Mirror, Mirror on the Wall - S5-E6

Trivia: The angry driver behind Darrin who yells "Let's go, Gorgeous!" is producer William Asher who was married to Elizabeth Montgomery at the time. (00:04:30)

Jeff Swanson

Samantha Fights City Hall - S5-E9

Trivia: Because Erin Murphy, who played Tabitha, was ill, her fraternal twin sister Diane took her place in this episode. By this time, Erin and Diane didn't resemble each other as much as they once did, and it was obvious to regular viewers of the show that it wasn't the Tabitha they were used to seeing. The producers received several letters asking "Who was that?"

Jeff Swanson

Samantha the Sculptress - S5-E19

Trivia: The bust of David White from this episode can be seen at Hollywood Forever cemetery; it is in a memorial niche which also contains the ashes of White and his son Jonathan.

Jeff Swanson

Samantha's Wedding Present - S5-E1

Trivia: When tiny Darrin is standing next to telephone on the table, the area code on the Stephens' phone is listed as 311. This is a fictitious area code that has sometimes been used in other TV shows or movies.


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