Back to the Future Part III

Corrected entry: When Marty returns to 1985, an overhead shot shows the Eastwood Ravine. The camera pans over to ground level and the ravine is gone. The tracks are on the ground and there is no bridge. (01:42:15)

Correction: We just jump forwards a few seconds - the bridge is visible in the background, we just didn't watch him rolling the entire way into town.

Corrected entry: It would have been a lot easier for Doc to construct a rudimentary rocket using gunpowder as the propellant than the highly unlikely solution that he ended up doing. He could have attached two pipes, either side of the car. Gunpowder from bullets, shotgun cartridges etc. Wouldn't even need the railroad wheel conversion although I reckon would be better on rails than a dirt road.


Correction: A rudimentary rocket is in no way a better solution to their problem. It would be highly unstable and unlikely to produce enough thrust. A rocket used to accelerate a car to 88mph would need a much more suitable fuel than gunpowder.

Corrected entry: During the train sequence, when it's pushing the DeLorean, there is a wide shot of the green steam coming out of the train. The steam looks computer generated because it is far too bright and appears slightly away from the train. (01:36:40)

Correction: It may look like CGI, but in fact the widespread use of CGI special effects did not happen until the 1990s. Backdraft, from 1991, was the first use of realistic CGI fire, while Terminator 2 had the first realistic human movements generated by CGI. The train scene in BTTF 3 had some interesting special effects (such as the use of miniatures), but CGI wasn't on the list.

Corrected entry: When Doc is explaining to Marty about the ravine and the plan to hit 88 mph, you can quickly see Clara in the background, before they introduce her.

Correction: Clara is waiting at the train station for Doc to meet her which is why she's seen.

Corrected entry: When Marty finally returns back to 1985 on the finished train track the ravine has been renamed in honor of his alias "Clint Eastwood." But why? The townspeople wouldn't know it was him on the train and Doc wouldn't have been so foolish as to tell anyone "Clint" hijacked the train after becoming a hero from the Tannen fight. It should have still been called Shonash Ravine.

Correction: This is hardly a plot hole, since we don't know what happened after they went through time. It's likely "Clint Eastwood" became something of a local legend. After all, he did beat the toughest guy around. Given all the questions he and Doc were asking about the train, it's not unreasonable to think his legend got tied up with the ravine.

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: When Marty asks the Doc if they can take Clara with them to the future, the Doc says no, because you mustn't tamper with the time continuum for your own benefits. However, in the second film, he does change the continuum for Marty and Jennifer's benefits, by going with Marty and Jennifer to change the future, so their son wouldn't go to jail.

Correction: The reason that he says that the space/time continuum shouldn't be tampered with is because of the repercussions of what he did in BTTF II. He is learning from his mistakes, and even says so later on in BTTF III. Plus, he was talking about changing the past and altering history. Changing the future is completely different. The future hasn't happened yet. As Doc said, "your future is whatever you make it."

Corrected entry: The jacket suit that Biff wears in the garage scene in 1985 in Part 3 is red and gray. It is green and gray in the other films.

Correction: The scene in BTTF 1 & 2 takes place on the Saturday morning after Marty returned to 1985. The scene at the end of this film takes place the next day (hence Marty's family think he's been to the lake with Jennifer in his cowboy garb - also check the scenes with the DeLorean showing the time travel destination input). There's no reason Biff should be wearing the same coloured jacket suit.

Corrected entry: When Clara realizes her mistake, that Doc may have told her the truth, and races to catch the train on horseback, a "Kentucky Thoroughbred" at the speed of 45mph could not catch the train at the speeds the colored logs were burning off.


Correction: The colored logs didn't begin firing off until Clara reached the train. In fact, the first one fired off just as she grabbed onto the rear handrail, causing her to be jerked horizontally.


Corrected entry: When the train is pushing the DeLorean and "Clara" on the train and trying to get to Doc, Marty is in the driver's seat, then the next shot he's in the passenger seat to where he passes the hover board to Doc, then when Marty passes through time to Eastwood Ravine he's back in the driver's seat.


Correction: There is enough time in between the shots where Marty could easily hop between the 2 seats.


Corrected entry: When Marty time-travels to 1885 and stashes the DeLorean in a desert cave, a black bear inexplicably appears and chases him. There are no bears of any species that inhabit the desert badlands.

Charles Austin Miller

Correction: The fictional town of Hill Valley, California, is not in any desert badlands. In BTTF III, a railway map shows Hill Valley as being in Northern California, near the Sierra Nevada Mountains, where there's lots of bears.


Corrected entry: When the DeLorean suddenly appeared in 1885, the Indians have absolutely no reaction at all. There is no possible way that they wouldn't have been the least bit spooked or confused, and we should have seen some semblance of this in their actions, but they just keep charging on like nothing happened. It'd be like a an alien spaceship appearing out of nowhere in Times Square and people not even batting an eyelash.


Correction: Even putting aside that not reacting the way you expect is not a mistake, they were more focused on being chased by the cavalry, and they may well have assumed the Delorean was another "white man" invention like the locomotive.

