Darkness and Light: Part 1 - S1-E11

Plot hole: When Hulk and Banner have been physically separated by the nutrient bath, they are both wearing tattered pants. Given that Hulk and Banner were previously occupying the same body, this should not be possible. Hulk was the one that went into the nutrient bath, so if Banner's body was separated from Hulk, then Banner should be naked.

Phaneron Premium member

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Suggested correction: It was done deliberately as a form of censorship. They didn't want to show Bruce's genitals.

Explaining why the mistake occurred doesn't invalidate it. Unless you're suggesting the nutrient bath also was able to duplicate the pants.


I am not. I am just explaining the reason behind this error.

Do you have a source for this explanation? If not, I would call it conjecture and while it doesn't invalidate the mistake, it does change it to a deliberate mistake if true.

ctown28 Premium member

You realise a character can be drawn naked without actually showing their genitals (and/or breasts in the case of women), right? The Little Mermaid is a good example of this.

Phaneron Premium member

Peggy Turns 300 - S4-E19

Plot hole: In this episode Al is about to break Puggy Weaver's record. Peg decides to bowl and scores a perfect score of 300. Problem is Peg is a horrible bowler, as seen in season 2 episode 9. She never bowls with Al or even enjoys bowling, so this episode really makes no sense.

Amy Emerick Tice

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Suggested correction: This is not a plot hole, but a plot point. Yes, Peg is a horrible bowler, but it's typical Al Bundy luck that his wife would be able to put together a perfect game no matter how unlikely.

ctown28 Premium member

So this one and only episode she scores a perfect game? Highly unlikely. Oh and she's wearing a long evening dress too which would make it difficult to bowl. So this episode makes no sense.

Amy Emerick Tice

It makes perfect sense. In the world of the show, the universe is out to screw Al over. The worst that can possibly happen to him will happen no matter how unlikely.

It is a comedy, so having all those "strikes" against her, she still managed to bowl a perfect game - leaving Al hopeless and hapless.


28th Apr 2021

The Toxic Avenger (1984)

Corrected entry: A woman's jar of popcorn is stuck. Toxie takes it, it's a jar of unpopped kernels. When he hands it back, it's suddenly popped corn.


Correction: This is not a mistake, the implication here is that the radiation from the Toxie is what caused the kernels to pop.

ctown28 Premium member

15th Jan 2005

Family Guy (1999)

E. Peterbus Unum - S2-E18

Corrected entry: In the scene where Peter and the delegates of the UN are in the meeting room, when everyone laughs at Peter, you can see that some of the country names on the labels are spelled wrong. For example, there is "Danmark", "Maxico", and "Morrocco". Also, it looks like three of the seats are not filled. Why would there not be any UN delegates at the meeting?

Correction: The misspelling is certainly intentional.


Why would it be?

I believe it is to show that the representatives are supposed to be other people that have seceded from their countries and formed their own states. Danmerk would be Dan, Maxico would be Max and I think Morrocco would be Morris (Not sure on this one), much like Peter's is Petoria.

ctown28 Premium member

Corrected entry: At the book signing in Berlin, the camera pans from right to left and the guard at the very end of the line of soldiers (to the left) has his left hand raised in military salute to Hitler. All the other soldiers have their right hands extended.

Correction: The person in question could have an injured right arm that he simply can't lift.


Exactly. "If physical disability prevented raising the right arm, it was acceptable to raise the left." Kershaw, Ian (2001). The "Hitler Myth": Image and Reality in the Third Reich. Oxford University Press. ISBN 978-0192802064.

ctown28 Premium member

There's nothing about it in the script though. So between the two options, on the one hand (no pun intended!) that the creators were aware of that fact, and on the other hand, that it was a movie mistake that wasn't noticed, well... There's no possible reason why they'd put that in deliberately. Still, Jon decides, and the rules seem to be that behavioural oddities are not generally considered mistakes.

Spiny Norman

But not every single bit of background extra behaviour gets detailed in the script. The point is simply that based on what we see there's no way to decree something like this as a "mistake", because it has a perfectly reasonable in-universe explanation, and there's no point having an endless chain of bickering about it.

Jon Sandys Premium member

So just to summarise: the "perfectly reasonable explanation" is, then, that some random bystander has an extremely convincing prosthetic arm (which serves no purpose at all for he story); and NOT that one of the many "extras" simply made a mistake.

