The World is Not Enough

Corrected entry: Bond was literally within an inch of his life while sitting in the torture chair, very nearly strangled. It would have taken him a few seconds to regain his bearings - he should have been taking in huge breaths of air, etc. Yet he's able to leap into action as soon as he gets out of the chair.

Correction: As a 00 agent, he's had training for this kind of thing. He had the opportunity to escape, he took it. He was also running on adrenaline. Whilst any normal person might need a few seconds to gather themselves, Bond is NOT a 'normal' person.

Corrected entry: In the casino, Bond disables and disarms the guy who attacks him. Problem is, the guy has another gun on him, which Bond (and the audience) saw earlier when he looked at the guy with his x-ray glasses. Where did it disappear to? Or did Bond forget about it?

Correction: At this point he is being choked by his tie. He probably didn't think of grabbing the gun or reach for it.

Corrected entry: During the boat chase at the beginning, Bond's special boat is seen to have a feature that allows it to dip down and under the surface of the water, effectively turning it into a short-duration submarine. Unfortunately, the designers of the boat failed to equip it with any kind of sealed cockpit for the operator. What could possibly be the advantage of an open-cockpit boat that can also completely submerge? The driver could not effectively see to operate the controls, nor could he hold his breath long enough to travel any reasonable distance. Additionally, at any speed above "extremely slow", the force of the water rushing by the driver's face and body would be quite painful indeed! And it would be impossible to quickly drain the water out of the hull to allow it to float on top of the surface again. About the only useful purpose this function would serve is conveniently exactly what happened in the movie. What an amazing bit of foresight on behalf of Q-Branch.

Correction: Q also quite loudly states that the boat isn't finished as Bond takes off with it.

Correction: The intended usage for the craft is never precisely stated - it could, for example, be designed for high-speed covert insertions, with the user staying above water for the initial travel, then taking the craft below the waves for the final approach to the target, in which case they'd undoubtedly be wearing scuba gear to allow them to stay submerged, while the absence of a cockpit cover would allow for a swift exit in case of problems. Basically, we don't know exactly what it's designed for, it's pretty obvious that being driven by a man in a sharp suit is highly atypical and the design may well make perfect sense in the right circumstances. Just because we don't know what those circumstances are doesn't make this a mistake.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: On the subject of the X-ray specs, think back to when Bond first tries them on, before we know what they are. He puts them on (with Q and R), and seems to take a good look at John Cleese before he gives them back. Seemed innocent enough at the time, but what was he REALLY looking at? John Cleese often did sketches for Monty Python's flying circus where he had lingerie on under his clothes...

Correction: How is this related to the film? When Bond looks at Cleese, he was probably just adjusting to the x-ray vision. And it's very unlikely that the filmmakers were thinking of Cleese's Monty Python days.

Corrected entry: In the intro, Bond sets off the grenade and takes out the guards. When he goes for the Swiss Banker, the Banker is still holding a cigar. Why?

Correction: Why not? Maybe the Swiss banker was in shock, and didn't even notice he was still holding the cigar. Alternatively, maybe he was cocky and overconfident, thus still holding the cigar in an attempt to look casual.

Corrected entry: At the end of the boat-chase the boat of the assassin is about to hit the fence near the Millennium Dome. In a split second during a front shot you can see the fence already damaged, probably from a previous take.

Correction: "In a split second" - in fact freeze frame is required, invalidating this entry per the rules of this site.

Corrected entry: When James Bond attacks the man at the casino bar, you can see that there are two holes on the board before he stab the tie as if he tried many times.

Dr Wilson

Correction: In bar fights, if a person involved has a knife, he or she might jam the knife into the counter. The same could have happened there. There could have been previous bar fights at the place and someone jammed their knife in the counter and the knives might have been removed later.

Corrected entry: Bilbao is in the Basque Country, which has its own police force, the Ertzaintza, that is independent from the Spanish National Police. When the police burst into the Swiss banker's flat, it is the Ertzaintza who enters, with their traditional red caps. However, when Bond is walking away, the police cars that are going towards the crime scene belong to the Spanish National Police, which has no jurisdiction in the Basque Country. (00:04:00)

Correction: That is incorrect. Although it is true that the Ertzaintza carry out most police duties in the Basque country, both the Guardia Civil and the National Police are also present here. They generally deal with more serious crimes like drug smuggling, organized crime and so on. So it is completely believable - and quite likely that the National Police would respond to multiple shootings in the financial district.


Corrected entry: At the end of the pursuit on the Thames, when Bond's boat arrives at the Millennium Dome, his boat flies and then hits the ground. In the next shot, it is still in the air and goes at a high speed. (00:13:10)

Dr Wilson

Correction: Yes, his boat flies over the fence. It then hits the ground as you say but it then bounces back in the air again (which is when Bond jumps onto the balloon). Not a mistake. It bounces twice, that's all.


Corrected entry: If the fertiliser that was on King's money made Bond's ice cubes foam was on Bond's fingers, and therefore on the outside of the ice cubes, why didn't they start foaming immediately? In the first shot of his drink there is no (or only very little) foaming, whereas it foams a lot more when he is about to drink.

