The Dark Knight Rises

Trivia: Many of the Gotham Rogues are played by members of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Ben Rothlisberger and Hines Ward can be seen during the pan of the team during the National Anthem. The game is also being played at Heinz Field, home of the Pittsburgh Steelers.


Trivia: The voice-over montage by Gordon after the bomb detonates and continues as Bruce's eulogy, are direct quotes from Charles Dickens' 1859 novel "A Tale of Two Cities" (with a couple of slight wording variations to account for the setting).

Trivia: John Blake talks about "giant alligators" being in the sewer, likely a nod towards Batman villain Killer Croc.


Trivia: Comedic actor Thomas Lennon has a small role as the doctor Bruce sees for a check-up before he visits Gordon. Lennon previously played a similar role in director Christopher Nolan's "Memento" (as the doctor the character Sammy Jenkis visits). Lennon stated that Nolan specifically wanted him for the role of the doctor in this film, and has speculated that perhaps Nolan considers them to be the same character.

Trivia: At the football stadium the R on one of the Gotham Rogues banners is the Robin logo.

Trivia: The kicker for the opposing team is actually the mayor of Pittsburgh Luke Ravenstahl, who was a kicker in college.

Trivia: The outfit of Bane with the red helmet and the leather jacket at the stock market is a reference to Jason Todd. The second Robin who later became Red Hood.


Trivia: In the scene where John Blake visits Bruce Wayne in his mansion, you can see a bust of C-3PO behind Blake and to his right. As Blake gets up to leave, you can see the bust in greater detail.


Trivia: There is a subtle tribute to one of the film's graphic novel inspirations, "The Dark Knight Returns" by Frank Miller (1986). In both the 2012 film and 1986 graphic novel when the Gotham Police Department are pursuing Batman, the veteran policeman offers some advice. The line spoken by the veteran policeman to the younger policeman in the film ("Oh boy, you're in for a show tonight, son.") is a nod to the line said by the veteran policeman in "The Dark Knight Returns" ("We're in for a show, kid.").


Trivia: At the Gotham Rogues game, the man in the suite with the mayor of Gotham is Thomas Tull; the owner of Legendary Pictures and a minority owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers.