Seinfeld (1990)

3 trivia entries for season 6

The Big Salad - S6-E2

Trivia: When Jerry and Elaine discuss how evil Newman is, Elaine comments "Maybe he's an enigma, a mystery wrapped in a riddle." This quote from Winston Churchill was referenced in JFK (1991), which featured Newman actor Wayne Knight.

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The Chinese Woman - S6-E4

Trivia: In the very beginning of the episode the person wearing the cape is none other than co-creator Larry David.

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Tobin OReilly

The Mom & Pop Store - S6-E8

Trivia: The end scene on the bus, when Kramer tells Jerry he's falling apart is a tribute to the film, "Midnight Cowboy" where Ratso tells Joe Buck he's falling apart. Joe Buck was played by Jon Voight, who appears in this episode.

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