Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Corrected entry: As Mikaela jumps out of the hole made in the library wall, she is wearing black flats opposed to the black heels she was wearing when they entered. We see her holding black heels in her hand while she is running down the steps, and she could have changed shoes while sitting in the library. But while she is running down the steps shortly afterwards they are now white. (00:53:50)

Amber McCracken Craig

Correction: I watched this scene a couple times very carefully to make sure I didn't miss anything. They never show her wearing white shoes. In the library they show her wearing her black high heels (you can see them twice in the whole sequence). Then they show her running down the stairs outside the library, carrying her black high heels. Then they show her jump into the car, not wearing any shoes.


Corrected entry: In Simmons' meat locker when he's showing Sam the markings on ancient ruins around the world, he shows him a colored film from 1932 with alien markings. Autochrome was the only color based film plate before 1932 and was used in still photography. (01:18:00)

Correction: With Our King and Queen Through India was a Kinemacolor film from 1912, and The Gulf Between was a Technicolor film from 1917.

Corrected entry: In the opening scene, humans with hunting tools find Transformers building the Sun Harvester amid mountains so high they are covered in snow. This is to be the site of the Great Pyramids, and within some thousands (thousands, not millions) of years, the mountains have completely eroded down to sand dunes.


Correction: It was never stated where this opening scene occurred relative to current day geography. Transformers remained on Earth since this time. During these thousands of years (not millions) the machine could easily have moved.


Corrected entry: In the shot where the Autobots are approaching over the freeway, before the shot of "Major, in coming SOS from Autobots" you can see a driver behind the wheel of Optimus. (00:48:55)


Correction: All Transformers, be they Autobots or Decepticons, are capable of producing a holographic projection of a driver, pilot, etc. This was demonstrated in the first film.

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Corrected entry: In the scene where Sam and Mikaela are running away from the Decepticons after being captured, you see Bumblebee with Sam already in the car with his arm hanging out the window. Next scene, you see him running to Bumblebee and opening the driver's side door. As Bumblebee drives off, you see Sam's arm hanging out again.


Correction: Sam never gets into Bumblebee. He rides with Optimus. They go to the forest. Megatron attacks Optimus as Sam runs & hides. Leo & Mikaela get into Bumblebee.


Corrected entry: In this movie we learn that all the Primes (I. E. Optimus) had to die for The Fallen to rise. But in the next movie we find out that Sentinel Prime is alive but in a coma, on the moon. So in this movie when Optimus is killed, The Fallen should not be freed.


Correction: Sentinel Prime wasn't alive. He was in stasis lock. It's nothing like being in a coma. It's a near dead state where you can hardly be considered alive. He needed to be recharged with Energon to be alive. Plus, Sentinel was thought long dead since The Ark disappeared many years ago.

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Corrected entry: In the movie's finale, when Mikaela and Sam are being pursued in Egypt, Mikaela's trousers are perfectly white after crawling in dust and getting dirty. (02:00:00 - 02:10:00)

Correction: If you have ever been to the beach, you would know that normal sand is very clean and it doesn't leave stains, even on white pants.


Corrected entry: When underneath the meat locker, Leo tries to touch Frenzy's head, which Simmons took form the Hoover Dam. Simmons stops him by saying that it is still radio active. In the first film, he takes a reading of Sam after two days after buying Bumblebee, and it shows fourteen rads. After two years, Sam would be long dead if he kept using Bumblebee as a car, or even keep it near him in the garage. Simmons' Geiger counter also gives out a reading when Optimus first meets Simmons, so it's not just Frenzy who is radioactive.


Correction: I'm confused. What is the mistake? We know all Transformers emit some form of radiation. It was pointed out in the first movie. We also know it can be transferred to anything nearby, biological and non-biological. If it is deadly then they all would have worn bio-suits to Sam's house. I guess it is not harmful to humans.


Corrected entry: Towards the end of the movie we see the U.S. military deploy several troops to Egypt; however, one scene has LCACs landing 2 M1A1 Abrams, so obviously they are Marines. But later we see that they become M1A2s which are only in service with the Army, not Marines. And it only shows 2 landing but later there are several M1s and M2s (along with a M270). Also when the tanks are landing we see 2 AH-1 Supercobras but they mysteriously disappear after that scene.

Correction: After the military landed, a soldier (US Army as he is wearing ACU) asks Major Lennox where he wanted them to be. Right after, you see a US Marine in Desert MARPAT uniform shooting and a US Army soldier in ACU (Army Combat Uniform) in front of the Marine in prone position. This is a joint military deployment, therefore not just from a single branch.

Corrected entry: Orion's Belt (a.k.a. "The 3 Kings") is supposed to point to the Tomb of the Primes, and Jetfire had been searching for ages for it. Because of Earth's rotation on an axis, the stars never appear in the exact same place, even over the course of one night. The only one that doesn't shift is Polaris and that's why it's called the "North Star". Also after thousands and thousands of years, the stars will completely change positions (even Polaris).

Correction: This falls squarely in the realm of "Suspension of disbelief"


Corrected entry: After Optimus Prime dies, there is a shot of Soundwave saying "Decepticons, mobilize". In this shot, you can see that Soundwave is not connected to the military satellite, when he is in a later scene.

