The Muffin Tops - S8-E21

Trivia: Newman's appearance in the episode is an obvious reference to Harvey Keitel's character The Wolf in "Pulp Fiction". Before Newman arrives, Elaine mentions that he "makes problems go away" just like The Wolf. Newman even uses the same "If I'm curt" line.

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The Bizarro Jerry - S8-E3

Trivia: Throughout the entire show, a Superman figure can be seen on the shelf in Jerry's apartment. When Elaine goes to "Bizarro Jerry"'s apartment, a figure of Bizarro can be seen standing on the cabinet.

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The Van Buren Boys - S8-E14

Trivia: Despite Christine Taylor (the woman Jerry is dating in the episode) now being the real-life daughter-in-law of Jerry Stiller (who plays George Costanza's dad), Taylor didn't meet Jerry's son, Ben Stiller, until 2 years later.

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Elaine: The thing about George is, he's an idiot.



The tenant board member tells George that Mr. Eldrige in apartment 8C has decided he wants the new apartment. However, the new apartment in question has a 3-digit number - 808 I believe. This indicates that the building would not have single digit numbers and letters (Such as 5E, 8C, etc.) as part of its numbering system.