The Town

The Town (2010)

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The florist hires Doug and the gang to rob the money room at Fenway Park, or he'll kill Claire. Krista sells them out to the cops in order to protect her daughter, so the cops are there waiting for them. Everyone gets killed except for Doug, who escapes with the money. He then goes to the flower shop and kills the florist. Claire finds the money buried in her garden with a note from Doug saying "I know you'll do better with this then I ever could." She uses the money to renovate the old ice rink and dedicates it to Doug's mother. Doug heads off to Tangerine, Florida to rebuild his life.


Continuity mistake: In the scene where Doug and his brother are talking outside the cemetery, the zipper on Doug's jacket goes from being almost completely zipped to about halfway zipped without him touching it.

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FBI S.A. Adam Frawley: This is the "not fucking around" crew so get me something that looks like a print because this "not fucking around" thing is about to go both ways.

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Question: In the opening scene, one of the thieves said "where's your purse?" to the bank manager before they are going to leave the bank. What's the meaning of this phrase? Also, just following that, one of the thieves looks puzzled into a room where the security guards are restrained on the ground, before he joins another thief to leave the bank in their car. Why did he look puzzled at that time? Thx.


Chosen answer: 1) Jem wants her purse to get her ID so he can follow her and eliminate her if need be, as he has already decided to take her as a hostage. 2) This is Doug coming back into the room and noticing that Claire is missing, taking her as a hostage was not part of the plan.


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