Seinfeld (1990)

82 mistakes in season 2

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The Heart Attack - S2-E8

Continuity mistake: When Jerry's sitting with George in the hospital talking about George's jacket, as Jerry says "no, I tried it on, it fits good", he's gesturing with his left hand, which he then puts in his lap. From the reverse angle though, his left hand's still raised, then he lowers it again.

Jon Sandys

The Ex-Girlfriend - S2-E1

Revealing mistake: After the scene in which Elaine tells Jerry about her confrontation with the "head-nodding" man, and before the scene where George swallows a fly, the scene cuts to a shot of the exterior of Monk's café. The actual, real-life restaurant used for exterior purposes is named "Tom's Restaurant," and the "m's" in "Tom's" can be seen during this five-second shot. (00:23:00)

The Phone Message - S2-E4

Continuity mistake: Jerry says he has never seen an episode of I Love Lucy in his life, then pops the cork on the wine bottle. Then it cuts to the lady and she asks, "Is there anything else about you I should know?" and the wine bottle is still on the table, corked. Then it cuts back to Jerry, and the bottle is still in his hand uncorked. (00:11:40)


The Chinese Restaurant - S2-E11

Continuity mistake: Elaine is by the table with the 6 people and start whispering through her teeth her proposal to cheat at the dare, The Old Man puts his hand on his wife's hand in one shot, but he's simply gesturing close to her in the next. And that woman is holding the fork in hand or not, depending from the angle. (00:07:20)


The Chinese Restaurant - S2-E11

Continuity mistake: Jerry is explaining to Elaine what to do for eggroll dare. She listens and uncrosses her arms. When he says the words "I'll give you 50 bucks" there's a cut, and Elaine's arms are again folded. It happens again right after when Jerry says she'll give the people at the table a story to tell. (00:06:10)


The Chinese Restaurant - S2-E11

Continuity mistake: After the 4 people bypass Jerry and Elaine, George is trying to get the attention of the man at the phone, who just turns the other way. George angrily licks his lip and leans against the corner. Cut to Jerry, and in the background George is repeating the action of leaning, in a different way from before. (00:03:50)


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Answer: Composer Jonathan Wolff used a synthesizer, although in seasons 7-9, a real bass is used in addition. Wolff also recorded himself making hundreds of mouth noises, pops, and slaps to add to the synthesized bass licks so that each episode has a different theme. The only real "back-story" is Jerry Seinfeld was having trouble coming up with a theme song and talked to a friend who happened to know Wolff. They wanted to avoid that cheesy late 80's sit-com theme song and Wolff came up with what we enjoy now. Jonathan Wolff has also talked about this further in interviews, recently Reed Dunela interviewed him, so for a fuller account of his story; check out "The Wolff of 116th street".


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