Back to the Future Part III

Corrected entry: The fuel problem for the DeLorean is a non-issue. Internal combustion engines can and do run on alcohol, and there was plenty of alcohol available in the Old West.


Correction: The problem wasn't the fuel; it was the damage done to the car from their attempt to use alcohol as fuel. As you know, they tried using alcohol (some booze of some kind), and it caused an explosion that Doc said would take a month to fix. Since the photo of the headstone said Doc was going to be shot on Monday, they didn't have time to fix it. Perhaps if they would have used the right kind of alcohol, the explosion wouldn't have happened...

Matty Blast

Corrected entry: During the final train sequence, how does that gauge in the Delorean measure the pressure inside the train, when nothing is physically attached between it and the Delorean to measure that?

Correction: It could be more like a watch, telling the time needed for the 3 things to blow up. Doc could have measured that time.

Corrected entry: As per, J. J. É. Lenoir built the first gasoline powered internal combustion in 1859. De Rochas patented a design in 1862, and Otto built an engine in 1878. Gottlieb Daimler built what is considered the ancestor of today's internal combustion Engine in 1885. All this is by way of saying that gasoline would not have been impossible to find in 1885...especially considering that Edmund Drake drilled America's first oil well in 1859.

Correction: 1) Internal combustion engines were not running rampant, so there wouldn't be any places to get gasoline. 2) Engines evolved a ton from 1885-1985. The fuel used 100 years ago was completely different and wouldn't have worked in a Delorean.

Corrected entry: In 1885 Marty meets his great-great-grandparents. His great-great-grandfather looks like him so that we can be sure of their relation. BUT, his great-great-grandmother looks like his own mother. This makes no sense as in this way his parents are related by blood due to the resemblance of their ancestors.

Correction: Even if a blood relationship is implied, it still isn't close enough to be an issue. My great-great-grandfather and my wife's great-great-great-grandfather were the same person. Perhaps it's merely an implication that the McFlys and the Baines are two families destined to be together. Or perhaps she simply happens to look like Marty's mother and has no genetic relationship to her whatsoever.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: There really should have been no reason for Marty to risk going back to 1885 to rescue Doc. Obviously, 1985 Doc being killed by Tannen, did not negate his eventual existence (as evidenced by 1955 Doc still existing). It's understandable Marty would want to prevent his friend being murdered, but when they learned of this fact in 1955, this event had already happened 70 years ago. 1955 Doc surely would have realized the pointlessness of Marty going to rescue his future self in the past when 1955 Doc would eventually become 1985 Doc again through the natural course of time. In light of this, surely 1955 Doc would have explained to Marty there was no reason to go back and possible cause more damage to the Space-Time Continuum.

Correction: You're missing the point; if Doc is killed in 1885, there will be a paradox. 1955 Doc wouldn't know that he went back to 1885 yet, so wouldn't know he could be killed, so wouldn't think to warn Marty in 1985. Besides, Seamus would have been killed because of Doc's influence in 1855, so Marty never would have existed either. There were plenty of valid reasons to go back to 1885.


Corrected entry: In the opening scene when Doc wakes up he turns on the TV to hear "Hey kids, what time is it? It's Howdy Dowdy time." Doc, on the phone, says the time is 7 o'clock AM. Any smart baby boomer knows that Howdy Dowdy aired at 5:30 PM EST. (00:05:17)

Correction: Look at the mass of electronics on top of the television. It's likely that Doc has constructed a recording device and is using a recording of Howdy Dowdy as an alarm clock (remember his facination with the modern video camera in Part 1). We also know from the beginning of Part 1 that Doc has an obsession with setting alarm clocks.

BocaDavie Premium member

Corrected entry: At the very end of the movie when Marty and Jennifer are at the wreck on the train tracks, the thing starts dinging and the arms lower, indicating that a train is coming. But if Doc is coming from somewhere else in time, then it wouldn't say a train was coming, and one dosn't come later.

Correction: He can travel through time, I don't think it would be so hard to make a train signal activate.

shortdanzr Premium member

Corrected entry: Doc could not have the copy of the pic of him and Marty at the clock of the tower, because Marty has it in the DeLorean when he comes back to 1985.


Correction: The technology existed in 1885 to produce duplicate copies of the same photograph. The photographer who took it would certainly be able to do so there and then. Even if that wasn't the case it's not a stretch that someone of Doc's abilities could manage it so that he and Marty could each have their own copy.


Correction: It's certainly possible that they got more than one photograph taken.

Greg Dwyer

Correction: There are several instances of duplicate (doppelganger) items and characters in the same timeline throughout the BTTF trilogy. For example, the DeLorean itself exists two and even three times within the same timeline. Doc and Marty and Jennifer and Biff all exist as doppelgangers within the same timeline. So, a duplicate photograph should be no problem in a storyline riddled with such inconsistencies.

Charles Austin Miller

This is incorrect... there is only 1 Marty, 1 Biff, 1 Doc, 1 Jennifer and 1 DeLorean. Yes, multiple versions may exist at the same time but in no instance is there a copy of the original person or car. For example, in BTTF II in 1955 there are 2 Marty's at the dance at the same time but the 2nd newer Marty is the same Marty from BTTF I. There should only be 1 copy of the picture, on the other hand, because it has not (to the best of our knowledge) been time traveling. The only explanations (for it to not be a mistake and these are still guesses) could be that they had a second picture taken even though it might be an expensive and time consuming process or Doc Brown could have gone into the future and taken it from Marty and, therefore, the picture could exist twice in 1 time period.

The photo time-travels at least twice in BTTF3: Once with Marty in the DeLorean on the explosive return trip, and again a few moments later when Doc arrives in the steam-powered locomotive time machine. We can reasonably assume that there was another, time-erased meeting between Marty and Doc (possibly in the future) wherein Marty explained how the photo was destroyed, prompting Doc to go back to the Old West and procure the photo again. Same exact photo X2, same scene, just as there were multiple characters and vehicles in the same timelines.

Charles Austin Miller
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Continuity mistake: Watch the scene with the Indians (just as Marty sticks the DeLorean into reverse) and see the differences of how close and far the Indians are from the DeLorean. (00:18:59)

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Doc: Marty, the idea that I could fall in love at first sight! It's romantic nonsense. There's no scientific rationale for it.
Marty: Come on, Doc. It's not science. You meet the right girl it just hits you. It's like lightning.
Doc: Marty, please don't say that.

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Trivia: When filming the scene where Marty is being hanged from the clock tower, Michael J Fox agreed to really hang from the rope. Whilst filming, Fox held the rope away from his throat with his hand. At one time he wasn't holding the rope and was really being strangled. The film crew didn't realise, they just thought it was really good acting, until he passed out.

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Question: At the end of the movie, Jennifer asks Doc about the note she got from the future that became erased when Marty did not participate in the race with Needles. Doc's answer to her question is that her future had not been written yet, and he goes on to say that no-one's future has been, but if that is so, then how come in the previous movies he could travel into the future with Marty to see Marty's future?

Answer: What they saw was one possible future, not a definitively laid down one - one of the key plot devices in the series is that making changes in the past will affect the future. As such, what Doc's saying is that, while they've seen one possible future, actions that they take in the present can change it for the better (or worse).

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