Jacob La Cour

Correction: Things that are not answered are mysteries, not necessarily mistakes. The foaming could have been a delayed and not immediate reaction.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: If Bond and Electra are to check the pipeline, why don't they just fly to the pipeline in the helicopter? Why do they fly to a higher peak and then ski down?

Jacob La Cour

Correction: Perhaps they decided to have a little fun before checking the line? Or perhaps Electra just wanted to show off to Bond? Just because they chose to go one way when you think they should have gone another doesn't make this a mistake.

Shannon Jackson

Corrected entry: As is said in all James Bond movies, Bond is a true Englishman, but when he and Dr. Jones are trying to defuse the pipeline bomb, at one point he says to Christmas "Faster". When he says this, notice how Brosnan goes back into his real Irish accent.

Correction: One word is not enough to determine an accurate change in accent.

Lummie Premium member

Corrected entry: As Zukovsky enters the room, "I'm looking for a submarine. . .", Elektra can be seen picking up the sailor hat. Suddenly, it's resting on the table when Zukovsky sees it - and Elektra picks it up again.

Correction: Actually, Elektra does not pick up the hat in the first shot, she just moves the hat a bit to cover and hide the gun she is about to pick up.

Corrected entry: In the final love scene with Christmas and Bond, there is a slight error. As M is watching the screen, she sees that the bodies go from orange to red; only then do the bodies start moving. In reality, the bodies would have moved before changing color because as all of us know, biologically, Bond would have to move into Christmas before a change in body heat.

Correction: The changing colour of the glowing doesn't necessarily represent (excuse the bluntness) penetration.They are just getting hotter, being on top of each other as they are.

Correction: This movie was released in 1999, and it seems ludicrous that anyone would approach a *sitting* US President about a major film role. I think the submitter was referring to this rumour about Bond 21 (the sequel to Die Another Day):

J I Cohen

Corrected entry: When 007 falls down the Millennium dome, it is solid. In real life, the dome is made out of several flexible panels to it doesn't crack in the wind, meaning the dome would bend under 007's weight.

Correction: That would seem to make sense, except for one fact. That is really the Millennium Dome they are falling about on; the sequence was shot on the Dome itself and not a studio mockup. Obviously the "flexible" panels are hefty enough to take the weight of Pierce Brosnan, his stand-ins and stuntmen without bending.

Corrected entry: We know Renard heard Electra speaking over the walkie-talkie, saying "Renard, dive, Bond is..." before she is shot, as he instantly orders the sub to dive, but he seems shocked later to learn she is dead. As well as this, he would have heard Bond's gun going off.

Correction: When Bond shoots Elektra, if you look closely he shoots her through the radio she has in her hand. That's why he doesn't just shoot her in the head. Renard wouldn't have heard it because a bullet travels faster than sound, so the only thing he would have heard is silence after "DIVE! Bon..."

Corrected entry: When Renard is setting the time to show M when she will die there is an upshot angle which shows the underside of the lampshade - you can see a sticker which is either a price tag or the propmaster's serial number.

Correction: So what? Why can't old things such as clocks have things stuck to them? If it's a price tag it's not even a mistake. It just means they didn't take the tag off.


Corrected entry: The Swiss banker says he delivers the money less a small amount to cover expenses. Then - if Bond knew what exchange rate to use - the GBP amount would convert to less than USD 5 million.

Jacob La Cour

Correction: No, Bond was converting the final amount that was in the briefcase, which was written on the paper given to him to show the calculations of the deductions. King had paid more than the 3 million pounds, but the deductions were manipulated so the final amount would equal $5 million when converted. That's the message they were trying to send. If they wanted it to convert to $5.5 million or $4 million or whatever the fees would have been different.


Corrected entry: When Bond and Denise Richard's character are on the rig in the pipeline, they are travelling at 70 mph. When they jump off the rig into the pipe, they roll head-over-heels; however, doing that at 70 mph would certainly break your neck. You'd have to roll on your side to stand a chance of survival.

Correction: Just before jumping, Bond jams something in the edge to try to slow it down. in addition, although the brakes on the bomb cart were disabled, the front cradle hadn't been tampered with. This is also backed up by the fact that it blows well short of the depot, where it would do the most damage (as suggested). It's highly unlikely that Renard would mistake the the timer by that much, and even electra would go along with it to help cover up the missing half. therefore it's highly likely they were slowed down quite a bit.

Factual error: At the beginning of the film, with the boat chase down the River Thames, Bond manages to get from the Vauxhall HQ of MI6 to Docklands in a remarkably short time. To travel the distance in the time that it takes him you would need to be going at about 700 mph.

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Christmas Jones: Doctor Jones. Christmas Jones. And, no jokes. I've heard them all.
James Bond: I don't know any doctor jokes.

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Trivia: Apparently there was a line at the end of the intro sequence which was cut from the final release - among the people turning up to rescue Bond is M, who takes one look at him and says "Well, at least the Millennium Dome has some use".

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Question: What are those blades (the ones used at the end on the caviar factory) used for in real life?

shortdanzr Premium member

Chosen answer: We see them in the movie when Bond first arrives to meet Electra - they're used for cutting trees in a straight line. Google "helicopter tree trimmer" to see dozens of examples.

Jon Sandys Premium member

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