The Soup Nazi - S7-E6

Trivia: When Kramer is in the soup shop talking to the Soup Nazi there is a black board on the wall that has all the soups on it. If you look closely Mulligatawny (Kramer's soup), Crab Bisque (Jerry's soup), Turkey Chili (George's soup), and Jambalaya (Newman's soup) are all in order.

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The Pool Guy - S7-E8

Trivia: When Jerry, Elaine, and Susan are at the movie "Chunnel", Susan is annoyed while Jerry and Elaine are talking during the movie. Listen to the movie dialogue in the background of the scene. The voice which yells "Everyone out of the chunnel!" is that of co-creator Larry David.

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The Gum - S7-E10

Trivia: The man who returns George's $20 bill and says "Sorry, your highness, but we don't accept bills with lipstick on the president", is the show's co-creator Larry David.

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The Secret Code - S7-E7

Trivia: George's secret code is revealed to be Bosco. Earlier in the episode, when he is arguing with Susan about the secrets they keep from each other, he ends the scene by saying "We're out of Bosco."

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The Wink - S7-E4

Trivia: In reference to (the real) George Steinbrenner's habit of hiring and firing Billy Martin as the Yankees' manager, in one scene Steinbrenner lists all the managers he has fired and mentions Martin four times.

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Elaine: The thing about George is, he's an idiot.



The tenant board member tells George that Mr. Eldrige in apartment 8C has decided he wants the new apartment. However, the new apartment in question has a 3-digit number - 808 I believe. This indicates that the building would not have single digit numbers and letters (Such as 5E, 8C, etc.) as part of its numbering system.