The World is Not Enough

Factual error: Bilbao is in the Basque Country, which has its own police force, the Ertzaintza, that is independent from the Spanish National Police. When the police burst into the Swiss banker's flat, it is the Ertzaintza who enters, with their traditional red caps. However, when Bond is walking away, the police cars that are going towards the crime scene belong to the Spanish National Police, which has no jurisdiction in the Basque Country. (00:04:00)

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Suggested correction: That is incorrect. Although it is true that the Ertzaintza carry out most police duties in the Basque country, both the Guardia Civil and the National Police are also present here. They generally deal with more serious crimes like drug smuggling, organized crime and so on. So it is completely believable - and quite likely that the National Police would respond to multiple shootings in the financial district.


Other mistake: When Bond is about to jump from the banker's window, he is shown tying a knot on the strap, but when he gets to the street, he only releases the strap and walks away.

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Suggested correction: He may have tied a quick release not, which by sliding his hand back up would have released the cable.

Bond does not tie a quick release knot. He ties a traditional overhand knot (it's shown in quite some detail), which cannot be easily removed. Therefore the original entry still stands.


Continuity mistake: The gun that Elektra uses near the climax and which Bond takes from her is a Colt Mk IV Series 70. However, when he's on the submarine, it turns into a regular M1911A1. Compare the finish on the wood grips and the fact that the Series 70 has a stainless barrel, whereas the 1911 doesn't.

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Suggested correction: There are a lot of bad guys on the submarine, it's entirely possible that Bond has killed one of them between shooting Electra and pulling the gun out again. chances are he may have even lost it when he dived to the sub.

I went back and checked this. The sequence of events after killing Elektra make a point of showing him tuck the gun in his trousers. He dives, swims to the submarine, and interrupts a sailor that is closing the hatch by kicking this man in the face and sneaking onboard. Literally the next shot after, a bald bad guy is walking down a corridor towards the camera and the gun comes into frame (held by Bond) and stops the bad guy in his tracks. Note the gun that is shown is drenched in water and it is the wrong gun from earlier at Elektra's. The hammer is not stainless steel and it is missing the gold insignia on the grip. You can even kind of make this detail out as the gun is shown still tucked in Bond's pants when he makes it down the ladder when entering the sub. It seems to already be the wrong gun. Besides the gun being covered in water, we just saw Bond kick a bad guy in the face and just a second after in the next shot he's holding up this second bad guy. To assume he needed to switch guns in between this very brief cut makes little sense when we just saw he had the gun tucked in his pants from Elektra's.

Stupidity: Not much point in having a purpose built workshop for a speedboat 4-5 floors above river level. As shown later in Spectre there were underground moorings and easy access to the Thames at river level.

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Suggested correction: At the time of release of this film it's safe to assume that there might not have been easy access at river level.

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Continuity mistake: When James is chasing the other boat in the beginning, he fires the top torpedo first. Then when they show him fire the second torpedo, the bottom hole is empty, and he fires the same torpedo (the one on top) again... (00:12:35)

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James Bond: She's waiting for you.

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Trivia: In the opening sequence with the speed boat jetting through the boat house and over the road was filmed in Wapping, East London. It took a week to film that one sequence as I saw them doing it. Also, for the matter of continuity, when the boat goes across the road, it goes into some sort of alley with an arch above it; in reality it's actually a Group 4 building on the other side of that road.

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Question: When Bond first enters Zukovsky's casino, there's a tune playing on a saxophone in the background. Can anyone make out what tune it is? It sounds really familiar.

Answer: It's a variation on the "standard" James Bond theme.

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