Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Trivia: When the planes bombard the desert ruins, the explosion, which holds the Guinness record, took 8 months to be made, more than principal filming took! Also, the planes used while filming in fact bombarded the set, as explosives detonated for the massive explosion. Seems Michael Bay enjoyed the high budget of this film.


Trivia: Shia LaBeouf's hand was seriously injured during a car accident. LaBeouf returned to filming, and the injury was written into the film as Sam damaging his hand falling out of the space bridge.

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Trivia: This film holds the Guinness World Record for the largest explosion with actors involved put on screen.

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Trivia: When Sam and Mikaela are running through the pillars to meet up with Optimus Prime there is a Decepticon that almost gets his head blown off. If you slow it down frame by frame on his right arm is says T1000. A little play on the Terminator. (DVD commentary.) (02:07:25)

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Trivia: When Optimus Prime is being rebuilt/upgraded using parts from Jetfire, you can see a brief glimpse of R2D2 coming off of Jetfire (only visible for about 1 second, thus slow-mode should be used to see it, and it is permitted to use slow motion for trivia). (02:17:45)


Trivia: When Sam starts drawing the symbols in his room, the first poster he draws on is for Bad Boys 2, another Michael Bay film. (00:48:50)

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Trivia: During the library scene when they are running away from the girl, if you look closely most of the shots with Sam you can see a light colored hand bandage around his left hand from his car accident during filming.

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Trivia: Before the release of the movie, an actual website called was set up with various posts by Leo. His final post, posted on the eve of the film's release, is that he is heading off to college and that he hopes his roommate "Isn't a total loser."

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Trivia: The dog that Mikaela has in the garage that she calls Bones, is actually Michael Bay's dog, and Bones is his real name.


Trivia: This film started shooting one day after the first film won the MTV Movie Award for Best Movie.

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Trivia: When Devastator starts to suck everything up, there is a shot of a newspaper with a headline that reads, "Mysterious Robot Spotted." That robot is an old version of Shockwave.

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Continuity mistake: While Mikaela and Sam are on the phone with each other (after the failed webchat date the night before), when Wheelie starts reaching up for the safe's combination lock in the first shot, there are no mouse traps on the floor near the short stool to his left, nor are there any cigar boxes. However, in the next shot two mouse traps (a snap trap with cheese bait and a glue trap) and two cigar boxes have all suddenly appeared. Wheelie proceeds to step on the two traps and then stands on the two boxes to reach the combination lock. (00:47:05)

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Leo: Ever heard of
Simmons: Oh, you must be talking about that site with Game Boy level security.

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Question: Sam says that the Energon source is before the Autobots. So to find it they need to talk to a Decepticon. Wheelie is the first one at hand, but how does he know about the source, let alone the Seekers, what they look like and where they are? He doesn't look like he is as old as Jetfire, and as he puts it, "Nobody tell me nothin".


Chosen answer: He knows from stories passed down to him from older generations of bots, not much unlike stories about the past passed down to us from our ancestors. His line about no one telling him anything is just a way to avoid being put back in the box or being tortured by Mikayla.


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