The Parking Garage - S3-E6

Trivia: The Parking Garage was originally written to end with Kramer driving around the mall, but the actual car wouldn't start, so they went with that ending.

The Good Samaritan - S3-E20

Trivia: Helen Slater (Jerry's interest in this episode) played the lead in the movie Supergirl. Jerry is a huge Superman fan.


The Parking Garage - S3-E6

Trivia: In this episode, Kramer was supposedly carrying an air conditioner in an awkward-shaped box. To make it more realistic, actor Michael Richards actually did carry around an air conditioner for the entire episode.

The Library - S3-E5

Trivia: Marian the librarian gets her name from the famous play/movie The Music Man, which includes a song called "Marian the Librarian".


The Parking Garage - S3-E6

Trivia: Not only was Michael Richards carrying an air conditioner the entire episode, he cut his lip on it as he was putting it into the trunk of the car.

The Alternate Side - S3-E11

Trivia: The voice of the car thief who Jerry talks to on the phone is co-creator Larry David.

The Dog - S3-E4

Trivia: The man whose dog Jerry is stuck watching is named after Larry David's manager, Gavin Palone. (Palone is also one of the executive producers of Curb Your Enthusiasm.

The Cafe - S3-E7

Trivia: In the scene where Elaine is doing the I.Q. test for George, Babu hands Kramer a face towel, and in his reaction to the towel being too hot, he falls over the chairs and tables. This was totally improvised and the reaction of both Elaine and Babu is one of surprise.


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