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The Town (2010)

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Corrected entry: In the scene where Doug gives Claire the necklace, she calls him Ben.

Correction: She does not call him Ben she does in fact say Doug.

Corrected entry: When talking about the planned robbery of Fenway, the florist mentions a four-game series with New York. However, later the crew is in a bar and a clip of the baseball game is being shown on the television. The game being shown is against Toronto. Since this scene is supposed to be just prior to the heist, one would expect the visiting team to be the Yankees, not the Blue Jays.

Correction: There's nothing to indicate the clip in the bar is from a current game. Sports networks often show classic games in repeats.


Corrected entry: Near the end, when Doug drives the MBTA Bus to the train station and then boards the train, he is actually at the Anderson Woburn station north of Boston, where the trains only run to the north of Boston and not south, such as to Florida.

Correction: Since it's never stated he's going directly to Florida, this isn't a mistake. To avoid capture he will most likely take routes in multiple directions to hide his final destination.

Corrected entry: Krista was never given the details of the Fenway Park robbery, how could she have shared them with special agent Frawley?


Correction: Her brother helped plan the heist. She could have learned about it from him.

S. Ha

Corrected entry: When Desmond Elden is shot in the head in the garage of the ballpark, the SWAT member pulls the charging handle of the rifle which wastes a round that hasn't been used. Even if he ran out of ammo he would not have to pull the charging handle but simply slap the bolt release on the side of the rifle after changing magazines.

Correction: Not necessarily. It's entirely possible that the rifle jammed and the trooper pulled the charging handle to clear it. Unless you can see from the side that the bolt is open or closed, this mistake can't be confirmed.

Grumpy Scot

Corrected entry: There is no such company as "Boston Ambulance" (as seen on the ambulance and uniforms in the park scene). The city is serviced by Boston EMS, which also doesn't use any of the converted van-style ambulances.

Correction: Because this is a fictional film, and not being billed as a documentary, I don't see how this qualifies as a mistake. In the Boston of the movie, Boston Ambulance IS a company, and it doesn't change throughout the film.

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