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Corrected entry: When Mark is at the restaurant he calls Damone and asks him to bring his wallet to the restaurant and Damone reluctantly agrees and hangs up the phone, but never asks Mark where he is.


Correction: Damone helped him plan the date, there's no reason to believe that Mark didn't tell him where they were going beforehand.


Corrected entry: When Mark Ratner and Stacy Hamilton are having dinner, it's supposed to be at night but sunlight can be seen coming through, through the windows. (00:36:35)

Correction: There's no reason to think it's sunlight - it's more likely the restaurant had a well lit porch or patio (like many restaurants do).


Corrected entry: When the two kids are making out on the bed, right before the girl gets up, there is no phone at the top of the screen. But right after the guy says that he has to call home, he walks right over and uses one.


Correction: The phone was there the entire scene. It was sitting behind the bed in clear view on the nightstand. Stacy even turned in the direction of her phone when asking if Mark wanted to make the call (to his sister).

Corrected entry: Before the football game, there is a Ridgemont Wolves poster to be run through by the players. When they bust though, there's only 5 players going though it, then a second later they show the entire roster running on the 50 yard line. (00:47:00)

Correction: There is no mistake because the shots aren't meant to be continuous. Also, the players running through the banner are going "north and south" because the field goal post is behind them, while the players on the 50-yard line are running "east to west" and coming from the locker room area, not going through the banner.


Corrected entry: When Charles Jefferson and his little brother show up in the Arcade area of the mall, Spicoli and his little brother first leave toward the camera, at this time there are only 3 arcade games against the wall. After Charles asks Demone about some concert tickets, you see Spicoli and the brother playing a PAC MAN game which has appeared out of nowhere as a fourth game. (00:27:00)


Correction: There is no mistake. These are two different areas that are shown. You can tell because the first wall with the 3 games has a giant "mall arcade" banner on it and Pac-Man is next to Space Invaders and there's no banner.


Corrected entry: When Stacy sneaks out of the house, and again when Brad is washing his car, a large 2-car garage can be seen in the background beside the driveway. But when Stacy is waiting outside the house for Mike, the garage isn't there. (00:20:55 - 01:05:10)

Correction: The home's front facing exterior wall, with the front door and two sets of windows, is at a perfect 90° angle to its left with the garage door wall. When Stacy sneaks out and when Brad washes the car, the camera is facing both walls at an angle. However, when Stacy is at the curb, the camera is facing the front of the house head on, so the wall with the garage door is still there, but it is obscured. Look past the tall shrubs and metal garbage bins. Also notice how much closer the front facing exterior wall of the garage (with a window and decorative shutters) is to the curb, than the wall with the front door.

Super Grover

Corrected entry: In the beginning of the movie, Mark Rattner is shown working at the theater taking tickets and directing movie customers. Rattner is telling customers, "Smoking's upstairs to your left" but when the kids come over to ask Dimone about the Van Halen tickets, there is a sign behind them that says, "No smoking or food please" This is for the theater because the sign below it says, "Bargain matinees".

Correction: The no smoking or food please is likely for the foyer to the theater. Smoking would be allowed in a smoking section, the foyer isn't a smoking section.

Corrected entry: Isn't it odd that Stacey's bedroom has two entrances, across the room from each other? Stacey's mother uses one to exit just before Stacy sneaks out for her late-night date, while Stacy uses the other during her date with Mark.

Correction: This is not a mistake. You see the door that Stacy's mom exits out of. When Damone is over at Stacy's, and she is getting her suit on to go swimming, you can see the door behind her which is open. It's really quick, but you can see the hallway behind her as she is tying her bathing suit.

Corrected entry: When Linda dives into the pool, she is seen to swim in a straight line across the pool. But when she gets out (complaining about water in her ears), she gets out using a ladder that was adjacent to where she dove in. She would have had to make an immediate sharp right-hand turn to use the ladder she did.

Correction: Linda dives in and pushes off of the bottom of the pool, and that's when she turns right toward the ladder.

