Star Trek: Voyager

Worst Case Scenario - S3-E24

Corrected entry: When the 2 guys who enter the bridge the tall guy is on the left when Torres is running the program. Later when Paris is running the program the tall guy is on the right.

Correction: A holodeck program can be customized to suit the individual user without letting them into the information that would alter the program drastically. It's like changing the main character in computer games.

Workforce (1) - S7-E16

Corrected entry: The whole crew is forced into the Workforce of another society - but what of little Naomi Wildman? Where was she during all of this? Surely they didn't arrange for childcare.

Correction: Why wouldn't they? Surely Voyager can't be the first ship to arrive at this planet with children on board & they arrange other amenities for the workforce.

Basics (1) - S2-E26

Corrected entry: The Kazon attacks are concentrated on the Second Command processor and yet nobody checks what would happen if it fails. When the time comes to order the self destruct, everybody acts shocked that the Second Command Processor has a direct influence on the self destruct. This ignorance would not have been a major problem for any other Federation ship but in Voyager, the self destruct is activated as often as the phasers (especially in this season).

Correction: Voyagers crew believe that the Kazon are concentrating their fire at that spot is in order to drive the shields down without giving them time to recover (it's just a convenient spot like the deflector dish), they don't think they have the knowledge of the ship to knock out one of their last ditch defensive measures. Also it wasn't just the ships the Kazon man who blew himself up would have helped greatly to affect ships systems (including the self destruct).

The Voyager crew should have know that Kazon "loyal to no one" all having the same agenda was suspicious and more time should have been put into finding out why as they knew the processors were being targeted each time. Of course they knew enough about Voyager; they'd had Seska feeding them information for months (to say nothing of Michael Jonas before he was killed). Tieran's suicide only took out the weapons and defenses. However it should still have been possible to destroy Voyager by firing a phaser at the warp core as the Doctor was about to do in "Projections."

Basics (1) - S2-E26

Corrected entry: When Paris suggests to take a shuttle craft and contact the Talaxians, the Voyager momentarily slows down below a Kazon ship so that the shuttle can depart. This is probably the worst place you can imagine to launch a shuttle. During the whole space battle the Voyager was flying in loops around the Kazon carriers, literally. Which means she is a lot faster than her enemies. If you want to send a shuttle, wouldn't you go to a safe distance and then release the shuttle? Captain Janeway's choice would made sense if their engines were damaged but at that time, the impulse engines were functioning perfectly.

Correction: Janeway's hoping that the shuttle can sneak away without being seen. If she leaves the battle and comes back, the Kazon will know something's wrong and would search for it.

Worst Case Scenario - S3-E24

Corrected entry: When the holoprogram ends on Paris, he is still holding a phaser. The phaser is a part of the program, so it should have disappeared when the program ended.

Correction: The computer replicates items in the holonovel for the crew when the touch when the program was shut off the computer had replicated the phaser.

Riddles - S6-E6

Corrected entry: At the end of this episode, Tuvok squirts frosting on a cake in a wavy pattern, and Janeway suddenly announces, "It's the frequency." A wavy pattern is NOT a frequency, it's a waveform. The frequency is the number of waves that pass through any point each second. There's no way to express a frequency to any reasonable degree of accuracy by squirting frosting on a cake.

Correction: If Tuvok has drawn exactly the same number of waves he saw on the tricorder then, knowing the size of the screen and available time scales, a number of possible frequencies could be calculated. Trial and error would be all that would be required to find the right one.

Correction: The ships systems are being affected by the nebula they're flying through, this could be a effect of this.

Fury - S6-E23

Corrected entry: What happened to the Type-9 shuttle that was given to Kes in "The Gift?" She could have crashed this into Voyager just as well and she could still have transported aboard as the shuttle has a transporter.

Correction: Federation shuttles wouldn't be able to keep up with Federation starships so she probably traded it in and used local starships to catch up to Voyager. She then acquired the shuttle she was in when she caught up with Voyager.

Kes has the ability to destroy and kill with a thought and can time travel at will. I'm pretty sure she wouldn't need a fast ship to catch Voyager. Using a ship to ram Voyager was probably just a distraction/up yours to Janeway. We can be pretty sure that the Type-9 shuttle she left in was destroyed during her transformation.

Shattered - S7-E11

Corrected entry: In Chaotica's lab Chaotica throws Captain Janeway's hypospray away. Later when Seska takes her hostage we can see her hypospray.

Correction: After Chaotica throws away her hypospray, the scene cuts to Chakotay and Janeway in the hall. Perhaps she stopped to retrieve the hypospray before leaving, but it was not shown. Or they could have easily gotten another from the Doctor.

Endgame (2) - S7-E26

Corrected entry: The Borg Queen keeps insisting that Seven keep Janeway away from the Nebula, but both Before and After this insistence she says she doesn't care about Voyager and it can't possibly destroy the Transwarp Hub. Which is it?

Correction: She's the Borg Queen. Do you really think she would show weakness by admitting that Voyager was a real threat? She's just blustering.

Critical Care - S7-E5

Corrected entry: Gar is trading in iridium which is claimed to have a very short half life, allowing Tuvok to deduce how far away Gar could have gotten it. In reality, iridium is a stable metal and has no half life.

Correction: There are many radioactive isotopes of iridium. See

J I Cohen

Flashback - S3-E2

Corrected entry: In the episode Flashback, it seems that the producers didn't watch Star Trek VI. In the scene where Mr. Tuvok explains to Captain Janeway about the explosion of the Klingon moon, he says that Captain Kirk and Dr. McCoy were arrested two days after the explosion, when it actually happened over two months after the explosion.

