The Dark Knight Rises

Corrected entry: Bane and Batman have a fistfight in the street, in broad daylight, in the middle of a massive war between police and mercenaries. Both sides have guns, yet not a single person thinks to shoot either of these high-profile target men, let alone each other, after the two crowds come together.

Correction: This is more particularly true for the Police officers: If they were to shoot and miss they could hit another police officer. Not worth the risk. As for the explanation why anyone didn't shoot Batman or Bane? Who knows? BUT Shoulda/woulda/coulda submissions do not qualify for movie mistakes.


Corrected entry: In the opening sequence on the plane, when the first hooded man is taken to the open door and the CIA operative asks who paid him to grab Dr. Pavel, he fires his gun beside the man's head. The slide on the gun doesn't move and no cartridge comes out of the ejection port. Even with a blank both those things should happen. (00:02:35)

Correction: Not all blanks can cycle the action of an auto-loading pistol (or rifle). In many cases, the barrel has to be closed off to some degree, often by a device known as a "blank adapter." Otherwise, the gun would seem to fire, (the blank will detonate) but the slide or bolt wouldn't move and eject the cartridge.

Corrected entry: Sorry to spoil all the fun of the nail-biting finish - but let us remember that the "bomb" was actually a decaying neutron reactor. There is no forecasting, months from the moment, exactly when it will decay enough to explode - that will rely on catalysts such as heat (Gotham's climate) and oscillation (how much it is shaken about when moved around). Also Neutron bombs are big on radiation and low on blast compared to traditional nukes so getting the bomb 6 miles off the beach before it blew (whichever way the wind was blowing) would leave much of the East Coast of America a no-go for decades.


Correction: The bomb is a decaying fusion reactor, described in the film as being an experimental prototype of a clean energy system. This is not technology that exists in the real world, about which we only have very generalised statements are made. As such, no "factual" claims can be made regarding how it might behave in its weaponised form.

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Corrected entry: When Bruce Wayne gets back to Gotham he meets up with Selina, who gets him into Bane's prison camp in Wayne Tower. There he meets up with Miranda Tate and Lucius Fox. Selina, as Catwoman, then helps Wayne and Fox escape - with Wayne telling Tate, "I'll be back for you. Wayne dons the bat suit and meets up with Gordon on the ice. The first question he asks Gordon is, "Where is Miranda Tate? You should know, you were just with her.


Correction: At this point, Wayne is still attempting to keep his identity secret. it would be suspicious of him already knowing where Tate was, without asking Gordon.


Corrected entry: Towards the end of the film, it is mentioned that the bomb will go off in 11 minutes. There's a chase scene with Gordon in the back of the truck with the bomb and at one point, you can see the timer on the bomb reads 17 minutes. In close up, it reads 10 minutes.

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Correction: It never seen to display 17 minutes. The 7 could be mistaken for a 1 if the timer is displayed at a distance.


Corrected entry: At the climax, Fox examines the aircraft that Batman had used to haul the nuclear device to the ocean for detonation. Scientifically, the aircraft could not exist after a nuclear blast, let alone to be examined by a team of scientists without any anti-radiation gear.


Correction: The aircraft that Fox and his team are examining is not the aircraft taken by Batman. When Fox shows the aircraft to Bruce Wayme he says the aircraft also comes in black, hinting that there are more than one aircraft. When Bruce Wayne fixes the autopilot the fix can be installed on all aircraft.


Corrected entry: Bane takes over the stock exchange and escapes on a motorcycle during the day (trading is going on at full strength). They're not inside for all that long, but once they escape and Batman begins chasing them, it becomes fully dark in a matter of minutes.

Correction: Judging by the timeline of the movie, this scene takes place in the late fall and having lived in NYC, which is where this scene was filmed and being the city that Gotham is primarily based on, I can tell you that it can get very dark very quickly at that time of year.

Corrected entry: At the football game the player who runs with the ball has the last name "Ward", a small reference to Burt ward who played Robin in the 60's TV series.


Correction: This is too much of a stretch since the person is real-life Steelers player Hines Ward and not a made up name. Many Steelers players are involved in the entire scene since it takes places at Heinz Field, where the Steelers play. Ward was extremely popular and considered by many one of the top 10 Steelers player of all time.


Corrected entry: How did Bane and the others bandits get away from the stock market with motorcycles, if they didn't brought any inside (at least that isn't showed) and it's highly unlikely that they were already there.

Correction: It is implied that the motorcycles came from the behind the building. Bane was dressed as a delivery man and delivery often comes from the back entrances of buildings. That is why there are two entrance rooms to the exchange shown. One is with the metal detectors and the other is where the stockbrokers got there shoe shined. After taking the exchange, Bane's men could have slipped the bikes in before the cops arrived or at least store them overnight since his men were undercover workers in the exchange.

Corrected entry: The city of Gotham is completely different to the one in Batman Begins - the overhead railway that featured so much at the end of Batman Begins has completely disappeared (while damaged, not so badly as to warrant ripping out the entire track) and Wayne Tower was the central hub of all the city's amenities, but just an ordinary office block in this film.

Correction: The overhead rail can be seen in this movie. In an aerial shot of Gotham, a train and rail-line can be seen in the bottom right corner of the shot. Wayne Tower is not the same as in the first movie, but companies/businesses do move offices, and a long time has passed between movies.


