after the NCAA approves the exception, (PA) is back in line with the name.

Jason Sieberg

15th Dec 2008

Bad Boys (1995)

Continuity mistake: The kegs of ether in the truck have hazardous material labels applied to them. These are diamond shaped labels that indicate the class of material in the container. Throughout the chase scene they alternate between Flammable Liquid labels (solid red) and Flammable Solid labels (half red, half white).

Jason Sieberg

16th Sep 2008

Family Guy (1999)

Family Guy mistake picture

Blue Harvest - S6-E1

Continuity mistake: After Vader (Stewie) kills Obi-Wan, Luke yells out and then the shot shows storm troopers firing at him with Vader in the background. Vader's lightsaber is blue, when it should be red. It is red in the previous and next shots. (00:34:00)

Jason Sieberg

27th May 2008

Star Wars (1977)

Trivia: The wide-angle shots of the rebel base before the final battle and before the award ceremony at the end of the film show buildings rising out of a jungle. These are shots of the ancient Mayan city of Tikal, now part of the Tikal National Park located in Guatemala. (01:38:15 - 01:58:25)

Jason Sieberg

20th May 2008

Family Guy (1999)

Factual error: In chapter six, there are references to a new "Air Force One" being a 757. Air Force One is not a specific plane, but a call sign used for any aircraft carrying the president. Additionally, the US government has already had a 757 for a while. It is used to fly into smaller airports that cannot accommodate the president's standard 747. This mistake is repeated when the President of the United States "sends" Air Force One to pick up Carpathia. If the President wasn't on it, it wasn't Air Force One.

Jason Sieberg

Continuity mistake: When Obiwan and Anakin are fighting on the narrow walkway, lava splashes over it and causes that portion of the building to fall into the magma river. As it is falling, there is a significant amount of lava on the severed end of the walkway, which ends up as the "top" of the tower once floating on the river. For the rest of the scene this lava is gone, and none is shown falling on or by Obi-Wan and Anakin as they scramble along the side of the tower. (01:55:45)

Jason Sieberg

8th May 2008

Left Behind 1

Other mistake: On page 457, when Carpathia is about to murder Stonagal and Todd-Cothran, the orientation makes no sense. Carpathia is standing with a gun to Stonagal's (who is kneeling) ear, and Todd-Cothran is sitting upright in a chair on the other side of Stonagal. There is no way that the bullet could have the trajectory to kill Todd-Cothran without taking a sharp turn upward after passing through Stonagal's head.

Jason Sieberg

3rd Mar 2008

XXX (2002)

Continuity mistake: When Vin Diesel and the Corvette are falling off the bridge, watch the Corvette. It changes position between shots (nose up, nose down, level). There is not sufficient time in between shots for it to tumble into its new positions.

Jason Sieberg

10th Feb 2008

The Replacements (2000)

Continuity mistake: When Franklin is body slammed after asking the Dallas player for an autograph, he has grass chunks in his helmet. After the play is over, it shows him again (lying in the same position, indicating he hadn't moved a muscle), but the grass is gone.

Jason Sieberg

9th Feb 2008

Attack Force (2006)

Deliberate mistake: Throughout the movie, Seagal's voice changes. In some scenes, his lines are spoken by someone else (with a much coarser voice) and dubbed in, which is confirmed by numerous sources over the internet.

Jason Sieberg

4th Feb 2008

Waterworld (1995)

Continuity mistake: During the attack on the Atoll, a smoker on water skis falls over while going up the ramp. The next shot shows him hitting the wall of the Atoll, but he is now upright again. (00:29:20)

Jason Sieberg

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