Brad Hruza

12th Nov 2015

Tin Cup (1996)

Other mistake: When Roy makes the bet with Gary McCord on his second shot of the bathroom wall, the bet was he would get the bounce shot onto the green. The ball never gets on the green. The ball is actually on the fringe and a good 5 feet away from the green. Yet Gary still pays the bet that he lost. In reality he won the bet.

Brad Hruza

7th Nov 2014

Dante's Peak (1997)

Factual error: When inside the boat going across the lake turned to acid, they are moving at a high speed. But all a sudden when they lose the prop, the boat is at a complete stop and actually turning. 2 problems with that scene. The momentum of the boat at a high speed would have continued moving it forward for quite some time. It would not stop all a sudden. And when he is using his shirt to row the boat, the boat would have turned, because he was only paddling on one side.

Brad Hruza

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Suggested correction: Long before the motor stopped they noticed that the acid was eating through the boat. By the time the motor stopped, the damage already done would have been enough to stop the boat's momentum. It also took a long time to dissolve the propeller, so their momentum would have also been affected as it was dissolving. In addition, you mentioned the boat was turning once they stopped but then said that the boat should have turned because of his paddling. It's possible that the paddling only kept the boat from continuing to turn while drifting.


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