31st Jan 2007

The Punisher (2004)

Corrected entry: When Frank and the Russian are throwing each other through the walls in Frank's apartment, and then through the door in Bumbo's apartment, there are no studs in the walls and the doorway, like there should have been.

Correction: Not all walls are built with studs. The walls in question in this building are supported with horizontal slats that were supported by end studs and a center support. This was a cheaper style of building used in the 50's and 60's to keep building costs down while still providing adequate support. Many buildings still in use today have these style walls.


Corrected entry: If the flying-car was blown up in nuclear bomb, how did Lucius have it examined at the end of the movie when he found out auto pilot was fixed already?

Correction: The Bat being examined by Fox and the techs at the end of the movie isnt the one that Batman used, it was a regular production model for the military. Bruce corrected the autopilot program on Wayne Enterprises mainframe computer and the corrected program was loaded onto all subsequent production models.


Corrected entry: The Red Skull's flying wing takes off from the secret base in the Alps, the ensuing fight between Captain America and the Skull and his minions takes all of 15 minutes, yet somehow the aircraft is over the Arctic. A propeller-driven aircraft simply can't reach Mach, and as a matter of fact, propellers would slow any jet aircraft down, so it would be physically impossible for the wing to travel the 4000 miles it would have had to.

Correction: The aircraft itself was powered by the Tesseract. As seen by weapons powered by the Cube, the power output is increased dramatically. While no in-movie explanation is provided, the Tesseract would seem to have the same effect on the aircraft, greatly increasing the power output to all engines. And The Red Skull is also an engineering genius so he would find ways to make the design of the aircraft meet maximum potential.


Corrected entry: In the original script, Skids and Mudflap were to make their return, only to be killed by Sentinel Prime. Due to such a negative reaction to their appearance in Revenge of the Fallen, Michael Bay removed them from the film. However, there is still one shot in the film where you can see them. When the Autobots are entering NEST headquarters, Skids and Mudflap in vehicle mode are right behind Q.

Brad Premium member

Correction: This scene was edited for the film to wipe out Skids and Mudflap. They don't appear in the finished cut of the film. If you saw them then I suggest you get a hold of Michael Bay. He put up a $25,000 guarantee to anyone who could find Skids or Mudflap in the film.


Corrected entry: Optimus uses the Matrix of Leadership to revive Sentinel Prime. Only problem is that the Matrix was in the Sun Harvester that was destroyed by Optimus at the end of the second movie.

Brad Premium member

Correction: Optimus had plenty of time between ROTF and this movie to retrive the Matrix from the rubble of the sun harvester. As important as the Matrix is, Optimus isnt going to just leave it.


22nd Jun 2011

Transformers (2007)

Corrected entry: Lenoox wants to hide the Cube in the city. You don't have to be a four-star general to think that this is a bad idea. Cities have lots of civilians who won't keep their mouth shut when they see building sized robots trying to kill each other. Plus, you could end up killing hundreds of them. You would probably cause millions of dollars worth of damage if you turn a city into a war zone. Which he is expecting, since he brings heavy weaponry and is insistant on having the airforce around for support. He is even talking about making a stand.


Correction: Lennox is in the thinking that it's going to be harder for the Decepticons to fight in a cramped city rather than out in the open, or at Hoover Dam. And you said it yourself, Lennox isn't a 4 star general, hes a field soldier used to thinking on the fly. Soldiers dont always have good ideas on battlefield,but just because they decided to fight in the city doenst make it a mistake.


19th Jun 2010

The Crazies (2010)

Corrected entry: In the beginning part of the movie where the sheriff stops the boat over the plane on the river. The screen zooms out and give a detailed latitude and longitude coordinates. When you google earth those coordinates, its exact location is a field outside of Lenox, Iowa. It is a small town similar to the one there at, but there is no river anywhere nearby. (00:19:50)

Correction: The Town and River are fictional, hence why they dont exist in the real world. No one said the movie was a true story. If it were a true story then it would be a mistake if nothing real were located at the coordinates given.