Corrected entry: In the shot where Doc and Marty hijack the steam train, the form of the coupling between the tender and the carriages is a 'buckeye coupling'. Not available in 1885. It's seen before they hijack it, so it can't be an invention by Doc. (01:32:01)

Correction: While the Central Pacific might not have been using that coupler at the time, the 'buckeye coupling' was in fact available in 1885. It was originally patented in 1873 by Eli Hamilton Janney. It was not commonly used until the late 1880's and early 1890's. In 1893, the Safety Appliance Act was passed, mandating all major railroads to convert to this coupler.

Corrected entry: In the scene were Doc is at the saloon, after Clara doesn't believe him, he orders a drink. The bartender then says "I don't know about that, remember what happened on the Fourth of July?" Doc arrived in 1885 on September 1st. He wasn't there on the Fourth of July.


Correction: Doc got zapped back to Jan 1st, 1885. In his letter at the beginning of BTTF 3 he mentions that he had been living for 8 months in 1885. So it is possible that he was there on the Fourth of July.

Corrected entry: Doc Brown can build a time machine but is unable to figure out how to build a still to extract pure ethanol from Whisky in order to use as fuel for the DeLorean. He stated to Clara that he is a "student of all science" so this should include chemistry. Chemists know how to build a still. Doc, however, tried to fuel the car with strong Whisky without distilling it.


Correction: He needed a quick solution and thought the whiskey would work. Apparently his expertise does not include the workings of internal combustion engines or he never would have tried it. Pure ethanol would also probably not have worked in the DeLorean.

BocaDavie Premium member

Corrected entry: In 1885 Marty meets his great-great-grandparents. His great-great-grandfather looks like him so that we can be sure of their relation. BUT, his great-great-grandmother looks like his own mother. This makes no sense as in this way his parents are related by blood due to the resemblance of their ancestors.

Correction: Even if a blood relationship is implied, it still isn't close enough to be an issue. My great-great-grandfather and my wife's great-great-great-grandfather were the same person. Perhaps it's merely an implication that the McFlys and the Baines are two families destined to be together. Or perhaps she simply happens to look like Marty's mother and has no genetic relationship to her whatsoever.

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Corrected entry: There really should have been no reason for Marty to risk going back to 1885 to rescue Doc. Obviously, 1985 Doc being killed by Tannen, did not negate his eventual existence (as evidenced by 1955 Doc still existing). It's understandable Marty would want to prevent his friend being murdered, but when they learned of this fact in 1955, this event had already happened 70 years ago. 1955 Doc surely would have realized the pointlessness of Marty going to rescue his future self in the past when 1955 Doc would eventually become 1985 Doc again through the natural course of time. In light of this, surely 1955 Doc would have explained to Marty there was no reason to go back and possible cause more damage to the Space-Time Continuum.

Correction: You're missing the point; if Doc is killed in 1885, there will be a paradox. 1955 Doc wouldn't know that he went back to 1885 yet, so wouldn't know he could be killed, so wouldn't think to warn Marty in 1985. Besides, Seamus would have been killed because of Doc's influence in 1855, so Marty never would have existed either. There were plenty of valid reasons to go back to 1885.


Corrected entry: When doc picks out clothes for Marty to wear to the old west, Marty asks if they are authentic, so Doc says "sure, haven't you ever seen a western?" Considering Doc is supposedly a genius and the old west is his favorite historical era (he himself said it was his favorite era in part 2) he should know that Hollywood's version of old west clothing and the reality of it are two different things. Doc should know better than to base his knowledge on Hollywood films.


Correction: This is 50's Doc Brown talking, not 80's Doc Brown. It is 80's Doc Brown who tells Marty that the "Old West" is his favorite era. It's entirely possible that 50's Doc Brown hadn't yet done the research 80's Doc Brown had no doubt made.

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Corrected entry: Doc begins telling Marty about his accident with Rolls-Royce, before stopping himself and telling Marty it's better that he doesn't know. How exactly did Doc find out about the Rolls-Royce incident in the first place? When Doc was in the year 2015, he didn't actually talk to Marty or any of his family or Needles, so who told him about the Rolls-Royce incident? At that point, it had happened 30 years prior, so it's doubtful that a minor car crash from 1985 would still be the talk of the town in 2015.


Correction: A Rolls Royce is hardly a minor car to have an accident with. They are such a rare car, one being in an accident in Hill Valley would be unusual enough to be news.


Corrected entry: When Seamus McFly goes to comfort his crying baby son William, we can see that he is a very affectionate father. This was practically unheard of in the 19th century. Children were routinely beaten for even the smallest infractions at the time, it was the norm. Since William was only an infant, I doubt he would be beaten, but his father would not be so kind towards him either. His attitude would be more like "shut up kid, what are you crying about now?". The whole concept of being affectionate towards one's children is more of a 20th century idea.


Correction: And yet people are different, no matter the age or cultural norms. Some people are just nicer than others, it has nothing to do with some preconceived notion of how societal norms were for any given time. When my father was a child, it was acceptable to give a wife a backhand if she "got out of line", but he never did.


Corrected entry: Why would Doc label the toy car "time machine" when they both knew what it was? Having the car marked like that would only make sense for Clara to see it when she arrives at the livery so she would assume that Doc was telling the truth when he told her he was from the future. Since Marty and Doc wanted to minimize their true identities and their association with the future, they should have covered the train set up, just in case they failed in their attempt and/or had to come back.

Correction: This is a question, not a mistake. We already know from the first film that Doc is meticulous (apologizing for the model not being to scale).

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