Captain America: The First Avenger

Continuity mistake: After Steve throws Heinz Kruger, the assassin sent to kill him, out of his boat, both Steve and Heinz are bone dry despite being fully submerged in water only moments before.


Continuity mistake: During the chase scene involving Rogers and the Hydra spy that happened after Rogers got his new powers, the windshield of the cab the agent was driving was shot twice. In some shots, especially once Rogers landed on the roof of the cab, the windshield has no holes.


Continuity mistake: When Captain America is ready to jump out the plane, he is looking at Peggy Carter when he reaches for his goggles, the angle changes to the outside and Cap is seen with one hand out the plane and the other in, with his goggles up. it switches back inside and his goggles are on.


Continuity mistake: The windscreen on the flying wing appears to be completely intact when it is discovered in the present. Not only is it implausible to believe it survived a head-on crash without being damaged, but also during the final fight on board, it receives several bullet holes.

Continuity mistake: At the end of the chase through New York, when Steve picks up the taxicab door and uses it as a shield, he has a wet spot or stain on his right knee. Moments later it is gone.


Continuity mistake: During the final battle on board the 'flying wing' between Captain America and Red Skull, the finish on CA's shield appears damaged and scorched. Yet in the opening sequence of the movie when his shield is discovered under ice inside the frozen 'flying wing' it appears undamaged.


Continuity mistake: When Rogers and Agent Carter are about to enter the antique shop for the first time, one shot shows Rogers raising both arms to place his cap on his head. The shot changes and Rogers' hands are now down, and he begins to raise them again.


Continuity mistake: Colonel Phillips walks into the cell that holds Dr. Zola, while carrying a dinner tray. When he puts it on the table the salt and pepper shakers and the glass of milk are on Colonel Phillips' side of the table. In the next shot you can see Colonel Phillips turning the tray around to Dr. Zola. After he refuses the food and Colonel Philips makes a snappy remark about cyanide, Colonel Philips turns the tray back, so the shakers are on his side. But then when he starts eating they are on Dr. Zola's side again. He does move the glass of milk with his right hand and grabs the knife and fork with his left, making it impossible for him to have moved the shakers. (01:26:00 - 01:26:40)

Continuity mistake: During the taxi chase scene, the license plate RY*281F on the cab starts out attached above the single taillight on the left of the vehicle. After Peggy shoots the windshield and she is tackled by Steve, the license plate switches to the opposite side of the vehicle as do the gas cap and a single bullet hole in the rear window. There are several more side swaps like this before the cab crashes.

Continuity mistake: After Steve rescues the 107 division and talks with Peggy in the field the space between them changes from shot to shot.


Continuity mistake: When Colonel Phillips is talking to the soldiers for very first time on the field and notices Steve is smaller then the others, the sun changes between shots.


Continuity mistake: In the scene where Dr. Erskine and Steve Rogers are about to share a drink in the barracks, Dr. Erskine's hand jumps from the bottle's neck to the body and back.

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