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Correction: The gaps in time between shots of Soundwave are large enough to assume that he would attach and detach from the satellites as needed.


Corrected entry: When Sam, Mikaela and Leo are running from Alice outside the library, Mikaela's shoes are in her hand when running down the stairs, but in the following shot her shoes are back on her feet.


Correction: Yes, the shoes are in Mikaela's hand as she runs down the stairs on campus, but the "following shot" does not take place during the very next moment in real time. In that "following shot", she, Sam and Leo are in a different area of the campus quad, so between those two shots there was ample time for her to slip on her shoes if she chose to, off-camera.

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Corrected entry: In Egypt, after Sgt. Epps mentions that the jets will target the orange smoke, you see everyone running away from the smoke in slow motion. Sam is holding the sock with the disintegrated Matrix in his left hand. In different shots as he is running away, the sock switches to his to right hand and then back to his left hand.


Correction: When they begin running (and it isn't in slow motion) the sock is in Sam's right hand and remains in his right hand until the shot where Megatron appears behind Sam. However, it's still not a continuity mistake, because between the shot of the sock in his right hand and then the sock being in his left hand there is a shot of Mikaela, during which there is time for Sam to simply switch hands.

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Corrected entry: When Sam is supposedly dead, it shows him walking into a bright light while talking to Autobots. It shows Sam's pinky and ring finger wrapped up in a bandage, but a couple of seconds later the bandage has changed to wrapping Sam's middle and ring fingers.

Lil guy

Correction: It never shows Sam's pinky and ring finger wrapped in a bandage. When the Primes speak to Sam the bandage on his hand remains consistent, wrapped around his middle and ring fingers, leaving his pinky and index finger free.

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Corrected entry: When Sam and Mikaela are running towards the soldiers, as Lennox rushes to help them, he runs right past a cameraman.

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Corrected entry: The pyramids and the temples at Petra are tourist destinations where many people are surrounding the area and keeping it crowded. There is no way you would ever find the pyramids as empty as they are in the movie.

Correction: At this point in the film many people are scared of the Decepticons, and probably thought it would be best to stay far away from highly traffic tourist spots, or the government may have banned people from these destinations until the conflict was over.


Corrected entry: At the end of the first movie, Bumblebee speaks. He says "Requesting permission to stay with the boy." However in the sequel, he's back to talking by using his radio.


Correction: And is referenced in the movie. Sam believes he's "faking it" when Mikayla asks if "he's still having voice problems". Two years has passed. His voice may have fixed temporarily or maybe Sam is right, he's just faking it.


Corrected entry: During the battle in Egypt there are F-16s attacking the Decepticons. This is made very clear by repeated shots of the F-16s, and characters saying things like "I hope those F-16s are accurate. Just after the 'F-16 strike' we jump to another shot of two characters, and behind them you can see two jets pulling up and banking away, apparently just having made the strike. One of them is an A-10 Warthog, not an F-16 Fighting Falcon.


Correction: Actually, both planes in that shot were A-10 Thunderbolts. It is never suggested or implied that the only air support present is in the form of the F-16s we also see.

Corrected entry: In the first scene of the movie, men are shown hunting when they come upon the transformers building the machine that destroys suns. There is a tiger in this scene and we know the machine is under the pyramids in Egypt. Tigers have never evolved in or made it to the African continent. (00:01:25)

Correction: Neither did giant transforming robots. This history is a little deviated from Earth's actual history.

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Corrected entry: Egypt: When Sam and Mikaela separate from Leo & Simmons (right after finding the Matrix), Sam gets in Bumblebee and Mikaela runs to the left away from Bumblebee and out of the shot. Bumblebee then drives away without her. Even Leo is turned around watching her run the wrong way as if to say, "Where you going, girl?" Also after this scene, why are Mikaela and Sam no longer in Bumblebee? I never understood how and why they get out of the car and travel on foot to the pillars instead of driving. (01:47:15)


Correction: Sam and Mikaela run off to get to Optimus. Bumblebee stays behind to distract the Decepticons. This is all specifically stated in the scene.

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Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Sam is in his bedroom, after he finds the Cube sliver it falls and dramatically burns a hole through the floor into the kitchen. But Sam's bedroom is over the living room (there is nothing on the ground floor below Sam's elevated bathroom, and in the first movie Jazz hides in this open space), and the kitchen is actually located between the den and dining room, at the other end of the house. If they were to follow the actual floor plan of the house, the Cube sliver would have landed in the area of the piano in the living room, but where would the fun have been in that? (00:12:30)

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Leo: Ever heard of
Simmons: Oh, you must be talking about that site with Game Boy level security.

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Trivia: When Sam and Mikaela are running through the pillars to meet up with Optimus Prime there is a Decepticon that almost gets his head blown off. If you slow it down frame by frame on his right arm is says T1000. A little play on the Terminator. (DVD commentary.) (02:07:25)

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Question: What happened to Wheels (the little remote controlled car that Mikaela was turning into a pet) at the end? The last time I remembered seeing him in the movie was him entering that one building in Egypt, where Bumblebee, Mudflap, and Skids can't get into. He mutters something about "stupid Autobots". But, after that, he kind of disappears? Or was he around and I just didn't notice?

Answer: After the tomb, he doesn't appear onscreen again. There's no indication as to what happened to him.


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