Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Two years after the Autobots destroyed the Allspark and defeated Megatron, a secret organization called NEST works together with Autobots to elimate the Decepticon threat for good. However, the government is not completely convinced that the Autobot's actions are still neccesary and believes that their presence is incurring the Decepticon's wrath. Optimus Prime tries to convince their old ally, Sam Witwicky, to convince the government that the Autobots are needed. But Sam is more concerned about starting college and maintaining his relationship with Mikaela. However, this proves difficult as Sam is constantly seeing alien symbols after being exposed to a remaining piece of the Allspark. When the Decepticons and a recently resurrected Megatron become aware of what Sam knows, they try to extract the information from him. After Optimus Prime is killed trying to defend Sam, he and the Autobots must find out the meaning of the mysterious symbols before it's too late.


Continuity mistake: After Mikaela throws the metal box at Alice and breaks the window, when Sam runs out of his dorm room screaming we see (and have seen multiple times prior to this) the wall and bathroom door opposite his door. Oddly enough, in the next shot from the hallway, Sam, Mikaela and Leo are actually leaving from a door that's farther down the hallway. Sam's actual door is the first one on the right, opposite the bathroom door - there is a bike wheel leaning against the wall beside the bathroom door. (00:52:00)

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Leo: Ever heard of
Simmons: Oh, you must be talking about that site with Game Boy level security.

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Trivia: When the planes bombard the desert ruins, the explosion, which holds the Guinness record, took 8 months to be made, more than principal filming took! Also, the planes used while filming in fact bombarded the set, as explosives detonated for the massive explosion. Seems Michael Bay enjoyed the high budget of this film.


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Question: Near the beginning of the movie when the kitchen appliances go on the rampage, Sam yells for Bumblebee. However, after Bumblebee takes the kitchen robots out, Sam orders him to get back in the garage. Why is Sam angry with Bumblebee? He was only doing what Sam wanted.

Answer: Well, for one thing, he blew up Sam's room and half their house. Sam knows Bumblebee meant well, but is still mad at him because of the destruction he caused. It's the equivalant of a child knocking over a vase while trying to hit a fly.

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