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The Soup - S6-E7

Corrected entry: In the last scene, Newman tells Jerry that The Soup Nazi is going out of business. When Jerry asks where Newman is going, Newman replies that The Soup Nazi is giving away what's left and Newman is running home to get a big pot. He then runs to the left of the screen. You then see Jerry silently decide to do the same thing, but he runs off to the right of the screen. Jerry and Newman live in the same building; they wouldn't run in different directions to go to the same place.

Correction: True, but we can't be sure that Jerry runs home. It is possible he did not have any pots/containers big enough, and ran to borrow one from a friend, or maybe even buy a new one. Or he ran to The Soup Nazi straight away, hoping to beat the rush.


The Baby Shower - S2-E10

Corrected entry: It's just a parody/absurd sequence, but it's odd that with over two dozen bullets shot from barely a dozen feet of distance, just a couple entry wounds appear on the body of the runaway Seinfeld. Of course no blood either, but that's a necessity given the type of show. (00:08:55)


Correction: It's a dream sequence. It doesn't have to follow the rules of reality. I frequently have dreams that logically make no sense.


I know, I know, but never been a big fan of giving a free pass to dream sequences for things like continuity, poor stunts etc. If anything, it'd get a pass because it's a comedy and violence and realism are toned down by default.


The very nature of dreams give them a free pass for just about anything. I will have dreams where I'm talking to a certain person or holding a certain object, and in the next moment the person will be someone else or the object will be something else. I have dreams where I am back in high school and the layout of the building will frequently change, or the class I go into will change subjects. If you put that to film, it would be a change in continuity.


What you say is true for dream sequences played specifically with the purpose to give the viewer a sense of disorientation, experience something obviously 'off', a deliberately disjointed and creative scenario that breaks reality. As I said, I am not a fan of being unable to nitpick scenes or even movies who happen all in someone's head for trivial mistakes that are not something as amazingly obvious as the ones you explained. Your examples are something the viewer would notice and would register as deliberate choice and part of the plot, but Seinfeld wearing earbuds or 2 gunshot wounds instead of a dozen are not really something I can put in the same category. If the dream scene is played 'straight', as that one has been, I don't believe we have to just assume that any take can be edited together since continuity is not an issue, props and tricks can be visible or act weird because who knows what can happen in a dream, etc.


You make a fair point (which is also why I didn't submit a correction for your separate entry of Jerry wearing ear protection). However, the basis of this submission is that Jerry only has a couple entry wounds and no bleeding after being shot numerous times. That can just be chalked up to how his mind dreamed the scenario. I don't think a sense of disorientation or something being off needs to be established (especially when the sequence is played for laughs) for viewers to accept details like that can suddenly change within a dream since we all dream and understand that those things happen.


Not necessarily "established" but "with purpose", which can be seen in hindsight. Anything can happen in a dream, but if he imagined to be shot in such a dramatic fashion so many times and die, the fact that he dies with a cheap effect is hardly serving any narrative purpose. Again, I could see why ultimately the mistake could be seen as stating the obvious since "the scene is played for laughs", which was my first caveat posting the scene, the last being the lack of blood for censorship purposes. They didn't thoroughly cover Jerry Seinfeld with squibs and things like that just for a gag - explanation of the 'mistake' rather than justification, but fair. But as far as the dream goes, the point of that dream scene is to do something more 'violent' and unexpected than you'd see in the 'real life' scenes, not tone it down through a marginal detail that has a clear explanation.


Correction: When the shot switches to Elaine, Puddy still has his hands outstretched on The Couch just like the shot before. He slowly takes his arms off The Couch and puts them on his lap. There is no mistake in this scene.

Correction: No mistake here. Maybe the lock was broken, or the door was propped open, or someone from the lobby let him in. There are countless plausible explanations as to how George got in the building.

The Soul Mate - S8-E2

Corrected entry: When Newman is helping Kramer talk to Pam in The Library, you can see (through the bookshelf) that Newman is mouthing the same words at the exact same time as Kramer. You would expect Newman to mouth some words, pause and Kramer would then repeat them to Pam.


