Star Trek: Voyager

Investigations - S2-E20

Trivia: King Abdullah of Jordan appears in this episode (he was Crown Prince at the time), as a Voyager crewmember in a corridor scene. He is uncredited.

Trivia: Robert Picardo plays the Voyager's Holographic Doctor. Picardo played the same role in Star Trek: First Contact.

Inside Man - S7-E6

Trivia: When the Doctor invites the holographic Reg to play golf, he mentions a few locations to choose from. One of them is situated on Giedi Prime - known to "Dune" fans as the Harkonnen home planet.

Future's End (1) - S3-E8

Trivia: The acronym for the Doctor's new "Autonomous Self-Sustaining HOLo-Emitter" makes for quite an interesting choice of words.

Latent Image - S5-E11

Trivia: The poem the Doctor reads at the end is "La Vita Nuova" (The New Life) by Dante. Although it's a modified version as the intro is more of a paraphrase than an English translation.


Future's End (1) - S3-E8

Trivia: Rain Robinson has a model of a DY-100 on the window sill in her office. In 1996 (also the year this episode is set), Kahn left Earth in the SS Botany Bay, a DY-100 class starship.


Trivia: Tom Paris was originally written to be Nick Locarno, the cadet Robert Duncan McNeil played in the 'Next Generation' episode "The First Duty." Because the character was the intellectual property of that episode's writers, royalty fees would have had to been paid for every new episode in which Locarno appeared. To avoid the unnecessary expense, the 'Voyager' producers instead created a new character, using Locarno as a building block.

Cubs Fan

Barge of the Dead - S6-E3

Trivia: Although they play mother and daughter in this episode, Karen Austin is only three years older than Roxann Dawson.

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