Captain America: The First Avenger

Corrected entry: When a map of North America is shown on the wall, the map of Canada shows the territory of "Nunavut." However, Nunavut only separated officially from the Northwest Territories on April 1, 1999. In 1941, Nunavut did not exist. (The same mistake occurs in X-Men: First Class).


Correction: The comment is likely referring to the border extending north from the Manitoba/Saskatchewan border, which is where the Nunavut border begins. However, the Nunavut border extends straight north only a short distance, then turns west; in the movie, the border continues straight north. The easy explanation is that the map shown in the movie shows the districts of the NWTs; it is exactly consistent with the border between Keewatin and MacKenzie territories, and lots of historic Canadian maps show these districts (I own a 1960s schoolroom map that shows it). As well, there's another clue that the map is from the correct era. If it was a more modern map, we'd see the tip of Prince Charles Island just west of Baffin Island. The fact that we don't see it indicates that the map was made prior to the discovery of Prince Charles Island in 1948.

Corrected entry: It is explained that Captain Americas shield is made of Vibranium, and absorbs any impact and neutralises vibration as is demonstrated when Peggy shoots bullets into the shield. However, throughout the rest of the movie, Captain America throws the shield at his opponents or simply hits them with enough force to knock them out. This cannot be true, if the Vibranium absorbs the impact and vibration, then the damage inflicted on his opponents should be minimal if anything at all. Please note that Captain America hits people with both the edge of the shield and the face of it.

Correction: Vibranium absorbs impact and kinetic energy directed AT it. When it impacts another object, it releases the energy. It can also store energy that it absorbs and release it upon impact, adding to the damage Captain America does when he throws it at something.

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Corrected entry: It is explained that the Vibranium shield absorbs vibration, and when shot at, bullets fall to the ground. Surely this would mean when thrown at a wall, the shield would absorb the vibration from the impact and fall to the ground, not bounce around as it does on numerous occasions.

Correction: Although it is not explained in the movie, in the comics Cap's shield is composed of a unique vibranium-Iron alloy that absorbs vibrations, and it ricochets because it absorbs and uses the energy from the impact to keep its momentum.

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Corrected entry: The Red Skull's flying wing takes off from the secret base in the Alps, the ensuing fight between Captain America and the Skull and his minions takes all of 15 minutes, yet somehow the aircraft is over the Arctic. A propeller-driven aircraft simply can't reach Mach, and as a matter of fact, propellers would slow any jet aircraft down, so it would be physically impossible for the wing to travel the 4000 miles it would have had to.

Correction: The aircraft itself was powered by the Tesseract. As seen by weapons powered by the Cube, the power output is increased dramatically. While no in-movie explanation is provided, the Tesseract would seem to have the same effect on the aircraft, greatly increasing the power output to all engines. And The Red Skull is also an engineering genius so he would find ways to make the design of the aircraft meet maximum potential.


Corrected entry: When Red Skull shows the Nazi officers his weapon and proceeds to kill them all the map of the "hostile" capitals shows London, Paris, Rome, Berlin and Dublin, however Dublin is actually about 100 miles further south. The pin and the name on the map are on Belfast, the capital of Northern Ireland which is part of the UK. Dublin, the capital of the Republic of Ireland, was actually neutral during WWII.

Correction: This is wrong, the pin is is fact representing Belfast, Part of the UK and therefore hostile to Germany. Making this post somewhat irrelevant.

Corrected entry: Howard Stark says that the shield of Rogers is made out of a ''completely vibration absorbing'' material. However, when Carter shoots at it, it has a very distinctive echo to it. Since sound is nothing but vibrating air, the shield is vibrating.


Correction: Vibration absorbing doesn't mean there is no vibration, only that it is absorbed. In the same way shock absorbers on a car don't stop the shock of a pothole to the suspension, but absorbs and softens the jolt, vibration absorbing would soften the impact and mitigate the vibration.


Corrected entry: When Captain America found the shield, he was told it was a one-of-a-kind. However, Tony Stark found it in one of his labs and used it to prop something up in one of the Iron Man movies. How can it be in his lab and also encased in ice?

Correction: The shield was one of a kind back in the Forties; it's entirely possible that Stark found his father's design and copied it.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Stanley Tucci is interviewing the scrawny Chris Evans, the disease chart behind Evans has diphtheria spelled incorrectly as diptheria. It's noticeable in several shots in the scene.

Correction: Diptheria is an accepted alternate spelling in North America.


Corrected entry: The Army training scenes show African American soldiers intermingled among the troops. The Army was not integrated until after WWII.

Correction: The army training scenes we see are not standard. They are experiments to find a test subject to be a super soldier. If a scrawny asthmatic kid like Steve Rogers has been brought in, there is no reason that a healthy African American would not be considered.


Corrected entry: Just after Steve gains his new powers, he has to chase down the Hydra spy. He catches him in a sub, Steve punches out the glass on the left side window and pulls the spy out. But later when Howard Stark is investigating the sub the window is not broken.


Correction: Some time has passed between the two scenes. Stark must have had the window replaced so he could do underwater tests and see if the technology can be replicated.

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