17th Mar 2005

Smallville (2001)

Sacred - S4-E15

Corrected entry: Lois comments to Clark that they need to meet up with their tour guide in Shanghai, because she will speak fluent Mandarin, which neither of them do. However, there is a specific and well-established Chinese dialect spoken in Shanghai, called Shanghainese, which is neither Mandarin nor Cantonese, and that should be the language that their tour guide would speak.


Correction: Firstly, Lana went to Shanghai with Clark, not Lois. Secondly, she isn't being specific when she says they'll need someone who speaks Mandarin - she simply means that they'll need someone who can understand the local dialect. Someone with little or no knowledge of China would never have heard of Shanghainese, so when talking about the language they'd call it Mandarin, the more well-known dialect.


Corrected entry: In the MI-6 headquarter in Scotland, the man playing the bagpipes has a white wire attached to one of his shoes. Maybe a part of the special effect with the flamethrower and the automatic gun?

Dr Wilson

Correction: Assuming the wire is something to do with the flamethrower, I'm not really sure how it's a mistake - even if the device were real, it would still have wires attached to it. If Bond were using it in the field, this would be a mistake, as Q would have disguised the various components better, but when it's simply being tested, having part of the device visible isn't a problem.


Corrected entry: In Goldeneye, we learn that Valentin Zukovsky was shot in the leg by Bond, and he consequently has a limp and describes himself as a cripple. In The World Is Not Enough he has a cane, but a) he walks quite ably and hardly seems to use the cane at all, and b) he considering the much more active role he plays in this movie (which is obviously the reason they "forgot" about his limp), he wouldn't have lasted five seconds as a cripple.

Correction: In "Goldeneye", Valentin tells Bond that his knee aches "Twice as bad when it is cold" - many people with permanent muscle or tissue injuries find that cold weather aggravates it severely. Given that they were in St. Petersburg at the time, I think it can be assumed that we saw him at a particularly low point, whereas in TWINE, he's in much hotter climates and is consequently able to move much more freely.


18th Mar 2005

Alien 3 (1992)

Corrected entry: In the other alien movies the chestburster's head is not yet formed the way the warriors' heads are, yet the chestburster from the dog (or, in the director's cut, the ox) has its head shaped like the warriors' heads, not the heads of the chestbursters seen in the other movies.

Correction: Ripley mentions in a scene in the medical bay that this alien is different to the others (possibly because it gestated in a dog/ox rather than a human), so the fact that it's at a different stage of development when it's 'born' simply supports this further.


Hell's Bells - S6-E16

Corrected entry: Xander is visited by what he believes is himself from the future. We later find out it is a demon that used to be a man, but Anya had changed him back in her demon days. But when Giles destroyed Anya's pendant in 'The Wish,' it supposedly reverted all of her previous spells, which should have made him human again.

Correction: The demon in question was trapped in another dimension when the reversal occured, and as such might not have been affected by the spell. We've seen several times throughout the series that different dimensions work in very different ways (for example, the time-flow in "Anne"), so it's not definite that magic would cross over between them.


13th Mar 2005

Angel (1999)

Redefinition - S2-E11

Corrected entry: Joss Whedon's Laws for killing a vampire have been broken or ignored in this episode. The 3 ways to kill a vampire in the show are either: stake to the heart, burning the vampire, or decapitation. However, Angel manages to burn Drusilla and Darla from head to toe, yet neither of them die. In previous episode some vampires were killed by just a little bit of fire.

Correction: Darla and Dru are two exceedingly powerful vampires, and while it seems like they're on fire for a long time because of the slow-motion, the reality is that they were only alight for a few seconds before being doused with water. The only time we've seen vampires burn up faster than this is in direct sunlight, which affects vampires differently than ordinary fire.


10th Jan 2005

Angel (1999)

In The Dark - S1-E3

Corrected entry: How do Angel and the gang know that Marcus has the gem? Spike didn't realise until after they had all left the warehouse, and none of them saw Marcus take the ring.


Correction: Doyle throws the ring across the room behind Spike's back, so even if Spike didn't see Marcus taking the ring, Cordelia and Doyle (looking over his shoulder) could well have seen it happening. Just because they don't show it to the audience doesn't mean it didn't happen.


24th Feb 2004

Angel (1999)

A New World - S3-E20

Corrected entry: Connor's stake cannon has 3 barrels, all of which are assumed to be loaded, when he arrives. During the episode teaser, he fires one stake from each of the three barrels. After the credits, he fires two more stakes from the top barrel and one from the right. Of course, he hasn't stopped to reload and it's obvious that there is no room in the simple device for more than a single projectile and the launching mechanism. (00:00:15 - 00:01:50)


Correction: The shot is off Connor for a long time after he fires the first stake (as it follows the stake across the room and shows Groo and Gunn starting to charge) and Connor can move at incredibly fast speeds, so it's possible he reloaded the device during that space of time, which would explain why 4 stakes are fired from a device that only holds three.


Corrected entry: At one point, Jo Lynn isn't talking to Leigh Ann because she slept with Luke, but when Mrs. Tingle is on the loose, Jo Lynn helps Leigh Ann take Mrs. Tingle down. When exactly did she forgive Leigh Ann? (01:21:30)

Correction: Jo Lynn forgives Leigh Ann off-screen - much of her anger that we saw on screen was her acting that way to try and trick Mrs. Tingle. She even says to Mrs. Tingle later "Don't tell me I can't act", or words to that effect. They deliberately don't show us the scene where they make up so that we find out with Mrs. Tingle that it's all been a ruse.


