The Crazies

Corrected entry: After the Sheriff & Deputy rescue the doctor and receptionist from Mr. Stabby with the pitchfork, the Sheriff & Deputy go outside first to check the coast is clear. The Sheriff calls the Deputy "Russell" (his name) then a couple of sentences later the Sheriff asks "Who's the Sheriff, Scotty?" Scotty is the receptionist's boyfriend who isn't present, and who we aren't properly introduced to until later. (00:41:40)


Correction: The sheriff asked Russell, "Who's the sheriff of Pierce County?" Not "Who's the sheriff Scotty?"

Corrected entry: In the beginning part of the movie where the sheriff stops the boat over the plane on the river. The screen zooms out and give a detailed latitude and longitude coordinates. When you google earth those coordinates, its exact location is a field outside of Lenox, Iowa. It is a small town similar to the one there at, but there is no river anywhere nearby. (00:19:50)

Correction: The Town and River are fictional, hence why they dont exist in the real world. No one said the movie was a true story. If it were a true story then it would be a mistake if nothing real were located at the coordinates given.


Corrected entry: When the sheriff removes the stitches from his mouth the guy on the gurney the guy says "behind you" even though his eyes were still sewn shut.


Correction: If you pay close attention, you will see that his eyes are not sewn completely shut. His eyes are open as slits, and he can still detect movement behind the sheriff.

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Corrected entry: How can the car wash operate? The power for the entire town, as well as the water supply, have been shut off.

Correction: A generator could explain the power and a reserve of water could explain the water. It's not unusual for a building like that to have either of them.


Corrected entry: When Judy and David get on the school bus, David gets in first and sits by the window while Judy sits on the outside. In a different shot, while the school bus pulls into the military zone, Judy and David have switched places.

Correction: There's plenty of time between the shots for them to have switched places.


Corrected entry: The sheriff is transported out to Quik Phil's, and determines to return to the town. It is later established that the truck stop is 25-27 miles out of town, yet Sheriff Dutton manages to return, on foot, despite roadblocks and armed military, within hours.

Correction: A person walking at a brisk pace averages 4 mph. To go 25 miles would take about 6.5 hours. The truck stop would be 25 to 27 miles along the main road. Being the sheriff, he would likely know shorter overland routes or shortcuts to avoid roadblocks. Jogging, or walking faster would take less time.


The sheriff may have found a bicycle along the way or any kind of conveyance. Nothing in the movie implied that he walked the entire way.

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