Spiny Norman

6th Mar 2021

Cobra Kai (2018)

Take a Right - S2-E6

Other mistake: In Okinawa, Daniel reunites with Kamiko who in turn reunites Daniel with Yuna (the little girl he saved during the typhoon in KK2) and Daniel recalls her and says her name "Yuna", but in KK2, the little girl never revealed her name to him.

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Suggested correction: Just because it doesn't take place on screen, it's reasonable to assume that he learned her name before he left Okinawa in KK2.

ctown28 Premium member

Yes, remember, that same little girl taught Daniel how to dance for the festival so one can assume he learned her name.

20th May 2014

Friends (1994)

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Suggested correction: She did say something along the lines of "if they had lost."

This episode was on TBS this afternoon, I watched the scene multiple times, Monica does in fact say "If WE had lost...", this is a valid mistake.

ctown28 Premium member

Corrected entry: There is still fuel inside the Delorean which Doc hid in the mining shaft. They could take it without any problems, because it will be found in 1955 and then Doc and Marty can refuel it without any problems.

Correction: Doc knows well enough that leaving fuel in the Delorean before hiding it in the shaft would mess up the engine and would not even be good in 1955, so he likely would drain the fuel before sealing up the mine.

ctown28 Premium member

Corrected entry: When Mark is at the restaurant he calls Damone and asks him to bring his wallet to the restaurant and Damone reluctantly agrees and hangs up the phone, but never asks Mark where he is.


Correction: Damone helped him plan the date, there's no reason to believe that Mark didn't tell him where they were going beforehand.

ctown28 Premium member

21st Jun 2017

Home Alone (1990)

Factual error: Kate flies American Airlines to Scranton, but that airline did not serve Scranton in 1990. Also, a DC-10 is too big to be serviced at Scranton.


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Suggested correction: Air Force One, which is quite a bit larger than a DC-10, has landed at Scranton in the past (https://wnep.com/2013/08/22/air-force-one-lands-in-scranton/). Just because DC-10s don't generally land there doesn't mean they can't.

They are much more likely to make an exception for Air Force One than the are for a single family unless it was for something wrong with the flight or an emergency on the flight, not for a connecting flight to Chicago or a chance at a connecting flight.

ctown28 Premium member

The idea is that DC-10s can land there for whatever reason.

The news article is from 2013. 23 years after the film. A lot of things can change in 23 years.

Ssiscool Premium member

Kate landed at Dallas first, then flew to Scranton. This is revealed in Kate's rant at the ticket agent.

Air Force One would park at GA parking, not at the terminal. The DC-10 that lands would have very likely parked at a gate for only 737s and smaller.


10th Aug 2016

Star Wars (1977)

Stupidity: The Death Star comes equipped with a powerful tractor beam capable of capturing a ship the size and agility of the Millennium Falcon. Why don't they use it against the rebel fighters attacking them at the end of the film? Okay, Obi-Wan Kenobi turned it off earlier but I find it hard to believe that someone who has never before visited the largest, most complex space station in the Universe and who was previously unaware of its very existence can disable a fundamental security system but the people who designed, built and run the whole thing can't work out how to switch it back on. They should have no problems with this, considering the fact that Obi-Wan didn't damage it.


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Suggested correction: Obi Wan disrupted the battle at a critical time causing much confusion. We could chalk this oversight up to "Fog of War" - that in the heat of battle it's normal for commanders to overlook obvious things and seem to act stupidly. It would also be reasonable to assume that the fighters were too close for the tractor beam emitter to target them.

This scenario would require every single person on the Death Star who was involved in the maintenance of vital defence systems not noticing that one of them had been switched off! Not ONE person noticed? Obi Wan did not disable the tractor beam during "the heat of battle." There was a considerable time lapse between his switching off the tractor beam and the climactic final battle, during which time it would have been switched back on. When the Millenium Falcon leavs the Death Star Han Solo remarks that he hopes that "old man" succeeded in disabling the tractor beam, implying that those on the Death Star would be trying to use it. Even then, they didn't notice it had been switched off? Not sabotaged, not disabled, switched off.

Good point. This was definitely stupidity on the part of the Death Star crew, but not stupid as a plot point. It does happen in combat regularly. In 1987 the USS Stark was hit by 2 Iraqi Exocet missiles after challenging a single fighter. The ships' Close-in Weapons System should have easily shot the missiles down, but the investigation showed that no-one had noticed that the system had not been turned on.

