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Plot hole: When Claire is getting interviewed at the FBI building, there's pics of inside the bank during the robbery, even though the security tapes were destroyed in the microwave.

Mike Mueller

Factual error: When talking about the planned robbery of Fenway, the florist mentions a four-game series with New York. However, later the crew is in a bar and a clip of the baseball game is being shown on the television. The game being shown is against Toronto. Since this scene is supposed to be just prior to the heist, one would expect the visiting team to be the Yankees, not the Blue Jays.

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Suggested correction: There's nothing to indicate the clip in the bar is from a current game. Sports networks often show classic games in repeats.


Give me a break, they screwed that up.

Suggested correction: A robbery of that size and risk would require several days of planning and preparation. Doug and Jem probably went to the park during the series against Toronto to scope the place out, and the planning and preparation continued until the end of the series with the Yankees when the robbery occurred.


Suggested correction: There is no indication on what day it is. It's possible that it's Wednesday before 4 days. Or it's Thursday making the series get played on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Doug and his brother are talking outside the cemetery, the zipper on Doug's jacket goes from being almost completely zipped to about halfway zipped without him touching it.

Continuity mistake: In the scene in the laundry room Claire thinks back to the bank robbery when she would have gotten blood on her blouse. The recall shot shows her standing in the bank wearing the blouse. In the original shot during the robbery she was laying on the floor wearing a black jacket and would not have gotten blood on the blouse under the jacket. (00:06:00 - 00:20:00)

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Suggested correction: Blood could have seeped through her jacket to her blouse.

Continuity mistake: When the gang use the black car, they have a collision with a police cruiser and the driver's side headlight and wing is crushed. During the chase that follows, however, there is a brief shot of the car going around a corner and the headlight and bodywork is now intact again, and in the next shot is back to being damaged.

Factual error: The FBI, looking into prior bank robberies the group may have been involved in, look at a board that says Bank Boston dated 2008. In 1999 Bank Boston and Fleet Bank merged to form Fleet Boston, so there was no Bank Boston in 2008. As a matter of fact Fleet Boston didn't exist at the time of the film, 2010, as Bank of America absorbed it in 2005.

Michael Prete

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Suggested correction: No, they indicate that Dougie robs a BayBank with a nail gun.

Plot hole: These guys supposedly rob banks in Boston and then high tail it back to "safety" in Charlestown. In one chase the police even screech to a halt at the city limits. First of all, Charlestown is not a separate city, it's a neighborhood within Boston so that idea doesn't hold water. Second, police can continue a chase past city lines anyway.

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Suggested correction: The cop cars only "screech to a halt" because they are intentionally blocking the bridge to Charlestown. At that point they had switched cars and there were no police actively on their tail, so the police didn't realise they were too late in blocking the bridge.

Continuity mistake: During the robbery at Fenway Ben Affleck is unshaven when dressed as a Boston Police Officer, yet when he begins his escape as an EMS worker he is clean-shaven.


Continuity mistake: In the scene where Doug and Jim go beat up two strangers, who Claire accused of harassing her on her walk through the projects, the door is closed. Right as Doug gets up to leave, the door is open, and the door is closed again when Jim shoots the bully in the leg and they leave the apartment together.

Other mistake: Claire Keesey the bank manager has the birthday May 19, 1978, making her age 30. That doesn't align with the crime witness date for 9/2011 - she should be 33. (02:41:15)

Continuity mistake: After the Fenway robbery, while Agent Frawley is after Coughlin the sun changes between shots, and then again when Coughlin is leaning against the mail box.


Factual error: The establishing shot when Doug takes Claire to visit the assistant manager is set (like the entire film) in Boston, but the shot shows the City of Angels Medical Center (now the Silver Lake Medical Center) in Rosemont, Los Angeles. Unfortunately, its name is emblazoned all over the exterior wall. (00:39:00)

Andrew Perry

Other mistake: When robbing the bank at the beginning of the movie, Claire is somehow about to see the tattoo on the back of Gem's neck while he is standing, and she's lying on the floor looking up.

FBI S.A. Adam Frawley: This is the "not fucking around" crew so get me something that looks like a print because this "not fucking around" thing is about to go both ways.

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Question: In the opening scene, one of the thieves said "where's your purse?" to the bank manager before they are going to leave the bank. What's the meaning of this phrase? Also, just following that, one of the thieves looks puzzled into a room where the security guards are restrained on the ground, before he joins another thief to leave the bank in their car. Why did he look puzzled at that time? Thx.


Chosen answer: 1) Jem wants her purse to get her ID so he can follow her and eliminate her if need be, as he has already decided to take her as a hostage. 2) This is Doug coming back into the room and noticing that Claire is missing, taking her as a hostage was not part of the plan.


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