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Corrected entry: At the end when John Candy announces the winner of the division championship, he says the winner moves onto the World Series. That is wrong. The winner moves onto the National League Championship Series from there, not the World Series.

Brad Hruza

Correction: - When the movie was released in 1992, MLB still had the playoff format of Championship series and World Series. The Division Series was not added until after the strike in 1995.

Corrected entry: At the end of the movie, after Henry's little league team mobs him for making the catch in the outfield, they show an overhead shot of the team. Henry throws his fist towards the camera, and we see his World Series ring on his finger. Unfortunately, in little league baseball you are not allowed to wear any kind of jewellery during play, unless it is a medical bracelet or necklace.

Correction: If they don't see you wear it, then you can't get in trouble for it.

Corrected entry: During the final game of the Divisional Series, after Henry notices that it was mom who was the former pitcher, she tells him to 'float it,' meaning to pitch underhanded to the batter Heddo. Unfortunately, this is not right, as it is illegal to pitch underhanded in the Major Leagues. That style is only allowed in Slo-Pitch.

Correction: There is nothing in the official rules of baseball that states a pitch must be thrown overhand. Underhand pitching is quite legal, but most pitchers throw overhand because it is more efficient.

Corrected entry: When Chet Steadman blows out his arm, Sal Martinella tells him that he's going to save Chet for the playoffs. But since the Cubs are currently playing the NLDS, they're already in the playoffs. [Note: "The playoffs" is defined as everything played after the regular season ends, which includes the Division Series.]

Correction: The Cubs aren't playing in the NLDS. The movie is set in 1993. Major League Baseball didn't expand to 3 divisions until 1994 and in '93 the Mets and Cubs were in the same division Before expansion to 3 divisions, no 2 teams from the same division could make the playoffs. The last game of the movie is a 1 game playoff to decide the division winner. See my Factual Error entry for an explanation of the situation. Also for the record the NLDS IS the first round of the playoffs, the NLDS is NOT part of the regular season.


Corrected entry: In the final game, after Henry falls and no longer has the ability to pitch fast, all the players on the field panic and don't know what to do. In reality, it would be a pretty simple matter to take Henry out and put another closer in to replace him.

Correction: They players do not "panic". They are surprised and shocked when their star pitcher tells them he can't throw any more. It's a natural reaction under the circumstances. Henry immediately says he has a plan, so there's no time for them to get over their initial surprise.

Corrected entry: When Henry throws the ball to home plate from the stands it is a home run, the hitter gets to home plate and is stunned by the throw, slides into home and is ruled safe. He could never have been out, one because it was a home run, and two, because the ball left the field.

Correction: Character mistakes. The catcher, the runner, and the umpire were stunned by the throw. None was certain what it would mean if a fan threw the ball back to home plate, so they did what they would naturally do: the catcher tried to tag the runner, the runner tried to tag the bag, and the umpire, seeing all of this, called him safe.

Corrected entry: In the final game when Henry is looking at his mom after he finds out it is her baseball glove, they talk normally like they can hear each other. It is hard to carry on a normal conversation in a playoff game a couple hundred feet away from each other.

Correction: I would think they are talking normally for the "benefit of the audience" or because some people DO talk out loud. Henry and his mom probably were lipreading each other and/or reading their body language/"gestures" rather than hearing each other.

Corrected entry: When Henry gets home his mom tells him to do the laundry. He goes downstairs opens up the washer and steps back. He then says bases loaded etc. the last thing he says is that there is a full count. But when the little piece of soap goes into the washing machine, he says "strike one".

Correction: Henry is a kid and fooling around while doing the laundry. He's simply saying whatever comes to his mind at the moment, just like kids always do.

Corrected entry: Henry became a professional athlete when he signed with the Chicago Cubs. After his career with the Cubs was over, he would not been allowed to play little league baseball again. He had lost his amateur status and would be considered a professional athlete.


Correction: 2 problems with that: 1)Henry is a child. As such the league very likely would make an allowance in his contract for this. 2) The medical condition that allowed Henry to play professionally had been undone, which would clearly prevent him from playing at a professional level, at least for several years.

Corrected entry: When the Cubs are playing the Dodgers and Henry is on second base, the Dodger pitcher hits the batter and says to Henry "That's for you kid" because Henry was teasing him. The pitcher would have been expelled from the game (according to Major League Baseball rules) since he intentionally hit the batter and the umpire right next to second base most likely heard what he said.

Correction: They wouldn't throw out the pitcher for just hitting the batter. The only thing they could do is give the teams a warning and it's not like the umpire is standing and listening to what the pitcher is saying. If a warning was issued before the batter was hit they could have thrown the pitcher out.

Factual error: For a baseball movie, you would think they would have known the rules of the game better. There is a scene in which Henry uses the "hidden ball trick" to pick a runner off of first base. He stands on the rubber on the mound with only the rosin bag in his hand while the first basemen holds the ball. It is a violation for him to stand on the rubber or straddle it without the ball in his hand and is called a "balk". Technically the runner should have been awarded second base.

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Cliff Murdoch: I just figured out why the Cubs lose every year. They've got more talent in the stands than they do in the field.

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Question: When the Cubs are playing the last game against the Mets, the last batter that Henry faces is Hedo. However, Henry has pitched three innings and only nine batters, so if you back up to the last batter Chet faced in the 6th inning, it wasn't Hedo. So how was he the 9th batter Henry faced?


Answer: Since we never see Hedo on the field, it's certainly possible that he's kept solely as a pinch hitter.


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