Kingdom Come

Kingdom Come (2001)

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Continuity mistake: When the family is at the funeral home and the audience can see the casket, it has a picture of angels riding up to heaven. It is very colourful and eye catching, but at the church during the actual funeral, the casket has all red cloth covering the inside of it.

Visible crew/equipment: In the very last scene, Daddy Slocumb's funeral service, Ray hugs his mother, then he and his wife prepare to leave the church. As they are leaving their seating area, a female crew member enters and signals to someone in the back of the church by waving her arms.

Continuity mistake: When Jr. is driving with his family in the car, you can see a car behind them. Not only does the care stay the same length behind them as he speeds up to 100 mph, but when he pulls over and puts the gun on his wife, you never see the car pass him. It may have passed when the camera was on the wife, but then we should have heard it (the window was down: we know that 'cause he threw his kid's shoe out). Yet when he pulls back onto the road, the car is not behind him.

Continuity mistake: After Junior swerves onto a side road because his wife lunges between him and the steering wheel, a distant shot shows him still swerving, but for no apparent reason since she is no longer there.

Continuity mistake: When Junior is driving in the car with his family and says he is going to kill them all driving really fast, he cranks the steering wheel as far as it will go, but then the next scene shows the car still going straight with just a little bit a swerving.

Charisse Slocumb: Bernice Talbot? My-my husband done did it wit' that child in that "Shop-Well" parking lot? lord take ME NOW.

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Question: Why does Vivica Fox start crying when she sees fried chicken on the table?

Answer: In a storyline that was not shown but discussed vaguely, Vivica's character lost her first child one day while her husband (LL Cool J) was at work. The only thing she had to put the child in was an empty bucket of chicken. So the bucket of chicken on the table brought back horrible memories for her.

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