Corrected entry: When Stacy calls Damone because he is supposed to drive her to the clinic, his mom tells her that he is in the garage helping his father. Later in the movie you see Damone leaving a second story apartment, without a garage, leaving for school and finds that his car has been vandalized.

Correction: Damone is hiding from Stacey. There is a pause after she asks his mom if he is home. It is not too far fetched to believe that he would have told his mom to say anything to avoid having to talk to Stacey. She never went to his place so, she wouldn't know that he didn't have a garage.

Correction: I totally disagree. This is just a very minor error in the writing and screenplay. The shot of him coming out of the apartment building and looking down at his car is a better cinematography choice and if he had just come straight out of this house. But obviously he lived in a house with his mother and father according to the story, so this was just a small mistake.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Damone is in his room calling people so he can get paid back loaned money, you see a picture of Pete Townsend behind him. But when Damone hangs up, he looks up and the shot shows that he is presumably looking at Pete Townsend's picture, only to pan back to Damone and the picture is behind him.

Correction: It is possible he has more than 1 picture of Pete Townsend in his room.


Corrected entry: After Stacy informs Dimone she's pregnant, he asks how she knows the baby is his. Stacy tells Dimone that she hasn't been with anyone else. But what about Ron Johnson? He was the stereo salesman Stacy met earlier at the mall who had sex with her at the baseball field. Did she forget about him already?

Correction: It is stated that Stacy hadn't heard from Ron since November. Stacy and Dimone, along with Rat and Linda had been swimming once already. I suspect that this means that they "did it" in late Spring.

Corrected entry: When Jeff orders the pizza in Mr. Hand's class, the pizza guy says that it is a double cheese and sausage pizza. When Mr. Hand opens the pizza box, and gives it to the class it's just a plain pizza with no toppings.

Correction: Some pizza places put the toppings, i.e. sausage, pepperoni, under the cheese so the meat doesn't get burned or dried out. With double cheese it would be possible that you wouldn't see the meat.

Other mistake: Rattner and DiMone are game planning about Rattner's date with Stacy (Leigh). DiMone tells Rattner that all he needs to do to score with Stacy is play songs from side 1 of "Led Zeppelin IV" (Zoso). You then hear the song "Kashmere", which is on the album "Physical Graffiti".

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Suggested correction: Damone (not DiMone), told Rat that when they were making out to put on side 1 of Led Zeppelin IV. The fact that Rat is playing Kashmir from Physical Graffiti is just to show that Rat was unclear about Damone's instructions.

Not sure if Rat is unclear about Damone's instructions... he said he had 4 steps to making sure that getting a date with Stacy and keeping her around, and if all else fails, to play side one of LZ-IV... seems that Rat would (should) have asked if he was unclear then at that point considering Rat had a crush on her throughout the movie. I think that it's more of a musical inside joke if anyone was/is familiar with the Zep catalog realizing two things - one, the first four steps of Damone's plan didn't work being that his character was pretty shady and fake (off camera...because you don't see Rat implementing any of them) and two, that "he can't even get the music correct" due to his nervousness.


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Trivia: The pretty girl in the corvette that pulls up next to Hamilton, when he is wearing the Pirate uniform, is Nancy Wilson of the rock band Heart. At the time Wilson was dating Cameron Crowe, who wrote the film's screenplay, and later got married.

William Bergquist

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Question: When the movie first came out, there was a whole different song playing near the end when Mark and Stacy see each other in the mall. In more recent years, "So In Love" is the song playing whenever this scene is shown. Why did the music change over the years? (I believe the song is different now in the swimming pool scene when Mike and Mark go into the pool from what I remember too). Anyone agree with this or have an explanation?

Answer: From what I can gather, "So Much in Love" by Timothy B. Schmit was in the original release of the film, but due to licensing rights issues, home video and cable TV versions of the film replaced this and two or three other tracks. For the 1999 DVD release, the rights seem to have been renewed and the soundtrack matches the original theatrical release.

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