Correction: Newman is prompting Kramer. It makes sense that he would mouth along with the lines, as he wants to make sure Kramer is getting it right.

The Slicer - S9-E7

Corrected entry: George's boss Kruger claims that the mole on his back hasn't changed in the past ten years from the picture on his desk. However the mole wouldn't be visible in the picture as you cannot see Kruger's back in the picture. Kruger is facing chest forward in the picture.

Correction: Kruger never says the mole is on his back.

Kramer even tells George the mole is on his shoulder.


Correction: The Jewish singles party was ironically being held at The Knights of Columbus which is a Catholic fraternity.

Correction: This isn't so unusual; a race like that would attract at least the local news, who would want to film the winner.


Show generally

Corrected entry: I've always wondered how Kramer is able to live in a New York City/Manhattan apartment. The guy has no job, no prospects of getting a job, doesn't seem to have money in the bank (or at least enough of it to cover the costs of living in his apt) and yet can afford to live there. To the best of my knowledge it is never explained how he's able to afford it. [This is supposed to be one of the eternal mysteries of Kramer. In fact, Jerry and Elaine discuss how great it must be to be Kramer in one episode ("He meets all these beautiful women, he falls a**backwards into money...").]

Correction: As Jerry, George and Elaine point out numerous times, Kramer always seems to "fall ass-backwards into money" (think: frivolous law-suits, crazy inventions, gambling, and don't forget his "Coffee Table Book" deal). Slightly unrealistic, sure; but explained throughout the show.

In addition to these reasons, Kramer has a lot of friends and associates. He knows people who can do occasional favors for him, pay him to do the odd job/task, connect him with deals, etc.

The Muffin Tops - S8-E21

Corrected entry: Kramer steps back out of the view of the camera as he opens his shirt, all in an attempt to show Jerry the mistake he's making by shaving his chest. Kramer laughably shouts "look at it!" repeatedly to Jerry, who recoils in disgust at the (supposed) sight of Kramer's thickly-haired chest. The problem is that Kramer's bare chest is shown in episodes before and after and there is nothing unusual about it. In fact, just two episodes later (in Season 9's "The Butter Shave"), there are multiple shots of Kramer's chest. Were we supposed to forget about this little occurrence in Jerry's apartment?

Correction: Kramer is actually showing Jerry his genitals, which is why he steps out of shot. He mentions that he shaved that area when he was a life guard.


Correction: If it has been a few days, it shouldn't strike anyone as unusual that he could be wearing the same outfit. It certainly could be that no items were changed during shooting, but it is believable as a real life situation.

Zwn Annwn

Correction: I mostly wear the same outfit for 3 or 4 days.

Correction: This is wrong, but the corrections don't even say why. The blue shirt/green pants Jerry is wearing is NOT from the first attempt to see The Movie. The first time he's wearing a pinkish sweatshirt and blue jeans and he stays home. The second time is when he's wearing the outfit described and Elaine stays at Jerry's. The man with The Dog calls when Elaine is there and she tells him he better pick The Dog up that night. Which is he does and it's why Jerry is wearing the same thing.


The Dealership - S9-E11

Corrected entry: The mechanic got the last two twix bars. Assuming George finally got change from the cashier, where did the twix bars come from for the candy lineup? And further, why wouldn't George just eat the twix since he wanted one so badly?


Correction: George presumably would have gotten the other Twix bars from a nearby store, off-screen. The reason why George didn't eat one of the Twix bars is simply all part of the joke - he was so determined and fixated on trying to catch out the mechanic that it simply did not occur to him that there were Twix bars there for him to eat. In fact, it is not until the plan had failed, where he then decides to have one if the Twix bars, only to find out there are none left.

Casual Person

Correction: I just pulled up this episode on Hulu, and while you can hear a voice going on, I don't see how its inclusion is accidental. They are at a book signing with numerous people, so there is bound to be people talking in the background. Kramer has also invaded the signing, so it could very well be him chatting with people at the event or arguing with Peterman.