Correction: Talia was referring to the population of Gotham 'City' being within the bomb blast radius. Gotham state is much bigger and therefore more populous.


Corrected entry: If terrorists took over the stock market, wouldn't trading be suspended for the day? Why would they need to physically breach the trading floor to plug in to a secure network? If you could breach a secure network, wouldn't you want to keep that fact secret?

Correction: They need access to the trading floor because they need to input Bruce's fingerprints into the system to authorise the trades.

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Corrected entry: It was explained to Bruce when he was in the prison that Bane was attacked and treated by the doctor and was left in continuous pain and had to wear the mask but earlier in the movie it shows us that child who escaped was okay and could not have been Bane. (01:42:05)

Correction: Exactly. This is a plot point. Those who paid attention would have figured out who the child was before it was revealed.


Corrected entry: Selina Kyle steals Wayne's Lamborghini after the charity ball. After Wayne is kicked out of the board meeting, his Lamborghini is being towed. He hasn't yet met with Kyle at her apartment, so he hasn't gotten it back yet.

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Correction: Firstly,I don't believe that Bruce Wayne has only one Lamborghini. Secondly Selena would have abandoned the car somewhere, she wouldn't have gone home with it to be caught by the police. And third, some days have passed from the day she took the car. Surely Bruce has the resources to recover his car and have it brought back to his house.

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Corrected entry: In the opening plane crash scene, as Bane is talking to the CIA guy, he says, "Dr. Pavel refused our offer in favor of yours. We had to find out what he told you." At the end of this line, if you listen carefully, you can hear Bane start to say something else, but gets cut off. (The original line in the script was "We had to find out what he told you about us.").

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Correction: Bane being cut off while talking is not a mistake.


Corrected entry: While watching Bane in videos, Alfred points out he is in his "prime" and he certainly does look so, being stronger and faster than Bruce. Althought later is revealed he was already an adult in the pit, when Talia was just a child, which means he should be in his 40's at least which he certainly didn't look so.

Correction: Talia was 10 when she escaped from the pit; Bane said "I was already a man before I saw the light." I would wager Bane's definition of "manhood" is not the same as our definition of "adulthood" meaning he was much younger than you'd assume. But let's just say he was 18 in the pit. Talia is in her early 30's in the movie, putting Bane in his late 30's or very early 40's. Nothing about him couldn't have passed for that age range and there's no reason he couldn't have been in his prime at that age, especially compared to a crippled Bruce Wayne. It takes more than the vitality of youth to be a competent combatant.

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Corrected entry: An atomic bomb blast with a blast radius of 6 miles should create an enormous tidal wave that could ultimately wipe out the city.

Correction: Actually, no. Water is a lot harder to move than air.

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Corrected entry: When Gordon and other cops are exiled from Gotham, they step onto the thin ice and start to walk. Any cop would have learned at the academy that you can greatly diminish your chances of falling through the ice by lying down and crawling, distributing your weight.


Correction: Keep in mind, there were men with guns watching them. The idea was to kill them, so they probably weren't given that option.

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They were probably smart enough to know that if they didn't walk, Bane's men would've shot them anyway.

Corrected entry: If the flying-car was blown up in nuclear bomb, how did Lucius have it examined at the end of the movie when he found out auto pilot was fixed already?

Correction: The Bat being examined by Fox and the techs at the end of the movie isnt the one that Batman used, it was a regular production model for the military. Bruce corrected the autopilot program on Wayne Enterprises mainframe computer and the corrected program was loaded onto all subsequent production models.


Corrected entry: When Gordon rolls off into the sewer, one of Bane's henchman says that it is impossible to determine where he'll end up. Yet somehow, Blake, having no idea of what Gordon did in that sewer, goes to exactly the right sewer exit, at exactly the right time, when Gordon was already there, but hadn't yet died yet from hypothermia, and saves the guy. Lucky lucky.


Correction: Blake knows the likely exit point, for the simple reason that he's seen bodies wash out of the sewers there before - a scene early in the film portrays exactly that. Bane's people don't have that information, so THEY have no clue where Gordon might turn up, but Blake does. He can't follow Gordon into the sewers after the explosion - it's too dangerous, so he does the only thing he can, get to the outflow in the hope of finding somebody alive. Yes, he gets lucky in that he gets there before Gordon expires. But characters are allowed to be reasonably lucky without it being a plot hole, and this falls well within the bounds of reason.

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Continuity mistake: When Bruce is meeting with Lucius in the office at Wayne Tower, the book on the seat next to Bruce changes positions during their conversation. (00:37:15)


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Alfred: You are as precious to me as you were to your own mother and father. I swore to them that I would protect you, and I haven't.

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Trivia: Comedic actor Thomas Lennon has a small role as the doctor Bruce sees for a check-up before he visits Gordon. Lennon previously played a similar role in director Christopher Nolan's "Memento" (as the doctor the character Sammy Jenkis visits). Lennon stated that Nolan specifically wanted him for the role of the doctor in this film, and has speculated that perhaps Nolan considers them to be the same character.

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Question: Does Bruce Wayne or Batcycle use EMP Burst or something similar to turn off all reporters cameras at the Charity Ball or Subway lights during the stock market chase and the aftermath?

Answer: Yes, it would seem that he carries some sort of device that produces that effect in a small area around him, plus the gun with the lights at the end of the "barrel" appears to have the same effect over a longer range, as he uses it to take out a motorcycle some distance ahead of him.

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