They didn't use the tractor beam when the gang was escaping in the Falcon because they WANTED them to get away. The Empire placed a tracking beacon onboard so as to be able to find the hidden Rebel Base. As to how the Falcon was snagged originally: yes, they had just exited hyperspace, but they were not relatively fast; they were preoccupied with the TIE fighter (incapable of light speed) and the small moon right up to the point they were trapped in the tractor beam (and realizing "that's no moon!"


Suggested correction: The Falcon was travelling towards the Death Star when it was caught in the tractor beam. The tractor beam was properly turned back on by the time it travelled to Yavin. The rebel fighters are too small and quick to be held in a tractor beam and there are so many of them so it would be near impossible to trap enough to make a difference.

As I have already pointed out, assigning technical limitations to a wholly fictional piece of technology is absurd. As to "flying towards the Death Star" - the X and Y wing fighters are shown doing just that. As for being too quick, the Millenium Falcon is decelerating from superluminal speeds when it is captured in the tractor beam. That's pretty bloody fast in anyone's books.

The key phrase here is "fictional piece of technology", there is no way to understand how it works. Any explanations is pure conjecture.

ctown28 Premium member

It's flat out stated by General Dodonna in the battle briefing that the Death Star's defenses are based around repelling attacks by capital ships, not fighters. The targeting may not be exact enough.


Actually, claiming a fictional piece of equipment can't behave the way you think it should is somewhat silly. The previous explanation that the tractor beam's limitations were the reason for not using it during the battle makes perfect sense.

Feed the Kitty - S2-E24

Corrected entry: They build a raft/cage for Leo and send him off (likely he would not survive the trip anyway) without any thought of attaching a note telling people where they are.


Correction: They didn't send the lion off deliberately, they caged him and the tide swept it away.

ctown28 Premium member

14th Mar 2019

Captain Marvel (2019)

Corrected entry: In the scenes set in June of 1995, "Vers" uses a Windows 95 computer to search the internet via dial-up. Windows 95 wasn't released until August 24, 1995, two months after those scenes were set.

Correction: A beta version of Windows 95 (probably build 347) was released before June, when this takes place. They could be using that. It included MSN, for internet access.


Good guess. That preview version was available for $19.95 in the U.S.


I think that's a reach - especially back then beta versions were much harder to come by - you couldn't just download it, you'd have to apply and receive a CD or floppies. She's in an internet cafe if memory serves, and why would they go to the hassle of installing a beta OS which most people would never have used before, and which would run the risk of having bugs, etc.?

Jon Sandys Premium member

Windows 95 had one of the most expensive advertisements and launch programs to this date. (Second to Windows 8's.) Microsoft had special personnel known as Evangelists who went to potential customers encouraging them to test Windows 95 and give feedback. They didn't send the 3.5" diskettes with post; the Evangelists delivered them personally. Microsoft didn't become a software giant by sitting on its behind, waiting for customers.


Correction: The month is never specified in the film.

True Lies was released on home video on July 15th - any cardboard standee in a Blockbuster would be for an upcoming or very recent release. By late August something else would have replaced it.

Jon Sandys Premium member

Not if it was a popular rental, then they would keep promoting it.

ctown28 Premium member

When they're looking at the black box recording, there's a calendar on the wall that reads June.

Brian Katcher

Correction: The recycle bin icon on the desktop is an oval shape which was first introduced in Windows ME, which wasn't released until 14th September 2000.

The corrected entry mentions a scene searching the internet via dial-up; the computer in that scene has indeed Windows 95 with a square-shaped bin. Since then this entry has kinda been more about the plausibility of Windows 95 in a public internet cafe in June than anything else. There's a separate entry about the scene when they use a totally different computer, the one at her friend's house, which has the bin you mention and is a ME edition.

Sammo Premium member

It's not, it's the rectangular bin.

15th Nov 2018

Overboard (2018)

Correction: There are plenty of ways to find him. They had just gotten his picture with Kate, showing it around town could help identify Kate and from there it's easy to find an address.

ctown28 Premium member

14th Jun 2018

Overboard (2018)

Correction: At no point is it implied that Leo is famous. Rich, yes, but that does not go hand in hand with fame.

ctown28 Premium member

Well he is famous actually somebody recognizes him at the beach.

6th Feb 2019

The Goonies (1985)

Corrected entry: When Mikey picks up the baseball card, it shows it to be a 1970's Topps baseball card with Lou Gehrig on it. Lou Gehrig was never on a Topps baseball card. He was however featured on a 1933 Goudey card.

