Samantha's Wedding Present - S5-E1

Trivia: When tiny Darrin is standing next to telephone on the table, the area code on the Stephens' phone is listed as 311. This is a fictitious area code that has sometimes been used in other TV shows or movies.


Trivia: Alice Pearce and Marion Lorne both were awarded Emmys posthumously.


Trivia: Some in the "Bible Belt" states were afraid that the show was promoting devil worship.


Trivia: When Samantha was pregnant with Tabitha, a girl, Elizabeth Montgomery in real life was pregnant with a boy. Later, the reverse was true - when pregnant with Adam in the show, a boy, she was in real life pregnant with a girl.

Follow That Witch (1) - S2-E28

Trivia: Alice Pearce (original Gladys Kravitz) died of ovarian cancer in March 1966 before this episode aired. Abner's sister played the foil in place of Gladys, who would later be replaced with another actress for remainder of the series.

Trivia: Elizabeth Montgomery is the only actress to appear in all 254 episodes of the show.

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Samantha: Try to control your temper. Remember, "Peace on earth, goodwill to men" includes witches.

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Answer: Larry had been telling Darrin what it means psychologically that Samantha gave the coat away. Larry said giving it away meant she's happy being married but if she liked the coat it means she desires to be single and carefree. So when Darrin sees the coat, he immediately thinks Samantha doesn't want to be married and the fact that she twitched it means (in his mind) she wants to be a single, carefree witch again.


Answer: I haven't seen the episode, but generally in the show, Darrin was always suspicious that Samantha always used some kind of witchcraft for any situation (even if she didn't). He probably figured the same thing with the coat while in her possession.

You should watch the episodes in question before giving an answer so you know what you're talking about.


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