Captain America: The First Avenger

Factual error: When the action moves to England after the failed award ceremony, the British Union Flag hanging from the wall is upside down. The broad white band should be at the top left (nearest the top of the flag pole).

Factual error: In the scenes set outside the Hydra bases, the tracked armoured personnel carriers seen are FV432s. These vehicles entered service with the British army in the 1960s, and thus were never even seen during WW2 when the film is set.

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New this month Suggested correction: Hydra use a number of technologies that are far more advanced than the 1940s. It is entirely feasible that in this fictional world (in which Nazi soldiers had access to weapons that vaporise people), that Hydra developed a vehicle very similar to the FV432. The British army may well have then captured one and reverse engineered it to produce their FV432.

Factual error: In the closing credits, during the montage of World War II posters, the American flag appears wrapped around a cannon barrel. The flag has 50 stars, not the then-correct 48.

Factual error: The German Stielgranaten - as well as other traditional German WW II hand grenades - did not have a ring and pin like the ones the Allies used, but had a string which had to be pulled hard in order to arm them. Thus they wouldn't make such a distinct 'ping' as they do in the movie.


Factual error: Oddly for a movie set in the 1940's when nearly half the U.S. population smoked, absolutely no one in the movie is seen smoking. More recognizable in the bar scenes, almost everyone in that bar would have been smoking.


Factual error: In the section during the movie reel, there is footage of the 1939 world's fair in New York. The Unisphere is shown. Unfortunately, the Unisphere was constructed in 1964 for the 1964-1965 world's fair. The Perisphere (and Trylon) were the centerpiece of the 1939 fair. The Perisphere was a sphere 200 feet in diameter. The Unisphere is still standing in flushing meadows park in New York city.

Carol Sardinha

Factual error: At one point the Colonel references "MI-6" which is the current British term for their intelligence service. However this terminology didn't exist until after the war. During WWII it would have been referred to as Special Operations Executive or SOE.

Factual error: In one scene, Steve Rogers in shown wearing a Combat Infantry Badge (CIB) on his pocket flap, below his ribbons, with his jump wings above the ribbons. Proper wearing would be CIB on top, jump wings, then the ribbons, all above the pocket flap.


Factual error: The early scene in the movie theatre is in 1943. In the opening newsreel a Sherman Firefly tank is shown. This tank was not made until early 1944 [the long barrel and spherical muzzle brake are distinctive]. Even if we were to assume the tank was made earlier in the Marvel Cinematic Universe due to people like Stark working for the Allies it still would not be shown in a newsreel anyway for security reasons, with German spies and sympathizers present in the US during the war. (00:09:30)

Factual error: In the scene at the World Expo, the flags are being displayed. Next to the US flag is the Bahamian flag. The Bahamas didn't have a flag until 1973 when it gained its independence. It used the British Flag or the "Union Jack" since it was still a part of Britain. Also, the flag disappears a few seconds later.

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US Army soldier: Wait! You know what you're doing?
Steve Rogers: Yeah, I've knocked out Adolf Hitler over 200 times.



When the action moves to England after the failed award ceremony, the British Union Flag hanging from the wall is upside down. The broad white band should be at the top left (nearest the top of the flag pole).



Before Steve Rogers exits the chamber that changes him into Captain America, the sound effect used for the machine winding down is the same as the sound effect used for the rocket pack shutting down in The Rocketeer, another of Joe Johnstons movies.