Correction: There most certainly was a 1973 Lou Gehrig Topps card, this is the one used in the movie http://www.vintagecardprices.com/card-profile/145657/1973-Topps-Lou-Gehrig-472-Baseball-Card-Value-Prices.htm.

ctown28 Premium member

6th Sep 2007

Animal House (1978)

Corrected entry: How on earth can Bluto and his mate not know that the exam paper they are completing is different to the one they stole and studied for? They'd have to study for it - what's the point of stealing it otherwise? It is not a multiple choice exam - they are writing answers out in full. How can they not notice that the questions (and therefore the answers) are different to the ones they memorised? The day after the exam Eric Stratton announces that Bluto had stolen the wrong EXAM, not the wrong ANSWERS. Why do they have to be told later that someone 'stole the wrong exam paper'? Nobody is so stupid - or lazy - that they would not notice that they are sitting the wrong exam. In order to make such a mistake they would have to be illiterate, not just stupid. And as the closing sequence makes clear the Delta House fraternity members aren't even stupid - they are just lazy.

Correction: The Deltas weren't trying to steal a copy of the exam for study; rather, they stole what they thought was a copy of answers to the exam. However, the Omegas planted a modified set of answers in the trash, which Bluto later retrieved from the dumpster. So, the exam would look exactly the same with the same questions, but the Deltas had memorized the wrong answers.

Charles Austin Miller

Correction: The answer lies in your submission. They are lazy, when they stole the exam, they looked up the answers and then memorized only the answers and not the questions. When taking the exam they did not bother to read the questions, just fill in the answers that they memorized.

ctown28 Premium member

As a teacher I have seen smart kids cheat off others because they too lazy to study, or studying wasn't a priority. One student was copying the answers from another student, but obviously couldn't read her writing and on a question about what what a certain group of people ate, she wrote "clouds."


In the case of Animal House, the Deltas had stolen what they believed were the answers to the exam, not knowing that the Omegas had planted fake answers in the trash.

Charles Austin Miller

The Deltas didn't look up the answers. They stole what they thought were the answers to the exam, not knowing that the Omegas had planted fake answers in the trash. So, the exam looked exactly the same, but the Deltas memorized the fake answers.

Charles Austin Miller

Corrected entry: After the "Hot Patootie" number, when Frank is chasing Eddie into the freezer, there's already blood in the freezer as Eddie crawls in.

Correction: Ever notice that giant gaping wound on Eddie's head? The blood is in the freezer because before the movie, Frank had given Eddie a partial-lobotomy. The half of Eddie's brain that was removed was given to Rocky. I'd imagine that when a transvestite removes half of your brain, there may be some blood.

Where does it state that he was given a lobotomy or had half his brain removed? I have watched the movie a lot and haven't ever heard of this? I am currently watching it and trying to find the place where this is said.

Frank: "It's not easy having a good time... even smiling makes my face ache... and my children turn on me...Rocky's behaving just the way that Eddie did. Do you think I made a mistake, splitting his brain between the two of them?"

ctown28 Premium member

When everyone gets stuck to the lab floor (before Rose Tint my World), Frank leans against the ice box and questions if it was a bad idea splitting Eddie's brain between him and Rocky as Rocky is acting "too much like Eddie." That's why Eddie has that huge gash across his forehead.

Correction: If I remember correctly, Columbia makes reference at one point to Frank splitting the brain between Eddie and Rocky, while talking about the rocks in his head.

Dr. Frank N. Furter: "Do you think I made a mistake splitting his brain between the two of them?"

Witness Marks - S1-E8

Corrected entry: Steve and Leigh visit a fertility clinic. The counselor urges them to keep trying to have a child, noting among other things that Steve's sperm sample shows good motility. Later, we find out that Steve had a vasectomy before they got married, making it impossible for the clinic to harvest a sperm sample.


Correction: Steve never gives the clinic a sample to test. The counselor stated that the would test for count and motility once they have the sample. When we find out that Steve had a vasectomy, he also states that he never told Leigh about it, so he is just going through the motions at the fertility clinic and already knows his test would show sterile.

ctown28 Premium member

8th Dec 2018

Frankenstein (1931)

Corrected entry: Not called a horror movie when it came out because that term was not used as a film genre.


Correction: Not true, the horror genre has been around for well over a century: http://www.aijcrnet.com/journals/Vol_2_No_4_April_2012/16.pdf.

ctown28 Premium member

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