28th Jan 2005

The Village (2004)

Corrected entry: How is it that Noah, who is obviously mentally handicapped, could break apart the wood flooring to find the costume, break the window to escape the room, and no one in the town heard him or saw him leaving?

Correction: The room he is locked in is his "Quiet Room", so it is presumably a little way away from the main part of the village. No one would have heard the floorboards breaking, and if he was both quiet and lucky with the window he could easily have escaped without being seen. Noah has apparently been roaming the woods unnoticed before now, so mentally handicapped or not, he knows how to evade the villagers.


21st Jun 2004

Aladdin (1992)

Corrected entry: Genie and Magic Carpet are playing chess. Genie tells Magic Carpet, "okay, move". Carpet only has a king, a bishop and two pawns. Carpet picks up the king and moves it fully across the board to capture Genie's queen and put him into check, (possibly checkmate). A king may only move one space at a time in any direction, therefore, that move was illegal. Afterwards Genie says, "I'm being beaten by a rug", and does not question the legality of the move.

Mike Wotton

Correction: The very fact that Genie is being beaten by a rug should suggest to you that he's not very good at chess, and possibly doesn't know the rules very well, which is why he doesn't even notice when the carpet cheats.


Hush - S4-E10

Corrected entry: Everyone who writes on a white board does it with the same handwriting. (00:20:30 - 00:29:20)

MoonFaery Premium member

Correction: No, they don't. They all write in block print, which makes them appear similar, but if you look closely you can see that there are definite differences between their handwriting (especially Willow's loopy "Hi Giles" and Xander's cramped "How do we kill them?").


Earshot - S3-E18

Corrected entry: In this episode when everyone is in the Library and they find out that Buffy can hear thoughts, Buffy turns to look at Wesley because he is thinking about Cordelia. As she leans forward she rests her chin on the heel of her hand, the shot cuts to Wesley, then back to Buffy and she has her chin resting on the top of her hand (the knuckles), Wesley then goes into the office and it cuts to a shot of Buffy and Willow, Buffy is once again resting her chin on the heel of her hands. (00:20:30)


Correction: Buffy is offscreen long enough each time to have moved her hand without us seeing it.


26th Apr 2004

Father Ted (1995)

Going to America - S3-E8

Corrected entry: When they are playing snakes and ladders with the depressed guy, right at the end Dougal grabs the wrong piece and moves it down the board. He was supposed to do it with the depressed guy's piece, but he does it with his own, and up until then he had been playing right, so we can't put it down to his stupidity.

David Mercier

Correction: We really don't know how well he had been playing up until then, since this is only the first or second move we see him make. With someone as stupid as Dougal, getting confused halfway through the game and moving the wrong piece is perfectly plausible.


14th Oct 2004

Father Ted (1995)

The Plague - S2-E6

Corrected entry: Bishop Brennan says that Jack was seen by his friend to be wearing just a pair of socks and a hat. When this scene was shown earlier, Jack was not wearing a hat.

Correction: Jack had apparently been out sleepwalking for quite a few nights. We don't know that the people who saw him at the start are the same friends of Bishop Brennan, or even that he's talking about the same night.


19th Apr 2004

Charmed (1998)

Chris-Crossed - S6-E10

Corrected entry: In the Book of Shadows it says that a Phoenix is a coven of witches who are reborn; however in series four, episode "Bite Me" Piper and Phoebe are looking through the book of shadows to see what could have bitten Paige. When Piper suggests a phoenix, Phoebe says it flies but it doesn't fight.

Correction: The Phoenix referred to in "Chris-Crossed" is the name of a coven of witch-assassins, not the mythical flying bird mentioned in "Bite Me".


20th May 2004

Charmed (1998)

Witch Wars - S6-E21

Corrected entry: It is mentioned that a good witch who was murdered had the power of shooting fire from her hands. But when Phoebe exhibited a fire-throwing power in the fourth season, Leo was immediately alarmed because that is an upper level demonic power. And Phoebe's past life incarnation had a pyrokinetic power in episode 2-14: "Pardon my Past," which her cousins bound and also banned from occurring again in the future. The bottom line is, good witches don't shoot fire from their hands.


Correction: What about the witch killed in "Something Wicca This Way Comes"? This isn't the first time a good witch has summoned fire - the reason Leo was alarmed was because of the manner of Phoebe's power, not the fact that it involved fire. Phoebe's ancestors banned the power from occurring again within the family line, but wouldn't have had the power to banish it from all witches.


14th Jun 2004

Charmed (1998)

I've Got You Under My Skin - S1-E2

Corrected entry: Prue smugly chastises Phoebe for trying to use magic for personal gain when she plays the lottery numbers from her vision. Not addressed in the episode is the fact that Prue used her telekinesis to prevent the elevator from stopping at everyone else's floors when she was on her way up to her interview at Buckland's.


Correction: Prue is being hypocritical, but that hardly ranks as a mistake. The issue of her using her powers for personal gain is never addressed because none of the other sisters see it.


Corrected entry: When Portman was sent to the penalty box and he does his striptease, he should've been assesed with a 10 minute or a game misconduct for carrying on and showing up the referee.

Correction: Since his 2-minute penalty kept him out of the rest of the game anyway, the referee might have decided it was unnecessary and time-wasting to add a further penalty.


Corrected entry: What happened to the tattoo Portman had in D2?

Correction: Maybe it was henna? It's never determined if it's real or fake.


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