Correction: This could be a simple character mistake. The events of "The undiscovered country" take place in 2293 whilst this episode takes place in 2373 & Whilst we have the videos or dvds & can watch the films & series whenever we want, at the time Tuvok only has his memory to go off & is under stress from the memory virus. It's likely that later on he would have corrected himself to the captain.

Indeed, Tuvok remembers Valtaine dying on Excelsior's bridge, but he was shown alive and well at the end of ST:VI. In fact, Tuvok remembers himself being on Excelsior, when he wasn't shown in ST:VI.

The Omega Directive - S4-E21

Corrected entry: Seven of Nine has said before that the Borg only assimilate information, they do not create it on their own, ie. they do not research. But in this episode, she says that the Borg had sacrificed 27 cubes and 600,000 drones while researching the Omega Molecule.

Correction: Perhaps the 27 cubes and 600,000 drones were lost trying to assimilate the Omega Molecule or the technology required to create it. Or they assimilated the technology to create it, but lost all those ships and drones trying to make it. Either of those could be classified as "research" by the Borg.

Day of Honor - S4-E3

Corrected entry: How could Tom and B'Elanna transport themselves from the shuttle into space using voice command if the comm system was down?

Correction: Because Federation ships are designed to make sure that the passengers survive - they have several safety mechanisms so whilst other systems could go off line the emergency transporter should be one of the last things to go and often comes with its own power & certain systems.

Correction: The comm system in Star Trek is generally regarded as the means to talk to other ships/crewmembers not in the room. Talking to the computer is regarded as a separate system. I find it more strange that for once the transporter wasn't the first thing to break.

Pathfinder - S6-E10

Corrected entry: If the Delta Quadrant is uncharted, then how would Starfleet command know about "spatial anomalies" that Voyager would have to avoid?

Correction: The Delta quadrant hasn't been explored by our people but the Federation has sent probes up to a certain distance.

Alliances - S2-E14

Corrected entry: The Kazon man says he is putting together a dodecahedron on the table; however, dodecahedrons are a 3-D shape, and cannot lay flat on the table.

Correction: This is probably why he can't figure out how to make it.

Unity - S3-E17

Corrected entry: Riley, the former Borg, says that she was assimilated at the battle of Wolf 359. This is impossible, since there was only one Borg ship at the battle, and it was heading straight for Earth, and when it finally got there, it was destroyed.

Correction: To quote the Borg Queen from First Contact, "You think in such three-dimensional terms." She was on that very same ship and she survived. Surely she escaped with at least a small contingient of her drones. They don't tell us how, but it is rather clear that some sort of time travel was implimented.

Garlonuss Premium member

Correction: Presumably the Wolf 359 cube launched a sphere like the one in First Contact before it was destroyed but out of view of the Enterprise-D which then returned to the Delta Quadrant via transwarp.

Threshold - S2-E15

Corrected entry: In this episode it is stated that Warp 10 is actually infinite Warp - a craft travelling at such a velocity will simultaneously occupy every point in the universe. However in the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode All Good Things part 2 (shot several years earlier), the Captain Riker of the future at one point orders the modified Enterprise to be taken to Warp 13. Even if the problems of using Warp 10 were ever ironed out, how would it be possible to go faster?

Correction: The warp scale was adjusted once between Classic Trek and TNG. We see 1701 going Warp 12-13 a few times while 1701-D struggled to do 9.6. Obviously it was adjusted again while never quite reaching infinite speed. (This sounds odd, but warp is measured exponentially, so every decimal point closer to infinite speed is hugely faster.)

Grumpy Scot

Scientific Method - S4-E7

Corrected entry: In the episode "Scientific Method" where cloaked aliens were doing medical experiments on the crew, wait for the part where Seven goes into the turbolift and she says "Deck 5". When the turbolift doors open she gets out and walks to the Mess Hall to pour a cup of coffee. How can she be in the Mess Hall if she is on Deck 5. The Mess Hall is on Deck 2 right below the bridge.

Correction: Seven is going to sickbay (deck five). After a while another crewmember enters the lift & is being experimented on. She is the reason Seven leaves the lift on deck two.

Show generally

Corrected entry: If Voyager is travelling in a fairly straight line at a fairly consistent speed (often Warps 6 through 9) why do they keep running into other recurring characters, such as Seska? Is everyone else just following Voyager around the Delta quadrant? In the same way, why does Nelix keep bumping into friends? Had his small ship (which was slower than Voyager) already travelled for several years in the exact same direction before?

Correction: If Seska is the only person you are going to point out then the the answer is yes, Seska is definitely following Voyager around. Ever since she was kicked off she has been trying to capture it with the Kazon. Neelix keeps running into people he knows because he has travelled quite a bit around the Delta Quadrant. For the first two seasons he's pretty much been where Voyager is going, but eventually there was a point where Voyager went farther than Neelix had ever gone and he never met people he knew after that.

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11:59 - S5-E23

Shannon O'Donnel: 5:00am, December 27th, 2000. I'm in the great state of...Indiana, I think. I saw the world's largest ball of string this morning and the world's largest beefsteak tomato this afternoon. It was the size of a Volkswagen. The string, not the tomato.


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Future's End (1) - S3-E8

Trivia: Rain Robinson has a model of a DY-100 on the window sill in her office. In 1996 (also the year this episode is set), Kahn left Earth in the SS Botany Bay, a DY-100 class starship.


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Thirty Days - S5-E9

Question: Was Tom successful in his mission or did the torpedo that was launched by Tuvok from Voyager stop him from succeeding?

Answer: The torpedo stopped him from succeeding.

Bowling255 Premium member

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