Corrected entry: When Chet Steadman blows out his arm, Sal Martinella tells him that he's going to save Chet for the playoffs. But since the Cubs are currently playing the NLDS, they're already in the playoffs. [Note: "The playoffs" is defined as everything played after the regular season ends, which includes the Division Series.]

Correction: The Cubs aren't playing in the NLDS. The movie is set in 1993. Major League Baseball didn't expand to 3 divisions until 1994 and in '93 the Mets and Cubs were in the same division Before expansion to 3 divisions, no 2 teams from the same division could make the playoffs. The last game of the movie is a 1 game playoff to decide the division winner. See my Factual Error entry for an explanation of the situation. Also for the record the NLDS IS the first round of the playoffs, the NLDS is NOT part of the regular season.


Corrected entry: B2's never leave the middle of the United States unless they are in the air and are on their way to bomb something. The B2's would never have been stationed in Italy and could never have attacked Russia that quickly, as they would have to travel halfway around the world.

Correction: Wrong. While the B-2 Spirit is stationed at Whiteman AFB in Missouri they can be deployed where the Government sees fit. Andersen AFB Guam, Diego Garcia, and RAF Fairford are used as "forward operating locations". Also USAF has also flown missions from Whiteman all the way to Afghanistan. When USAF is in alert status aircraft are always in the air, simply awaiting the "Go Codes".


Corrected entry: I do not think that the B-2 Stealth bombers would flash their wing tip lights. Especially not on a combat mission.

Correction: The B-2, while a stealth aircraft, still has to make itself visible to commercial traffic. An all black plane with little to no radar signature would be almost invisible to a passenger plane without wingtip lights, hence its similarity to a UFO. And that also where a number of UFO stories come from.


27th Aug 2001

Space Cowboys (2000)

Corrected entry: When the astronauts finally get to IKON, everyone is amazed at how big it is. Now come on! Russia begs the U.S. to fix their satellite, NASA spends about a billion dollars getting a mission up there, man-years are spent training astronauts, and they don't even know what the satellite looks like?

Correction: The Russian Satellite was a SECRET weapon developed in the Cold War. To keep from divuldging secrets and refusal to help, the Russian General kept things secret till the crew needed to know what was going on. Also years weren't spent training the Astronauts for this mission, as they state at the mission briefing that this is an emergency mission to go up in 30 days. In 30 days, lots of information could be passed on a "need to know" basis. To me, this sounds exactly like Russia and US behaviour.


Corrected entry: In the bar, Major Hellstrom, while recognising accents, refers to the two German-speaking Basterds as Lieutenant Stuttgart and Lieutenant Munich. However, these are both in Germany and Wicki is Austrian-born. Either a mistake or Hellstrom isn't as good with accents as he thinks he is.


Correction: Major Hellstrom actually says Munich for Wicki and Frankfurt for Stiglitz, not Stuttgart. Aldo cleary states earlier in the movie, during the scene where the Bear Jew beats the German Seargant, that Wicki was an Austrian Born Jew that got out of Munich while the getting was good. Just because Wicki was born in Austria doesn't mean he didn't move at a young age.


Corrected entry: In the beginning of the movie, when Colonel Landa shows up and Lapidite is chopping wood, the shot before he pauses indicates he's about to chop wood but the stump doesn't have a piece to chop. When he pauses, he just slowly places it on the stump. His action was to chop but there was no wood.

Correction: Lapidite was chopping at the stump to remove it. In 1941 France he would have niether the truck nor have the availability to explosives needed to remove a stump of that size. By chopping at it every few days he would open the stump to the elements and decay quicker.


Correction: I have heard this from several people that he was removing the stump and not a movie error. I actually have a different conclusion from both ideas. When Landa walks by and introduces himself you can see the stump has been perfectly cut in half and shelved. Why make it lower? The girls. If he was caught hiding the Jews he was certain he would be executed and the lowering of the stump is so the girls can try to chop wood for winter time. The stump does not need to be removed - it is not in a field and perfectly located from the house for chopping wood. Hence he lowered half of it in case they would have to use it if he was executed for treason. Soooo I think this is one of first clues landa picks up on! After all he calls himself a "damn good detective." I can't believe it took almost 10 years for me to get around to see this flick! It rocks.

