The Merv Griffin Show - S9-E6

Trivia: When Kramer is hosting the show and starts getting a little nervous about Jerry's "questionable material" he tells Newman to put on a tape and it starts playing some music while he talks to Jerry. The music that he puts on is the same music they used in the episode "The Pilot (2)" for the "Jerry" pilot.

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The Puerto Rican Day - S9-E20

Trivia: Recognize the driver of the maroon Golf? That's because he is the same man that Jerry walked out of "Death Blow" with in season 7.

The Finale (2) - S9-E24

Trivia: In the Seinfeld Finale, Jerry and George have a conversation in the jail cell about the positioning of a button on George's shirt. For those viewers who don't know or don't remember, that is why George asks, 'Haven't we had this conversation before?', because this is the same conversation that started off the series in the very first episode.

The Junk Mail - S9-E5

Trivia: At the beginning of the episode we see George on the couch in Jerry's apartment reading a copy of GQ. On the cover is Marissa Tomei who George has a major crush on and in another episode had a dream sequence involving her in his apartment.

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The Bookstore - S9-E17

Trivia: In Jerry's dream of Leo doing pull-ups. Leo has a tattoo on his back that says "Brentano's", the name of the bookstore Leo got caught stealing from.


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