Question: How was Princess Leia already on Admiral Radius' ship? Was she on Yavin with Bail while he was meeting with the council and he left her there when he left?


Answer: She was on Yavin IV, but after the Rebel council meeting Bail returned to Alderaan and assigned Leia to travel to Tatooine to fetch Obi-Wan Kenobi. Her ship the Tantive IV was damaged in a previous mission and was undergoing repairs on Admiral Raddus' ship, so he was escorting Leia to Tatooine when he instead decided to assist the Rogue One team on Scarif.

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Question: When the Cubs are playing the last game against the Mets, the last batter that Henry faces is Hedo. However, Henry has pitched three innings and only nine batters, so if you back up to the last batter Chet faced in the 6th inning, it wasn't Hedo. So how was he the 9th batter Henry faced?


Answer: Since we never see Hedo on the field, it's certainly possible that he's kept solely as a pinch hitter.


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