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Corrected entry: It's pretty obvious at the end, when they both fall, that Stallone falls on purpose. Watch the DVD in slo-mo and you'll see that Apollo never hits him, Rocky just falls back to canvas.

Correction: It wasn't intended for Apollo to hit Rocky. Rocky was so tired and beaten up that he throws one final punch to Apollo and then fell down because he can't control his body anymore.

Corrected entry: In the scene right after the first time Rocky tries to catch the chicken (to build speed), we see Rocky punching a bag with his left hand, and his right arm is tied to his side. If Mickey is trying to train him to become a right-handed fighter, why would he be having him jab with his left hand "till it hurts"? Shouldn't he be trying to build strength in his right arm?

Correction: Because right-handed fighters jab with the left to set up bigger punches from their right.

Correction: Southpaws jab with their right hand, righty's jab with their left. this scene is 100% correct.

Corrected entry: Early in the movie, in the scene where Rocky is taking Adrian home from their wedding, they are seen walking under the elevated subway train (the Market-Frankford "El"). Rocky lives in South Philadelphia (in Rocky III he said the Spectrum in South Philly was "10 minutes from my house" so he didn't move), where the subway runs underground.

Correction: Rocky does not live in south Philadelphia, he actually lived in Kensington.

Corrected entry: After leaving the gym Rocky goes to the pet shop to walk Adrienne home, and there are a few guys outside of the gym, who are taunting Rocky, calling him an Italian Chicken. After Rocky tells Adrienne that they have him confused with someone else, you can hear one of the guys say off camera, "That's Talia Shire," referring to Adrienne.


Correction: He says something very fast after his buddy says "Italian Chicken", but it is definitely not "That's Talia Shire".


Corrected entry: In the beginning in his hospital bed, Rocky is seen giving his autograph to a nurse. He signs the autograph with his right hand. If he is a left-handed fighter, a "Southpaw" then why wouldn't he sign it left-handed?

Correction: Some people use their left hand more than their right hand and still write with their right hand.

Cool. But he is seen throughout the movie tossing a small ball with his left hand. I think Sly did the right handed autograph on purpose, to wind up picky people like us .

Correction: So what if Rocky writes right handed. Many famous left arm or left handed sports athletes write right handed. Former Major League Baseball left handed pitcher Steve Carlton threw left handed but writes with his right hand.

Correction: His left hand was not bandaged.

Correction: Many lefthanded people are taught to write righthanded so they don't smear the ink when they write.

Correction: Maybe his left hand was bandaged up or to sore to write with.

Corrected entry: Rocky was looking for work, and worked for a time at a meat packing company. I was a financial controller for a meat packing company. Nobody on the floor worked without wire mesh gloves (because knifes were so sharp), yet in the movie no one wore gloves.

Green Gold15

Correction: Personal Protective Equipment is required to be supplied by a company. However, some employees still do not use them. Where I work, at a coal mine, we have all PPE including eye protection, spikes for your boots for walking on ice, and dust masks(and more). Yet those three items are commonly the least to be used in everyday work.


Corrected entry: During the "Gonna Fly Now"-walk with the kids near the end-fight, the kid running behind Rocky is getting instructions on when to speed up his run. You see him take a quick peek to the left and then speed up. He is obviously being waved at or something.

Correction: He is a child; it is very easy to capture his attention. Maybe he saw something he was running past that needed a closer look or maybe he thought he heard someone call his name. Either way, you can't categorically say that there is no reason for him to turn his head other than to get instructions.


Corrected entry: At the end of the climactic fight scene, Rocky throws a punch, knocking down Apollo, which throws him (Rocky) off balance. Both fighters fall to the canvas. For some reason, this is treated as though both men were knocked down. Actually, it should be ruled a slip for Rocky, as Apollo did not actually knock him down with a punch.

Correction: Although it technically should have been ruled a slip for Rocky, it is the referee's decision to count it as a fall. This is not a movie mistake, but a character mistake.


Corrected entry: Rocky decides to sell his car in search of money, he makes the arrangement with Paulie, walks out, but none of the two has mentioned anything about the price of the purchase.

Correction: Neither Rocky nor Paulie mentions anything about the price of the purchase because Rocky tells Paulie if he wants to "pick up the payments". Paulie agrees to do so, therefore there is no need for Rocky to actually "sell" Paulie the car.

Corrected entry: In the final fight scene, Rocky and Apollo both fall onto the canvas on their fronts. When the camera angle changes, Rocky is on his back.

Correction: In the last fight scene when Rocky knocks out Apollo he falls on his side and looks to be rolling over to his back.

Corrected entry: Rocky sold his car in a need for money stating he's having problems parking it. Towards the end of the movie, just as he's running out of the house to practice for the final fight of the movie, the car is parked outside.

Correction: Rocky gave his car to Paulie, who came over to the house that night to watch the fight - that's why the car was there.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Rocky is running around Philadelphia, the last time he runs before the big re-match with Apollo, he covers the following territory: Broadstreet, the Italian Market, Fairmount Park, The Art Museum, etc. Including all of those locales, the total distance is over 26 miles. A MARATHON for a training run - quite impressive - and unusual. Clearly done just to show off the great city of Philadelphia.

Correction: Rocky Never ran on Broad Street in Rocky II and that was NOT Fairmount Park. It was Franklin Delano Roosevelt Park in South Philadelphia, known to the locals as "The Lakes."

Continuity mistake: When Apollo Creed is approaching the ring for the rematch at the end of the film, his robe starts off done-up, next shot shows it undone and the towel around his neck loose, and then in the last shot it's back to being neat again with the robe done up. Even when he enters the ring it's all neat and tidy. (01:32:40)

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Rocky Balboa: I was wonderin' what you were doin' the next 40 or 50 years.

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Question: What was Tony's reason that he was afraid of Apollo fighting Rocky again?

Answer: With all the damage Apollo did to Rocky, Rocky still wasn't knocked out. In the film series, Rocky is depicted as having an almost superhuman ability to absorb punches. Rocky also caused internal bleeding in Apollo. Tony knew that Rocky was far more dangerous than anyone realized.

Greg Dwyer

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