Landa already knew there were Jews hiding in the floor. He didn't get a hint from the stump or anything, he just knew. This was probably the last farm he visited and thus the only one that could have housed the Jews.


Maybe. Maybe someone sold them out. The point of the post and this website is whether or not it is a movie mistake. I was simply providing an alternative no-one thought of about the stump... Now I remember why I stopped spending time blogging - either people would cut and paste it as their own or totally miss (or intentionally ignore) the primary focus of the topic in an effort to dismiss a novel idea. Cheers.

21st Nov 2009

2012 (2009)

Corrected entry: In the movie, the large transport plane is marked as an Antonov AN-500. The plane seen is in fact an Antonov AN-225. It is in no way as manoeuvrable as depicted in the escape sequence from Las Vegas, especially that shortly after take-off. Nor would it be able to take off from such a short runway, even if it wasn't loaded at all.

Correction: The movie is 2 years in the future. The second An-225 may have been altered and renumbered to an AN-500. This would include making all the necessary changes for its performance in the film (stronger engines, shorter take-off distance etc).


6th Dec 2009

2012 (2009)

Corrected entry: The heavy cargo lifter shown is an Antonov AN-225, developed from the AN-124 to carry the Soviet space shuttles Buran. Different from the original plane, the single AN-225 built doesn't have a rear cargo door. The only access for internal cargo is in the front, where the nose and cockpit swivels up, like in the C-5 Galaxy and many 747 freighters. The second partially built AN-225 would have a rear cargo door, but it'd also have a single tail, not a dual tail.

Correction: The movie is 2 years in the future. A rear cargo door may be added in that time. Also the C-5 Galaxy has front AND rear cargo doors.


10th Dec 2009

2012 (2009)

Corrected entry: The Russian plane has 6 engines, yet there are only controls for 4 in the cockpit.

Correction: There are 6 Throttle Controls seen. When they throttle up the controls are as follows, Engines 1 and 2 are lower left and 3 is left high center, 4 is right high center and 5 and 6 are lower right. The knobs are numbered and can be seen WITHOUT pausing the movie.


5th Nov 2004

PCU (1994)

Corrected entry: When the president of the school comes to the Pit to tell them they're being evicted, Gutter is grilling steak in the living room, yet the smoke from the flames magically disappears and the room is smoke free.

Leonard Hassen

Correction: Based on the size of the room and the fact that Gutter only has one steak grilling means he doesn't have a very large fire in the BBQ pit. After a grill is lit, the amount of smoke is dependant on the amount of food on the grill, as there is no active flame, the cooking is done strictly by heat. With that small a fire and the size of the room, the smoke would easily dissipate and not fill the room.


Corrected entry: The Primes tell Sam to merge the Matrix with Optimus's spark. That would be impossible, seeing as how Megatron thrust his claw through Prime's spark core during the forest battle, causing a massive explosion and Prime's death.

Correction: While Megatron did spear Prime through the chest, he didn't kill Prime outright. As seen with Megatron, there are various stages of death with Transformers and Megatron and Prime were in whats called Stasis Lock. Without a source of power to revive them they would eventually die but their spark still existed. By Sam using the power of the Matrix to repower Prime, he was able to live. We also never specificly see Primes spark extingushed, which means its it existed in some sort of suspended form.


Corrected entry: At the beginning of the film, when the cavemen are running around, the sub-title states that it's "17000 AD" instead of the correct "BC".


Correction: I've seen this film seven times and it correctly states "17,000 BC". You may need to look closer.


Corrected entry: When Jetfire is in robot mode, white sidewinder missiles can be seen on his legs. Sr22's don't have any weapons.

Correction: First, Jetfire is a SR-71 not SR22. But after seeing this film again and even inspecting stills from the movie there are no missiles on Jetfire's legs. The "missiles" you see are just various parts that have come together in his robot mode that look like a tube with fins on it, but it is not a missile. A Sidewinder is an all white missile and the parts you see are from various parts of his aircraft mode and are various colors.


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