The Package - S8-E5

Corrected entry: In this episode, George finds out that Sheila, the photo store woman, is checking out his pictures during development. Right after he discovers this, he goes to Jerry's apartment and starts snapping pictures, one of which is of Jerry fiddling with his stereo with a screwdriver. Later on in the episode, Newman passes by the photo place and happens to see that photo being developed, so he confiscates the roll (which also includes George's sexy photos). The problem is, the photo of Jerry could not have been on that roll since George had already been back to the photo place at least once before after snapping the picture of Jerry. Jerry's picture would've been in the roll that had the picture of the scantily-clad model and of George posing with the Mercedes.


Correction: This is an assumption and there's no proof of this. After George noticed Shelia had been looking at his pictures, he took more pictures (next to the Mercedes and wax Burt) and dropped that roll off. He then started on his 3rd roll of film while waiting for his 2nd roll to be developed. Jerry with his stereo (and Jerry with Elaine) was on this 3rd roll. In addition, when we see Kramer about to start taking pictures of George, we never see Kramer or George load a new roll into the camera, and the sexy pics are on the same 3rd roll as Jerry with the stereo.


The Shoes - S4-E16

Corrected entry: When Jerry and Elaine are in the coffee shop, a coffee mug can be seen in front of Jerry. When Gail enters, the coffee mug disappears and reappears between shots.

Correction: The coffe cup is Elaine's and it doesn't disappear, you just can't see it from certain camera angles.

Correction: Actually Jerry's stereo is on the small shelf just above the drawer, particularly evident in the photo of Jerry with the screwdriver. That shelf is empty in every shot after the scene where Kramer would have taken the stereo.

The Checks - S8-E7

Corrected entry: At the very end of the episode, George tries to save Mr. Wilhelm from the Sunshine Carpet Cleaners cult. As soon as their dialogue ends, the male Japanese TV executive says to the female executive, "With these two idiots, I don't know how the Yankees won the World Series." How in the world does this guy know that George and Wilhelm are/were employed by the Yankees? It's possible George may have mentioned it upon meeting with the executives (off screen). But it's more than reasonable to assume that such a discussion never took place between the executives and Wilhelm, especially considering Wilhelm did not even seem to know about his past experiences due to being brainwashed.

Correction: George mentions earlier in the episode that his work with the Yankees includes working with Japanese television stations who broadcast Major League Baseball. It's likely the Japanese man has met both George and Wilhelm through previous dealings.

Correction: I wouldn't pass the idea he lied to Joel.


Correction: Jerry also tell Mr. Mandelbaum that the back specialist at the New York hospital is supposed to be the best. So he's in New York to see the best.


Correction: Being his son and father both seemed to live in Manhattan, it might be easier to be treated in New York than in Florida. Regardless of where he is treated, there is nothing wrong with getting treatment somewhere else.


The Keys - S3-E23

Corrected entry: Although it moves the plot along, it makes no sense for George to exchange spare keys with Kramer when he was told that Kramer is going to move to California because Kramer will not be around to give George his spare keys when George needs them.

Correction: Most of the things that George and Kramer do make no sense. Why should this time be any different?

Zwn Annwn

The Burning - S9-E16

Continuity mistake: At the beginning of the episode, when Puddy is farewelling Elaine on the street, he is standing on the sidewalk and leaning through the driver's window. The following shot when she pulls out quickly, you can see through the windows of the car that Puddy is nowhere to be seen.


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The Suicide - S3-E15

Question: When George and Elaine go to see the psychic, the psychic tells George that she sees a Pauline. George gasps and says that his brother once impregnated a woman named Pauline. Since when does George have a brother? Was this brother shown or mentioned in any other episode?

Dandude776 1

Chosen answer: George does mention his brother in the episode "The Parking Space". They actually really never mention anything that contradicts the fact he had a brother though, it just isn't mentioned.

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