Back to the Future Part III

Corrected entry: After Doc went back to 1885, he put the Delorean in an old mine shaft. When Marty went to 1885 to find him he got a hole in his gas tank, and need gas. Well, all they had to do was get some gas out of the Delorean that Doc came back in. Would had saved a lot of time.

Correction: Oil and petrol are normally removed from a car for long-term storage. Although Doc could have kept the petrol he removed... This issue was also dealt with in the DVD commentary, in which it was speculated Doc didn't want to risk reopening the cave, potentially causing a cave-in and thus a paradox if the car can't be retrieved in 1955.

Corrected entry: Okay, we're going to get a bit deep here. Doc and Marty found Doc's grave in 1955. Doc sends Marty back to 1885 to rescue Doc. Now.....remember....all hinges around the image on the picture. Once the grave stone is broken in the fight with Mad Dog Tannen the image of the grave disappears in the photo. Wouldn't the picture disappear too? No grave in 1885 means no grave in 1955 which means no reason to take a picture in the first place. But then again....once the grave is broken then there would have been no grave in 1955 for Doc to see. Therefore he would have never sent Marty back in the first place. HENCE...once the grave was broken....the timeline is fixed and Doc of 1885 would live happily ever after with Clara, Doc of 1955 would just work on getting Marty home, and Marty would have disappeared from the 1885 timeline and things would have continued from when Doc and Marty are digging out the old DeLorean. Told you it was deep.

Correction: Marty took the picture of the grave BEFORE he went back to 1885 and changed the past, so there's no logical reason why the picture itself would disappear. Obviously, he wouldn't take a picture of nothing, but he had already taken the picture, which is why only the grave disappears.

Corrected entry: In the scene at the start of the movie, the time machine is flying 50 feet or so in the air when it is struck by lightning and sent back to 1885. Later in the movie, we learn that the lightning destroyed the flying circuits. Assuming this is true, as soon as the time machine appeared in 1885, it would have fallen to the ground and been destroyed.

Correction: We can assume a flying car from a future where everybody has a flying car would have some kind of device to get it down safely in event of malfunction. Otherwise, cars would fall out of the sky everytime anyone had a minor problem.

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Corrected entry: When the Doc from 1955 is loading up the DeLorian after fitting the new time circuit controls, he hands Marty the walkie talkies. However, in at the end of Back to the Future II the Doc has the other walkie talkie with him. How can Marty have both of them? (00:15:54)

Correction: Doc probably put his walkie talkie in the car before he sealed it up in the mine shaft and Marty found it in there.

Corrected entry: When Doc and Marty find the Delorean in the mine, the tires have rotted off with time. It seems that all they had to do to run the car again was replace the tires. However, as any mechanic will know, in that amount of time not just the tires would have rotted. Every rubber hose and gasket, every piece of wire insulation, every bushing and grommet, and many other parts in the car would also need to be replaced. There would be no way to run the car short of completely rebuilding it.

Correction: There were 4 or 5 days between the lightning strike and the trip to 1885. If any car parts needed replacing, Doc could have done it easily. Notice that the DeLorean even sat higher off the ground in the drive-in, suggesting that Doc had to replace the axles. The DeLorean went through a lot of refit to make up for the 70-year storage.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Mad-Dog Tannen is waiting for Marty to come out of the salon for the show-down, Mad-Dog refers to Marty as 'DUDE', a term which was not used back in 1885.

Correction: Incorrect. Originally the word "Dude" was applied to fancy-dressed city folk who went out west on vacation. In this usage it first appears in the 1870s.

Corrected entry: When Doc and Marty hijack the train, they cut loose the rest of the train but keep the log car attached to the engine. Why? If they're using Doc's special "Presto Logs", then why need to drag an extra car that serves no use? They would've made 88 MPH in record time.

Correction: Locomotives used far more water than fuel. The water was carried in the tender (log car). Therefore, the tender would have to remain attached in order to supply water for the loco during the run.

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Continuity mistake: When Marty returns to 1985, he goes to his house and gets in his Toyota pick-up. Look closely behind his head when he first gets in the truck, there is no driver-side head rest. But when he picks up Jennifer, when they pull up to the stop sign the head rest is there. (01:45:00)

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Jennifer: Excuse me, Doc Brown. I brought this message back from the future and, well, now it's erased.
Doc: Of course it's erased.
Jennifer: But what does that mean?
Doc: It means your futures haven't been written yet. No one's has. Your future is what ever you make. So make it a good one, the both of you.

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Trivia: When filming the scene where Marty is being hanged from the clock tower, Michael J Fox agreed to really hang from the rope. Whilst filming, Fox held the rope away from his throat with his hand. At one time he wasn't holding the rope and was really being strangled. The film crew didn't realise, they just thought it was really good acting, until he passed out.

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